US military update network combat action concept

US military update network combat action concept

According to US media reports, the US Military Network Command recently filed a concept of new combat action, trying to help the US military integrate new capabilities under the joint network combat structure to form new advantages.

In the future, the US military will increase the global network space arms competition, which produces a large negative impact on the international security pattern. High-profile Announcement Concept Comprehensive US media reported that the concept of combat operations issued by the US Network Command included the following points.

The combat style highlights "agility". The US military believes that network space has high agility, defining network tools as weapons platforms, is not accurate, and the agility of weapons is not sufficient to clearly describe the characteristics of the network space platform / tool.

In addition, the network space does not have entity geographic locations and target locations, land, sea, empty, sky-making domains, locations, bases, etc., and other entities do not exist in the network operation domain.

Based on the above characteristics, in the process of network confrontation, the US Network Command proposed the "Normalization Tour" strategy, namely the network domain, in any place and opponents, real-time response to the offensive behavior of the opponent. Ability to generate "fusion".

The US military pointed out that organic integration of single, sporadic network capabilities under the joint network combat structure. For example, the connection between information warfare and online war is more close, and the intelligence is a key link to connect to both. Especially in the field of cognitive, for accurate understanding of the strategic direction and objective purpose of the opponent, the US military needs to collect a large number of intelligence, through the integration of "people – the environment", enhance the network space advantage. Conceptually emphasize "participation". In order to ensure the role of the operation, the US military has established the capacity management office, mainly defining the roles and responsibilities of all military species, strengthening the implementation of work.

It is reported that the next step in the US military will also put in-depth research operation concept, including theoretical research, personnel equipped, resource allocation and other practical levels.

Negative influence is not low to estimate, the US military declares the concept of new network combat action, which is the absolute example of promoting the universal combatization and combat advantage of network space in recent years.

In the future, the potential negative impact of US military-related trends is worth a vigilance. First, a big national strategy game or will be hot. Only one week after the release of the new combat action, Charles Moore, deputy commander Charles Moore, pointed out that the US military network command has previously followed Russia and other countries, and closely followed the monitoring of its "in the international network space." Activity".

Moore revealed that the US Network Command is working with the "India" regional cooperative development to the "India" regional future conflict, with regional powers as the main goal. In the context of Belarus and the Polish refugees continue to ferment, the US Russia or the "felt war" in the field of online areas, thus improving the new round of turmoil in the area.

Second, network space combat or will normalize.

In recent years, in combating the "Islamic" armed forces, destroying Iranian nuclear facilities, "fixed-point clear" important violations, and the US military network weapons have played an irreplaceable role. According to the US high-level, "the US Network Force is contributing to the safety of the US cyberspace, such as interferes with the enemy command force, obstructing the enemy reconnaissance strikes, and hinders the enemy’s financial activities and destroying their payment capabilities." Visible, In the US military global combat operation, "military and horses have not moved, the network" or will become a new normal.

Again, network weapons use or will disorderly. In recent years, after the "combined punch" of the US military in the construction of network combat capacity, the network weapon has now become a new unconventional strategic weapon for the US military.

It is worth vigilance that the US military has formed an asymmetrical advantage in the field of online operations, and the current network war is lacking in international law. How to restrict the use of US military network weapons, will be the problems and responsibilities common to countries.

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