Sound reading market will meet cooperation and win-win development blueprints in the future

Sound reading market will meet cooperation and win-win development blueprints in the future

Original title: The audio reading market will expire the Penguin Book Cover Design Exhibition in June 2019 · Beijing Station, interesting cover design combines with audio content, attracting many citizens to participate. This newspaper trainee reporter Yang Zhicheng is rich in content, not subject to time, place, space limit, anytime, anywhere, I want to listen to it … After the rapid growth of these years, my country’s audio-visual market is in the ascendant, and there is a colorful reading operation mode.

The seventeenth national national reading survey report released by China Press Publishing Institute shows that my country’s adult national and minors have a visit to a new growth point, become a national reading new growth point. Mobile audio APP platform has become the mainstream of listening books. choose. Not long ago, in the 10th China Digital Publishing Expo Netcomment Services War "Pharmacy" Salon, Beijing Normal University Audiovisual Publishing House, I have edited Zhao Xiaoyuan, Kai Shu said the story of senior operations Director Zou Wei, Beijing Jinghang Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Wang Wenfeng, deputy general manager, 360 Senior Director of the Pumpkin House Story, Yan Yan, etc., together with everyone, to explore how sound content companies use their respective advantages to create a diversified audio content product. Work hard to create a product core competitiveness audio-reading because of its rich and multi-diversity, the application is convenient and fast, the carrier is diversified, and it is deeply loved by the audience, especially children. "Shu Shu said story" is China’s well-known children’s content education brand, the anchor Wang Kai is the original CCTV’s well-known host, but also the founder of "Shu Shu said story". Since its online, it has been in the past six years, "Kai Shu said" accumulated more than 20,000 stories and content, with a total number of more than 37 million. From the earliest WeChat public account, to the mainstream audio website such as Himalaya FM, Litchi FM, and then to iQiyi, Youku, LeTV and other video platforms, you can hear "Shu Shi".

The starting point of "Kai Shu’s story" is to look at the world with a child’s innocent perspective.

In Zou Wei’s view, the core advantages of doing content is to constantly establish a cognitive interaction with users. "This is easier to form a brand. After the brand formation, it will provide a more depth service for this user group."

Zou Wei said that Secretary is a big IP in the beginning of their company. "This is an advantage that helped us quickly rely on the development of the IP of Kai Shu.

"Zou Wei frankly, as the company has developed more and more, more and more users, whether from production capacity, or from the control of product quality, it is impossible to rely on Kai Shu’s personal ability to promote" Shu Shi tells the story greater development.

"We need to build a complete mechanism, while scale production, while improving the content quality, we must create more virtual IPs, rather than relying on Kai Shu’s live IP.

"Zou Wei said that since 2017, they began to build a complete content creation mechanism, one is a studio model, one is a product control mechanism.

Zou Wei said that this mechanism allows every good project to conduct "Angel Wheel" inspections. "It’s a bit like entrepreneurial companies to find investment financing, from the A round B wheel C wheel until the project is feasible, but it is not the true implication.

"Zou Wei remembers that the uncle" Three Kingdoms "has been used for 8 months from the A round. The person responsible for eliminating 4 people from 8 people, and finally forms a stable content original creation team, achieving Kai Shu" Batch line of the Three Kingdoms Romance.

"The company’s products ‘pocket probe’ in the ‘Angel Wheel’ into the A-round process, used for a year and a half.

"" After an IP has a real vitality, it can achieve growth and crossing.

"Zou Wei said that the company has developed more than a dozen studio, and the creation direction of each studio is slightly different.

In general, a studio has a professional editor, with three to five editing small partners or project coordinated small partners. The entire studio will be responsible for the creation, illustration configuration, recording and playback, and later production, and then project online, including future user interaction, product iteration, etc. in the project. The establishment of the mechanism of the quality control is to correspond to this studio model, and organized a quality control committee. For each studio, the company has strict assessment standards. "If the quality of the quality and continuous output can not reach the standard, the studio will be downgraded, which may be dismantled. Some studios are very powerful and will fissure.

"Zou Wei said that the company is to build your own virtual IP through such content creation methods and working models." Very hot virtual IP, we will go to a series of surroundings, maximize the value of this IP, This is a working method and operational model we currently compare the core.

"The content carrier is increasing" child comes "listening to the book client is an app and developed by Beijing Normal University Audiovisual Electronics Press with" Sharing Story, Happy Growth ". APP.

"Children come" to listen to the educational and funity of the book client, provide users with foreign fairy tale, Chinese traditional cultural stories, children’s song nursery rhymes, fearful adventures, etc., have search, sharing, recording and other functions.

Under the new media era, the development of children’s audio-reading is a big change, and their product form, communication methods, and consumption methods have changed greatly.

Zhao Xiaoyuan said that there is more than 20 years since the development of the Normal University audiovisual society has been more than 20 years, and the carrier form is from tape, CD, and U disk to today’s app. In Zhao Xiaoyuan, the performance form of audio-reading is also very attractive broadcast drama, children’s songs, nursery rhymes, etc. who are still very attractive to children, and become more colorful.

Now there is not only a combined music, sound, etc., but also more expressive. "For example, the form of the stage drama is relatively lively.

Zhao Xiaoyuan said that in the face of the challenge of new technologies, the community also puts a lot of funds and human resources.

"Children come" listening to the book client should be the first audio reading app for traditional publishing units.

"The form of performance of its products, with great expansion.

Entering the media era, the carrier form is richer and diverse, and now there is a mobile side with the carrier, including smart speakers, even smart robots, etc., some good new vectors of audible reading have appeared.

"Zhao Xiaoyuan said that the current Normal University of Normalice has formed more than 60 products, can listen to the book client through" children come ", can also pass the Himalaya FM, Dragonfly FM, and" Study Strong "and other platforms Listen.

"Now publisher in Himalaya free boutique reading resources have exceeded 900,000.

"Beijing Jinghang Culture Communication Co., Ltd. has operated 10 years in the operation planning production of TV field video content, after editing screening, rendering through disc or books.

Now, with the development of new media, and the development of the entire intelligent hardware end, the content has new presentation channels. "These new rendering channels have let everyone find new communication opportunities, and also add new industrial development opportunities." Wang Wenfeng frankly, in the media era, be good at discovering good content, after screening, "Whether it is book or video , Audio or radio drama, etc., based on the content itself and its spread value curve, see which product form can reflect the long tail effect of its interests, it is prioritized. " Seeking cooperation to win the development of blueprints Himalaya FM, dragonfly FM, lazy people listening … Now, more and more reading platforms have opened their own functions, how to make quality content with a wider propagation with better platforms, Everyone pays attention to the focus.

Wang Wenfeng believes that how to use the current listening tools to study, to do the trick, to discuss the audience of different platforms.

"We have made a program reflecting local tea culture in the past few years. At that time, the ratings were not very ideal after broadcast, but they were more than one year in B. The click volume broke through 100,000.

This shows that the quality content has the opportunity to create secondary dissemination with the right platform.

"Wang Wenfeng believes that while performing content operation, you can choose a different platform for push from the point of view of the property and the user’s positioning.

360 Pumpkin House Story is an author incubator and reading interactive community company based on real story, currently registered users 2.68 million, and signed a number of full-click rights, the product is mainly in PC and WeChat applet. Wait.

Yan Yan said that the company’s positioning is the external output original story text, and has a good voice, video and other products with its own traffic and resource distribution.

"We are willing to open all resources to professional audiogenics, cooperation will be our normal.

"Zhao Xiaoyi said in admiring, there are currently a change in resource waste, there are some resource waste such as repetitive investment, repeated development, and lack of lack of piracy in professional sales stores.

"To use Internet thinking to publish, issue, and marketing work.

"To this end, Zhao Xiaoyuan said that the Normal University audio and video community is actively working with the industry’s strong audio production agency to broaden the scenes of audio-readable products. At the same time, innovative readers are recorded in the recording form, gradually improve the network listening book products. Publishing mode. (Editor: Song Xin Rui, Zhao Guangxia) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.