Real estate industry confidence is gradually enhanced! The development loan increased from more than the year, the debt market began to pick up – Phoenix Real Estate Beijing

Real estate industry confidence is gradually enhanced! The development loan increased from more than the year, the debt market began to pick up – Phoenix Real Estate Beijing

Under the continuous efforts of the financial management, the market is gradually recovering and enhanced, including personal housing loans, and real estate enterprises development loans are gradually recovering. At the same time, real estate corporate bond finance is also tide.

On November 12th, the 21st century economic report learned from the financial management department and a number of banks, in October, the real estate loan has increased significantly from September, which increased more than 150 billion yuan, of which real estate development loans increased by more than 5 million. Personal housing loans increase more than 100 billion, financial institutions have improved significantly on the financing behavior of the real estate industry, and it is expected to remain in November. "China Merchants will continue to support the normal and reasonable real estate financing needs, actively cooperate with relevant departments and local governments to jointly maintain the smooth and healthy development of the real estate market, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of housing consumers.

"On November 12, China Merchants Bank will disclose.

The 21st Century Economic Reporter learned that from the current source of public credit growth, mainly more state-owned large-scale and joint-stock banks are more confusing in the same period last year, and local legal bankers are relatively cautious.

At the same time, after the inter-bank market trading association held a real estate company on behalf of the symposium, there was a short three days, and the Merchants Shekou announcement will plan a total of 5 billion yuan of mid-term notes, and some housing enterprises will also Inter-bank market registration issuance of debt financing tools.

Market people said that real estate companies began to have signs of recovery in the debt market. "Real estate loans have begun to improve, and the financing environment has a warming, which is benefited from the recent management related statement effectively stabilizes the market expectations. At the same time, the short-term provision of financial institutions conducts correction, and avoids the violent fluctuations in the real estate credit market and ‘injury. Rational financing needs of housing enterprises. "Macroeconomics, Macroeconomics, Everbright Bank, Zhou Maohua, 21st Century, China. Zhou Maohua further stated that it is expected that the future real estate financing environment is expected to further pick up, but the pre-judgment of real estate supervision policies cannot be left, the real estate house is not fried, and it is still a main tone as a stimulus economy. "Three stable", it can’t be too hot. "Next, real estate is in preventing potential risks, and also promotes long-term healthy development, resolutely contains speculative speculation, asset fond, and protects the reasonable financing needs of housing enterprises, while guiding and supervising the gradual change of housing and stalls. , Extensive development model.

"House business liquidity and default pressure is expected to gradually ease on November 10, the central bank released the October Financial Statistics Report showed that RMB loans increased by 826.2 billion yuan in October, 136.4 billion yuan.

According to the department, the resident loans increased by 464.7 billion yuan, of which short-term loans increased by 42.6 billion yuan, and the medium and long-term loans increased by 42.21 billion yuan.

It is worth noting that the central bank has also released the personal housing loan statistics in October, which is also the first time to publish personal housing loan data. Data show that at the end of October 2021, the personal housing loan balance trillion, increased by 34.81 billion yuan in the month, increased by 10.13 billion yuan in September.

"Improvement of personal housing loans in October showed that the wishes of residents have emerged, and the reasonable financing demand for real estate is being met." Multi-financial analysts said reporters on the 21st century economic report. Huang Wentao, chief economist of CITIC Jianotou, also said that resident loans were treated with slight warming: On the other hand, due to the low period of the same period last year, on the other hand, the central bank proposed "two maintenance" requirements for real estate finance, resident mortgage loans and housing enterprises Financing has a certain back.

On October 20th, the Deputy Premier of the State Council said in writing in the 2021 financial street forum. At present, there is an individual problem in the real estate market, but the overall risk of risk, reasonable funding needs are being met, the overall real estate market healthy development The situation will not change.

Ma Yugong, chief analyst of CITIC Jianrban, believes that mortgage funds are returned, which can effectively alleviate the current funding liquidity and default pressure, avoid systemic risk overflow, will also drive a medium and long-term loan and related short-term consumption of residents. .