See the words! From the letter of the general secretary, "see people, see things, see love"

See the words! From the letter of the general secretary, "see people, see things, see love"

He is pointed out that Xiamen University is a glorious and traditional university.

In the past 100 years, the school has bored the school of the patriotic overseas Chinese leader Chen Jiageng, formed a "patriotic, revolutionary, self-improvement, science" excellent school spirit, built a distinctive school character, cultivated a large number of outstanding talents, for the country, the people, the people happiness and Chinese cultural overseas spread made a positive contribution. "I hope that Xiamen University fully implements the party’s educational policy, earnestly implemented the fundamental task of Lidshu people, for party education, for the national training, with the time to build a world-class university, comprehensively enhance service area development and national strategic ability, The China National Cohesion and Heart Power, in order to build a socialist modern country, realizing the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation made a new greater contribution.

"General Secretary Xi Jinping left Yin Yin" to Xiamen University.

"See the word face". In the letter of the letter, General Secretary Xi Jinping is "fallen", "seeing people, seeing things, seeing love" from one detail. "Those people" people have no small things. In the letter of General Secretary Xi Jinping, he is more concerned about the difficult people, young students, and countless ordinary people. Take the hearts of the people, it is the fist on the letter of the letter of the general secretary of Xi Jinping. From primary school students to the nearly 100 years old professors, from community workers to science workers, from minority compatriots to international friends … Xi Jinping’s letter of letter of the letter does not divide age, cross the region, and exchange interaction with the people , Ask learning, talking about work, Rajia often, change, talk about feelings, narrative.

"The Double Ninth Festival is coming, I wish you all the people’s health and longevity, happy life!" Nit Right Banner Wulan riding a team, with the old professor of Xi’an, the old, and the new college students in Nankai University, and their story makes me feel deeply.

The broad masses of the people insisted on patriotic dedication, no regrets, let me feel the greatest people, and let me feel happiness is struggling. "General Secretary Xi Jinping said in the 2018 New Year’s congratulations.

During the line of "Things", General Secretary Xi Jinping combines the current affairs, looking forward to the future, praise the outstanding deeds, affirms important achievements, deploying development.

"I learned that the party realized the poverty, the people of the folks were very happy. I am very happy. I sincerely congratulate!" The decisive battle decided to win the poverty, he trusted to encourage the folks in Shouning County, Shouning County, Shouning County. "In the struggle of new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, your young people have the vast event prevention and control personnel in the first line of heroic, not afraid of hardships, the charge is before, and they will forget to die, highlight the boom of youth, and hand over qualified Answer.

"Hit the epidemic prevention and control and preventive and attack, he trusts the" 90 "party members of Peking University to help the" 90 "party members of the HI medical team.

"Yunnan Gongshan Dragon Master, the folks of the party and township of Shouning County, Fujian Province," Wang Jieban "all warriors, Beijing Sports University Graduate Champion class, Macau children and volunteers, I wrote a letter.

I definitely got a achievement in my reply, and I also expressed a good wish. "In the New Year’s greetings in 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping said again." Everyone told me a lot of hearts, I have been remembering "" Those feelings ", he trusts the national science and technology workers, the majority of private people People from all walks of life in entrepreneurship, labor masses, and community workers, propose requirements for various industries, and pulse.

During the speech, he reply to the Student of Tibet University Medical College, Beijing Sports University Graduate School Students, Beijing Sports University Graduate Students, Beijing Sports University, the newly entered college students, and study growth and full of time.

Talk about hope, he gives Shanghai New Four Army History Research will reply, I hope they "guide the majority of party members, especially youth, do not forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, firm belief, brave struggle"; give the people Education Press, the old comrades I hope the people’s education publishing house "to build the boutique teaching materials for the soul of the soul, Xuanheng Hui, to cultivate the socialist builders and successors in the development of morality, and build a new and greater contribution of the education strong country"; Let’s reply to all party members of Beizhuang Village, Xibaipo Town, Pingshan County, Pingshan County, Pingshan County, Pingshan County, Pingshan County, "I hope that you will resolutely respond to the call of the party, fully play the model role, and better unite the folks, condense, the heart and the heart Let the days are getting more and more popular. " A small letterhead, both carrying the deep thoughts of the paper, and full of Yin Yin, who is full of people’s livelihood, (Editor: Ren Lin, Deng Zhihui).