Selling the people in the heart of your heart

Selling the people in the heart of your heart

One platform, the service, the massive, the hard work is half a year, but the owner of the boss "" The product quality has a problem, the merchant refuses to return "" After the old bridge remembers the bridge, there is a large traffic safety hazard "…" Ask the Guanzhou "network platform, gathered in various people’s appeals.

In the case of a hurry, I’m going to "politics and governance", I have become a "first reaction" of many Zhangzhou people.

"Policy, Cangzhou" is running online on July 10, 2019, has established online, online handling channels, online handling channels, platform public and netizens, netizens reflect, the platform is expensive, and the platform helps solve. Mr. Ding, Nankang, reflected on August 3, who bought a house in Dongshan Star Community in 2018. In April this year, he returned to the developer. However, 4 months passed, still did not return the room, and develop The attitude of the person in charge is still very poor. After the "Political Governance" platform, he completed the refund work on August 6 on August 6.

Shangji, the city, the people in July, spent 2,699 yuan in the county Crystal Shipping Shop, purchased a learning machine and self-contained courses. After buying, I found that the quality of the learning machine has problems, and there is a false exaggeration propaganda suspicion, and the return is not always To resolve. On August 5, the public will reflect this to the "Policy of the Cangzhou" network platform, and through the platform to the "five-type" government construction office in Shangjuan and the Upperian Market Supervision Administration, the bureau sent law enforcement to the scene. Check and mediate, and promote sales of sales of 2500 yuan to buyers.

"Ask Guanzhong" hits online mass lines, listening to the people through the online platform, understand the wishes of the masses, responding to the concerns of the masses, promptly resolving people’s livelihood issues, responding to people’s livelihood issues, resolving contradictions, doubts, confused, and putting related functions The department and the vast audit bridge have opened up the online channel of the service masses.

The platform often receives the feedback from the masses, saying that under the promotion of the platform, transforming the functional department and cadre work style, and focusing on solving the problem, warm the people’s mind, praise the "Political Governance," is a "people to do practical things for the people platform".

A team, in-depth investigation, difficulties The backbone reporter conducts in-depth investigation of the problems reflected in the masses, conducting constructive public opinion supervision, a group of people’s livelihood investigation reports have caused strong repercussions in society, effectively contributing to a rapid solution of many people’s livelihood issues.

At the beginning of August, the network platform of "Policy and Ganzhou" has been reflected in the public, saying that there are many "zombie vehicles" in the central city of Zhangzhou. The complainant complained to the relevant departments, but the problem solving has not progressed. The Weinan Daily sent a reporter of the People’s Livelihood Department, an interview survey in the road section of the city center of the city, the road, Wenqing Road and other roads, and then released the "Zombie Car" in the Hakka News Network website and WeChat public account! Zhangzhou, you should shoot! "A manuscript.

After the report is published, the Zhanggong District Urban Administration quickly sent a parking management law enforcement personnel to conduct a comprehensive investigation of public parking spaces in urban roads, against the sections of Haihui Road, Youth Road, Huancheng Road, and Dazhong Road, long-term public parking spaces. "Zombie car", according to the "Cangzhou City Management Regulations" rectified, all dragged away for the decision of the rectification notice. Mr. Yang, reflected in the "Political Governance" network platform, said "Ye Ping Road’s public toilets have been built for two years, so far has not been open". The reporter went to the field and saw that the public toilet did the door to lock, and it could not enter, and the ground was full of dust, and the aisle stacked her debris, confirming that the public toilet did not open for a long time. The reporter has written out "It is not open for two years! Why is the public toilet? "One draft, after the release of WeChat public account in Zhangzhou, the public toilet is open.

The reporter interview learned that the public toilet has not been put into use for a long time, and the relevant departments have disagreement after the public toilet is built. After the report released, the relevant departments sent people to the on-site dispatch, to the public toilet, so that the toilet was put into use, the future maintenance of public toilets was also resolved.

"Media + Polly Policy" has better played the driving role of public opinion supervision and enhanced service capabilities for people.

From the mass aggregation of "Police Cangzhou" network platform, the reporter screened the content reflected in the more concentrated issues and the content of the report value, strengthened the planning planning, in-depth investigation, deep excavation, revealing the truth, and put forward reasonable recommendations Through the network interaction, the whole medium is pushed, which has both a timely and effective solution to many problems, and has eliminated the communication between the government and the management department and the people’s communication. At the same time, it has formed a good situation of media and public interactions, enhances the communication power, guiding, influence and credibility of news public opinion.

A set of mechanisms, the whole media matrix aggregate is surrounded by the municipal party committee, the municipal government center work, promotes the unbiased, the land is effective, the Weinan Daily has launched the normalized working mechanism, and the mass appeal to the "Policy Zhangzhou" network platform investigates verification Through all counties (cities, districts) "five" government construction offices to all relevant functional departments, timely solve the problems reflected by the masses. On the eve of the fall of this year, a question is "life is full! The students were "rushed" to borrow? Look at the news of Zhangzhou’s primary school ", through WeChat, hanging, etc., quickly spread in Zhangzhou. The news reported the truth of the Jingjie Road, the Jingjiu Road Campus, "rushed". In just a few days, the sentimental parents, from anger to understand, and then thanked the school and the teacher’s payment, and he took the help of the Weinan Daily’s full media matrix platform, and apologized to the school and the teacher, and agreed to Students are adjusted to other schools.

Hui Na demand, carding, platform transfer, follow-up investigation, manuscript supervision, telephone return visit … At present, the Weinan Daily has formed a complete set of "politician" network platform working mechanism. For the public reflection of strong hotspots, difficulties, blocking problems, the reporter’s interview verification, through the newspaper full media matrix three-dimensional push, pass to different audience groups, forming public opinion supervision, and promoting problems acceleration, doubts.

"The" Cangzhou "platform not only helped solve the problem of reflection, but also promoted the transformation of cadres’ style." The "Blue River" message in the network platform. Since the online platform of "Politician", I have to "solve the problem, do practical things" for the masses, and implement the "sinter-resistant" issues that the masses concerned are concerned, and help into the city workers to take the arrears of salary 1500 10,000 yuan. In the past three months, more than 40 related selection reports have been launched in the full media matrix of the Weinan Daily, and become a hot spot of cadres, and therefore successfully solve a group of people’s livelihood issues, and has been praise in many citizens.

(?, Zhong Qinglan) (Editor: Qiu Wei, Shuai).