Right River District: On the mountains, "gold" chicken, rush, become a "gathering treasure basin"

Right River District: On the mountains, "gold" chicken, rush, become a "gathering treasure basin"

On December 10, in the Haiyu Township, Wang Yao, Wangsian, Baise City, won the chicken core area, 46-year-old, universal Huang Dajun cleaned and cleaned up in the chop as usual. "2020 village collective economic income is 10,000 yuan, as of now, 2021 village collective economic income has reached 10,000 yuan." The secretary of the village party secretary said excitedly. Developing and growing village-level collective economy is an important way to improve rural appearance. It is also an important way to promote rural residence.

During the visibility of the hi-rural village The chicken demonstration area has opened up a rolling road in the ridiculous mountain. The annual feasant chicken is more than 1 million feathers. The collective economy "empty shell village" has become "industrial village", 2019, 2020 in "rural residence "Wushu" was rated as a prosperous Hongqi Village in the country for two consecutive years. Party members lead to "gold" chicken, and the wild mountain becomes "gathering" "There is no stable income at home, only to go out." This is the dilemma of the villagers.

If you want to keep the villagers at home, the development of the industry is the key, but the hometown has no location advantage, and there is no resource advantage, and it is a wild mountain.

How to develop? What is the development of development? It has always been a big problem in the village and villagers. Village collective economic development needs to lead people.

The rural party branch focuses on improving the management level, adopting the "Branch + Joint Society + Farmers" model full coverage, strengthen the leadership of the party branch to the leadership of the Joint Society (collective economic organization), let poor households participate in the Jedi (collective economic organization) In the management management; strive to achieve party members’ enrichment and poor households to help the help full cover, give full play to the role of party members to get rich, through "a one" or "one more", and finish the poverty Subs, support and help in terms of funds, technology, employment. As of 2020, there were 112 farmers, 115 farming collections, 70,000 feathers from the beginning of the rapids to now Wan Yu, 2020, the per capita income of the whole village farmers reached 10,500 yuan, including the chicken income under the forest 5,600 yuan, the walnuts of the past in the past have become the "gathering treasure" that is now rich in the masses. Today, the forest and chicken industry has become a hi-rural pillar industry.

The group has developed the "New Bureau", and the small chicken seedlings hatched the big industry "alone is not spring, Wanhua Qi Spring Festival".

I would like to carry out the "Catholic Exchange" in the village-level position, regularly convene a villager conference or a villager convention, let the party members’ farmers "on-site statement", and the party members combined with the actual experience and skills of the development of the chicken under the forest, interact with the masses Q & A, guiding the villagers to develop the chicken under the forest. At the same time, the "forest class" is opened in the field of the chicken base in the forest, inviting the farmers, the masses to visit the study, organize professional technicians and farmers to explain farming technology, promote farming experience, and track farmers guide.

In addition, mobilizing party members, group Changjin Village, mobilizing the poor of "Double Qian" to help subsidized, will "double thousand" funds for purchase of chicken seedlings to the demonstration area to join the breeding, promote poverty, and radiate Driven, Liu Pu, Shahong and other surrounding villages, 500 farmers, the development of hugs to develop chickens. "Like my age, no one is going to work, I can’t do it, I can’t do it. I am helpless at home. Everyone is helpful, and there is too much to work. Every year is 2-30,000 yuan, pretty good. "Huang Dajun said that since the village has created this camwell industry in the village-level collective economic forest, he has raised a chicken for three years.

Enterprises link "production and sales chain", industry development promotes the development of villages to develop, the masses should get rich.

The "four-link law" of the rural party branch is organized, the work link, the industry is jointly established, and the construction of the hometown-centered forest-centered chicken industry park is based on the "Branch of the Party Branch." Base continitive farmers "is the development model, the industrial park is divided into" five districts and one center ", open party members and villagers’ conferences, and jointly consult a solution to formulate solutions, introduce Hua Run Wufeng Co., Ltd., and implement" Joint Party Committee + Lead Enterprise + Joint agency + farmers "farming model, farmer’s labor, venue, responsible for raising chicken, company is responsible for providing chicken seedlings, feed and technical guidance, signing purchase and sales contract with farmers, ordering production, gradually forming a unified planning, unified A farming, unified sales industrial chain, incorporating a "strong intent needle" for the masses into the breeding ranks, and continuously expand the scale of hometown of hometown. While the village-level collective economy "more flowers", it also provides employment positions for some idle labor in the village. "I am going to work in this base. The monthly salary can incorporate more than 2,000 yuan, close to home and not tired, come to work at noon to eat at noon, can also take care of home income, very good.

"The villagers in the base, Wei Xiuping, is being told to make a vaccine to the chicken.

When it comes to future development planning, Su Yuanyou said that the hometown will further inspire the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the majority of rural party members and cadres, and strive to create a municipal-level standardized ecological broiler breeding demonstration area, drive, promote agricultural increasing production, farmers’ income, provide village-level collective economic development Reliable guarantee. (Huang Bai, Wang Mang) (Editor: Chen Lulu, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.