The real situation of Xinjiang ethnic minority residents crushed "race extinction" lies

The real situation of Xinjiang ethnic minority residents crushed "race extinction" lies

  Xinhua News Agency Urumqi November 18 (Reporter Hao Yu) During each birth inspection, Kurai Khan Leaf Race is always careful to close the ear close to the fetal heart monitor, silently count the baby’s heartbeat, one, two, Three … The fetal heart is stable. For ordinary women living in Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Changji, I will usher in my third child, on November 17th Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Special press conference, Kula Khan said: "The happiest thing in life is to meet the arrival of new life.

"In the face of the beautiful Western anti-China power repeated speculation, there is a so-called" genocide "lie in Xinjiang. In the past period, more and more local minority residents are willing to actively speak, and they have crushed this lie in personnel. They said that the people of Xinjiang Family happiness, life harmony, bullying lies vulnerability, destined to become an international community laughter.

  Kurai Khan and her husband have two well-behaved daughters, I learned that after she was pregnant, her husband went out of her house, and she was carefully arranged in a baby room and prepared to wait for new members of the family. It is said that the "healthy cost", Kurai Khan frankly says that "the pressure is not big": "The doll is not a lot of time," Teacher, the teacher is also very responsible, give us a lot of hearts. " Like Karaim, there are more and more minority families in Xinjiang choose "two children" "three children", and the number of minority populations has grown steadily. Public data shows that in 1953, the Xinjiang minority population was 10,000 people, including the Uighur population; in 2010, it increased to 10,000 people, including the Uighur population of 10,000; 2020 compared with 2010, minority population increased Thousands of people, for all, in which the Uyghur population is 10,000.

  At the same time, the number of population populations is growing, and the quality of population is also increasing. Looking at the simulation courts and self-confident daughters, the Aleti area Fu Yunxian residents in the Estate of the Xianpi is proud of the pride. His daughter Aquious Yumi is a student of Xinjiang University Law School.

"After reading the university, the dream of the judge is nearly one step.

"Urchouli said.

  In recent years, the Governments at all levels at Xinjiang continue to increase investment, ensuring that each child will enjoy equal access rights. The seventh national census data in 2020 shows that the average education year of Xinjiang’s 15-year-old population is the year, hosted in China, higher than the national average. Uighur 15 years old and above the population of education is the year.

The population of university cultures in Xinjiang has a population of 1,6536. The Uyghur is 8944 people with university cultural levels every 100,000 people. The host Hirai, the host, said that data and facts fully reflect the founding of New China, and the number of population population in Xinjiang has continued to increase, and the degree of education is continuously improved. In front of the iron, the US Western anti-China power is not destined to be demonstrated.