The face of the face is "smog disease"

The face of the face is "smog disease"

  It is dizzy, and it is a smog disease in the hospital.

What is smoke disease? Why do you have a noodle? How to break this disease? The doctor took you to understand the strange disease caused by this face. Whoever under my face is playing back: Xiao Zhangzheng Zhuang, usually the body is not bad, but it can be plagued by a strange disease.

Once, Xiao Zhang Zheng was eating noodles with a bowl. Suddenly, the bowl and chopsticks were thrown into the table, and the hands were numb.

Since this, he always dizzy when eating noodles, hands and feet, weak, but consciousness, rest after a while, after a while, it will recover. I doubt that I have a strange disease, and Xiao Zhang has never been to the Beijing Ditan Hospital.

The neurosurgery team combines cerebrovascular angiography through clinical judgment, considering small sheets of smoke.

  This is a common ischemic disease. In the end, the neurosurgerative team uses the joints of the bridge + adhesion joint surgery. Through the northwestroke, the blood of the south is successfully introduced into the intracranial, completely solves the shortage of intracranial blood supply, and makes small clinical symptoms It is completely alleviated. Smoke disease and smoking have nothing to do with smoke disease? I believe that many people hear this unfamiliar noun and think that the disease is related to smoking.

actually not! Smoke disease is due to the main branch of the brain, causing abnormal hyperplasia of the skull base, forming a smoke blood vessel, which has triggered a series of symptoms.

Since this skull-bottom abnormal blood vessel is like a smoke in the cerebral angiography image, it is called smoke disease. If the child has smog disease, there is general speech chaos, different levels of headache and symptoms such as emotional irritability and irritability.

The early symptoms of adults are more obvious, such as varying degrees of vomiting and dizziness, headache, numbness, and blurred vision. How is the noodle triggers a strange disease? According to Chen Shichao, the doctor, the first symptoms of many smoke patients were numb, and the muscles were weak.

The reason why it is going to eat noodles, mainly because we have to take hard when we eat noodles, causing too much carbon dioxide in the brain.

Therefore, cerebrovascular contraction, blood flow is reduced, and there will be corresponding symptoms due to insufficient blood supply to brain.

  In fact, smog patients with smog, such as angry, crying, and running, like symptoms. There are two ways to deal with smoke disease in this rare disease. At present, once the medical community recognizes that once the diagnosis of smoke disease, surgery should be performed as soon as possible. Before the inability of the brain tissue, the blood flow side circulation channel is established, and the brain replenish blood supply and preventing brain ischemic injury. Two types of treatment programs are diagnosed with smoke disease.

  The first solution is that the temporal shallow pulse intimidation is to form a fascia strip after separating the temporal periopathic, stitched onto the surface of the brain, slowly forming a lateral circulation, and blood supply to the brain. The advantage of application surgery is that the operation is simple, the wound is small.

  The second solution is that intracranial vascular bridge is a surgical solution that directly introduces the blood of ischemic brain by intracranial vascular and intracranial vascular connection.

Direct brush surgery can quickly establish blood vessel side branch channels, improve the symptoms of local brain blood supply, but the lack of surgery is limited in improvement. Whether it is a bridge or an adhesive, it is to drain the skull to the intracranial. The joint surgery scheme for the implementation of the bridge + application can effectively overcome the disadvantages of both, and the combination of the two can quickly establish blood flow side channels, and improve brain supplement blood supply.

  Can this strange disease prevention? The congenital factors are difficult to prevent, but the acquisition factors are beneficial. First, to control the occurrence of infection, prevent infectious diseases from damage to blood vessels, there is a disease in time; secondly, it is necessary to change the existing bad life, such as osmic and alcohol, high-fat diet, staying up late, and lack exercise.