Sniot: 起 袖 收 忙 干 干 干 心

Sniot: 起 袖 收 忙 干 干 干 心

Recently, as the weather is clear, in the film of the hidden town, the town party members cadres are coming back to shuttle, this is handling and playing machine, cutting rice, there is a sweeping field, pushing the valley, full of dry The group grabs the picture of the autumn grain.

Murana, Mary Group, Dongling Village, is nearly 50 years old this year. Because of its own and an old man, although there is a weather in the family, Liang Yuqiu is still in the nearly 2 acres of rice. After the Dooling Village Party Branch, the party members in the Missimi Village were helped. "Although there are few this year, if there is no village to help, I am very difficult to finish rice this year, I really thank them" Liang Yuqiu said.

In the past few days, in order to grab the rain "empty window" harvest rice, reduce the loss of rainfall to the masses, ensure that the particles return to the warehouse, and the party branches of Major Town give full play to the exemplary role of party members. Before, the charge is helpless, Poor families seize autumn grains, and publicize food science storage and other means, actively organize "rushing autumn grain, granules" theme party day activities, guide the masses to grab the opportunity to receive autumn grains, so that the autumn harvest autumn is unrest, Trouble in order.

"The smile of the masses is our greatest comfort. It can be practical for the father and old folks. It is the unvethatic glory of the Communist Party member. In the future, we will continue to flutter the party flag in the places you need." Wang Ping, a branch of the Major Town Machine. Through the joint efforts of the party members of the 10th Party branch of the town and villages, the Town has helped 19 poor households to complete nearly 30 acres of autumn grain.

Next, all party members and cadres in Major Town will continue to grab the festival, grab the autumn harvest, Baofu grain, and fully promote the autumn harvest, and complete the autumn work for the quality and quantity.

(Shanshan County Heading Media Center is supplied) (Editor: Chen Jingjing, Chen Kangqing).