Take a dream as horse, the new red flag uses strength to let the feelings

Take a dream as horse, the new red flag uses strength to let the feelings

On September 28th, "The flag is red, the new trip" – Hongqi HS7, HS5, H5 rejuvenation is listed.

New red flag announced, 2022 red flag HS7 official guide price is 10,000 yuan, Hongqi HS5 official guide price is 10,000 yuan, Hongqi H5 official guidance price is 10,000 yuan. The addition is not increased, the new red flag is new and new, and the consumption is full of sincerity.

In the revitalization ceremony, Chen Xu, general manager of FAW Hongqi Auto Sales Co., Ltd., announced that the new Hongqi’s 2021 cumulative sales will be more than 200,000, which reaches this milestone node in recent 2020. With a dream, the new red flag is constantly increasing strength, let the feelings fall. Courage the mission, let the feelings for the people, "Hongqi" is not only a car brand, but also a deep feelings.

For FAW, Hongqi is a strong responsibility and a heavy mission.

In the historical development of more than 60 years, the Hongqi brand has passed through the wind and rain, but always sticking to the initial heart, and it is going forward.

In particular, Xu Li Ping has been in charge of China FAW. He led FAW people to carry out the reform of the big knife, while breaking, the revival of Hongqi brand has created a new development opportunity. At the beginning of 2018, the Hongqi brand issued a new strategy to build "China’s first, world famous" "new noble brand". "New Hongqi, let the ideal flying, let the dream come true!" Under the new strategic guidance, Hongqi brand deep tillage technology, rich product lineup, improve product strength, plus the innovative marketing method of exciting emotions resonate, let Hongqi brand development road Yue Yue people, the sales volume broke through all the way.

Looking back on December 25, 2020, the sales of Hongqi brand reached 200,000, achieving 42 times the growth of the new "flag" in 3 years.

In 2021, the chip supply crisis continued, and the epidemic was repeatedly invaded, which brought huge challenges to the entire automotive industry. The new red flag is required, strengthens supply collaboration and logistics formation, stimulating potential, and do its utmost to meet customer orders. It is not expected that the new red flag will exceed 200,000 vehicles in advance in advance.

Another prove, only strength, can you let your feelings.

Chen Xu represents the new red flag brand and expresses deep gratitude to customers.

"Everything for customers, everything serves customers, all modest to customers" is the idea and commitment of new red flags, and commitment to "beautiful life, wonderful travel", new red flag will unremittingly pursue casting brands and customers Intimate connection. Rejuvenation, all for consumers under the new strategic guidelines, Hongqi brand continuously improve the product matrix, optimize product structure, from the car to SUV, from the gasoline car to the electric vehicle to fully layout, cover multiple segments. "Double 5 Double 9" constitutes a "double ship double star" product matrix, H7, HS7 is unique, E-HS9 has become a high-end pure tram type new flagship.

After one to two years of precipitation, the red flag H5, HS5, HS7 three models have become the backbone of the new red flag product matrix, winning customers’ love and trust.

Today, these three hot-selling models are newly upgraded, both the strength of the new red flag production technology accumulated, but also to meet the new needs of the customer’s new demand.

This new, Hongqi HS7 added "quantum silver gray" appearance color, new 20-inch ring, model exclusive identification, and interior color choice is more abundant; on safe aid configuration, active brake, automatic lane deviation correction, adaptive The remote optical function is super-equipped with the model and the above models, and adds a new sense trunk function. Red Flag HS5 optimizes the forward gas grille, add two new style hubs; new pomegranate red interior coloring; the driver intelligent network system is upgraded to the version; in addition, in the blocking area, the driving mode selection switch and One-button start button and other details are optimized.

2022 red flag H5 updated the front headlight details, 19 inch rims, smoked tail light; the original gray upgrade is ivory white color, and add pomegranate red color matching; intelligent network system upgrade to version; chestname model All superior induction truss, reversing image function. New Red Flag has been rewarding customers with better products. Every time you go out, every rejg, new red flag does not change to our customers, making customers a better life.

Slim, in fact, the user-centered truth, the new red flag can be fiercely in the way, behind the success, inseparable from its "user-centered" concept.

In recent years, new red flag has been closer and closer, it knows where the user is, what the user wants, know how to connect the user together. New Hongqi continues to innovate marketing concept, with cultural IP and other cultural IPs such as the Forbidden City, Liang Zhu, Dunhuang, injecting their cultural confidence into the construction of national industrial brands, stimulating consumers’ emotional identity, and realizing the two-way empowerment of traditional culture and national brands . In addition, whether it is the Hongqi Carnival, establish intimate contact with the red flag fans; or build a "flagship alliance", build a cross-industry national brand ecotrial circle, none of the "user-centered", the initial heart of users, New Red Flag is a double harvest of sales and reputation for Red Flags by letting more users have real participation, brand belonging and identity. On September 10, New Red Flag won the medal athletes at this year’s Tokyo Olympic Games, respects the red flag H9 product or use rights, and signed a cooperation agreement with the National Sports General Administration Winter Sports Management Center, which has become a Chinese snowman national team and steel frame. The Strategic Partner of the Car National Team, Sleigh National Team, helped 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and delivered a domestic snowman equipment developed by FAW Red Flag, Aerospace Science and Technology.

Actions speak louder than words.

The new red flag has proved to action, and the national brand must not only be excellent products, innovative marketing, intimate service, but also to be the family of customers. With consumers, the flag is red.

The "14th Five-Year Plan" started, the Hongqi brand is in the unprecedented development speed, and the new "Flag" is written. (Liu Fangyu).