The first flight of the fishing boat returned to the people’s table again "fresh"

The first flight of the fishing boat returned to the people’s table again "fresh"

At 12 o’clock on August 16, the 823 fishing boats in Dongshan County ended three and a half months of fiscal period, opened a new round of cultural seas! On August 21, the various fishing ports of Dongshan continued to usually ushered in the fishing boat returned by the first flight, and the fishermen got full, and the whalf of the silence of several months recovered the busy scene of the past. "Sudden …" On August 21st, with the sound of fishing boats, the people waiting in Dongshang County, Dongshang County, Dongshan County, were not hosted by independence.

Subsequently, a fishing boat was taken, loaded with a tractor, and the truck came out, and a basket of fish was piled into a "small hill", and filld the pier’s original spacious square full of Dangdang. Hundreds of fishermen fishermen are topped on the sun, busy unloading loading.

The seafood was on the shore, and the 5-day fishermen can’t stop it, because they also have a good buyer for the work of labor.

After three and a half months of fragrance, the citizens’ dining tables have long been looking forward to the arrival of this batch of seafood. After the fishing, the seafood is rich, and the head is also a lot. In addition to meeting the local market, some of the fresh-keeping vehicles in the field have also contacted the local seafood distributors early, and the seafood of the new shore will be transported to various local markets. . In addition to the acquisition, there are many local residents waiting early in the terminal.

"Live in the beach, just this mouth, although there is a frozen seafood, but the taste is still a bit, and now I have to buy some fresh back, and I taste the fresh fishing with my family." Mr. Chen said by Mr. Chen.

"The fishing is a good thing. After the fishing fish, there are many fish, and the head is quite big." Alin, the fisherman, is more satisfied with the first flight after the opening. His harvest is the main bar fish, squid, and some small butter fish, probably capture nearly 5,000 baskets, and the output value can be more than 400,000 yuan. He told reporters that immediately prepare the sea immediately, and now it is more rich in the nail resources, and strive for greater harvest. (Reporter Zhang Xionmin Wu Di correspondent Ou Dong Wendai / Figure) (Editor: Chen Chu, Wu Zhou) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.