The national unity is a family: medical ethics is really familiar with the heart.

The national unity is a family: medical ethics is really familiar with the heart.

Recently, passed the careful care and treatment of medical practitioners in the Sandwan County People’s Hospital, and the patients who have been discharged from the hospital are accompanied by the family, and the Fan Guangxue sent a "national unity and family." "The banner, thank you for your long-term care care of his family. In March 2015, the Sandy County People’s Hospital Physician Wizard and the Sandu Zijiang Town Stadium Road Community Pasil Kada’s old people have formed a pair of relatives and established relatives.

Pasil Kardians in this year have high blood pressure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, need for a long time to take medicine, Fan Guangxue doctors often go to his home to check him, medication, and become his family doctor.

Every time I changed the season, the old man’s bronchitis will commit, and Fan Guangxue will always run before running, with the old man to see a doctor, the medicine, hospitalization, and the hospital colleagues, formulate scientific and effective treatment programs, and help the elderly to recover as soon as possible.

Usually, no matter whether it is day or night, as long as the Pasil Kard is a phone call, Fan Guangxue will put down his hand, and the first time rushed to the old man. "My husband is old, often because of the hospitalization of respiratory diseases, the children are working in the field. I can’t come back in the past. After the doctor know, even if I am busy, I will come over and see the situation of my wife. Moving.

In our hearts, we have long regarded Fan doctors as their son.

"The wife said in the first place. It’s cold, Pasil Kardiff wife called from time to time, and the Han nationality" son "wears thick points, pay attention to safety, usually rest, not busy Eating at home.

In the past five years, Pasil Kard and Fan Guangxue have focused on deep feelings. They are not relatives and relatives. Pasil Kard is said to: "This is my pro ‘son’!" (Zhaizhai) ) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting).