Protect intellectual property rights to stimulate the vitality of innovation

Protect intellectual property rights to stimulate the vitality of innovation

  At present, the core reading of more and more countries has increased the protection and innovation investment of intellectual property rights in more and more countries. Global scientific output, R & D investment, and application of intellectual property rights have been increasing, and global innovation activities are strong. China’s intellectual property industry has developed rapidly, the innovation environment and the business environment have been further improved, and positive contributions to global governance of intellectual property rights and international cooperation.

  The World Intellectual Property Report recently released by the World Intellectual Property Organization pointed out that during the prevention and control of the epidemic, many innovative subjects will focus on digitalization and pharmaceutical research and development. Global innovation still shows strong motivation. Among them, the government has played with innovation. It is a vital role.

The report also pointed out that as the direction of innovation changes, the global intellectual property field is also facing new challenges, and countries need to further strengthen reform and policy coordination in related fields.

  A report released by the global innovation activity showed the tough World Intellectual Property Organization recently showed that although it was disturbed by the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic, the number of applications for the design application of patents, trademarks, and industrial products in 2021 still set a new record. It shows strong toughness.

According to statistics, the international patent application submitted by the World Intellectual Property Organization "Patent Cooperation Treaty" in 2021 increased by%to 10,000, reaching 10,000, a record high. The number of international trademark applications and the design of industrial products increased by%and%year -on -year.

Data show that Asia has become the most active area of ??global intellectual property activities. In 2021, international patent applications from Asia accounted for%of the global total, ranking first.

  Deng Hongsen, director of the World Intellectual Property Organization, said that the growth of various indicators in the field of intellectual property shows the strong toughness of innovative research and development fields, and the strong motivation to bring new products and services to the market in various countries. This shows that people are increasingly recognized that innovation is of great significance to overcome the impact of epidemic and ensure economic stability. Under the background of the epidemic prevention and control, the focus and direction of global innovation and development are also accelerating.

The World Intellectual Property Organization pointed out that digitalization is changing the objects, types, and processes of innovation to change various industries. From the perspective of regional distribution, the rapid improvement of scientific and technological innovation in Asia has become a global innovation and intellectual property output highland, which has effectively promoted the growth of the world economy. Casten Finker, chief economist of the World Intellectual Property Organization, said that in the face of the uncertainty of the global economic recovery, innovation and intellectual property protection will become an important driving force for promoting scientific and technological progress, promoting industrial upgrading, and achieving sustainable development. Global well -known property law firms Denmel pointed out that it is expected that the number of global patents, industrial products design and trademark applications in the next few years will still maintain a growth trend. In order to conform to the global wave of innovation, countries should accelerate the modernization of the intellectual property management system and promote the digitalization of intellectual property management platforms and tools.

  In recent years, many countries have strengthened innovation protection. Many countries have attached importance to strengthening the construction of intellectual property systems and encouraging enterprise innovation to accelerate the pace of economic recovery and industrial transformation. The EU Intellectual Property Office has launched the "2025 Strategic Planning", which aims to establish a more efficient and reliable intellectual property service system by improving the quality and level of public services to build the EU’s leading position in the global intellectual property field.

  The recent statistics released by the German Patent and Trademark Office show that the number of German patents and trademark authorizations in 2021 hit a record high, and the review efficiency has increased significantly. The head of the German Patent and Trademark Office said that the significant increase in patent awarding volume will help further enhance the market competitiveness of the enterprise.

  The recent data released by the French State Administration of Industry also showed that the number and patent application volume of corporate trademark applications accepted by France in 2021 increased by%and%, respectively. The French government proposes to promote digital driving innovation in high -tech fields such as semiconductor, biopharmaceuticals, nuclear energy, and electric vehicles. As a country with the highest per capita patent applications, Switzerland has a leading position in intellectual property revenue, the conversion rate of innovation results, and the production of high -end technology products.

Switzerland actively builds an innovative ecosystem based on close cooperation based on universities, scientific research institutions, corporate enterprises and public departments.

  Deng Hongsen said that the government has a unique advantage in promoting innovation. For example, it can better meet social needs by deploying resources and provides correct incentive measures and favorable environment to stimulate innovation and development potential. Strengthening the research of the International Cooperation of Intellectual Property Cooperation EU Intellectual Property Office pointed out that at present, the global intellectual property sector still faces new challenges, especially the development of scientific and technological development has brought new communication channels and business models, which has further increased the probability of infringement of intellectual property.

Many small and medium -sized enterprises are still relatively weak. Taking the results of the EU Intellectual Property Office for investigation as an example, only 9%of SMEs have their own intellectual property rights.

  It is worth noting that the phenomenon of regional imbalance in R & D investment has further intensified. Fang Zhulan, a professor at the School of Economics of Renmin University of China, said that the imbalance in the development of the global innovation region is objective. The main reason is that the quality of human capital and the imbalance of related agglomeration effects, and the leading advantages of innovation in frontier countries will further increase. The international community, especially the scientific and technological community, education, and business circles, to further explore and cooperate with mutual benefit, strengthen social responsibility, to expand the positive and external effects of original innovation for the common welfare of human beings, and help developing countries get rid of the dilemma of development. As the largest developing country, China has continuously promoted the development of its own intellectual property in recent years, while actively promoting the improvement of global governance of intellectual property rights and strengthening international cooperation.

  According to data recently released by the European Patent Office, in the 2021 European patent applications, the number of applications from China increased the highest among 30 major patent applications, reaching 24%. In the past 10 years, the number of Chinese companies in Europe has increased 4 times. The "World Intellectual Property Index" report shows that in 2020, China’s applications for intellectual property rights in patents, trademarks, and industrial products have ranked first in the world, showing a strong innovative vitality. The report pointed out that China is integrating into the wave of global innovation and becoming the core and active participants of the global value chain of cutting -edge technology such as information technology.

  The Chinese government has issued a series of important planning and deployment to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and copyright protection of foreign -funded enterprises, and the advancement of antitrust and anti -unfair competition. The "Business Confidence Survey 2021" released by the Chinese EU Chamber of Commerce shows that more than half of the interviewed companies believe that the law enforcement of Chinese intellectual property rights is "good enough" and "very good". Sumitella Duta, a professor of management at Cornell University in the United States, said that some emerging economies represented by China actively overtaken in innovation, so that international technology transfer and national innovation are effective Industry, this will help promote the establishment of a more balanced innovation system around the world. (Zheng Bin) Editor in charge: Zhang Zeyue.