Zhejiang urban and rural modern community construction front -line

Zhejiang urban and rural modern community construction front -line

  The old village house transformed into a shared bookstore, and the face recognition entered and the one -click appointment borrowed it. In the "Health Center", the big data and intelligent wearable equipment of the digital cockpit link to the real -time linkage to form the electronic health of each villager’s life cycle Archives … In the "Rural Future Community" in Xikou Town, Longyou County, Luzhou City, Zhejiang Province, a future version of "Rural Pastoral Map" is slowly unfolding.

    Although the community is small, it is related to the happiness of millions of households. In Zhejiang, more than 10,000 urban and rural communities are both the "nerve endings" of the society, but also the carrier of the masses to realize the vision of livable and business, comfort and peace of mind. Nowadays, Zhejiang is led by grass -roots party building, the needs of residents, and the digital reform as a traction. Walking into the New Lotus Community, Lotus Street, Kecheng District, Luzhou City, it is everywhere: the "red property understands the wall" with a comprehensive content of the main channel of the community; each building entrance can see the "grid conventions" with unique features. … As a community that is gone in the old house, the Xinhe community has also been troubled by problems such as "the vehicle is stopped, no one is cleaned up, and the green space becomes a vegetable garden."

"Community, property, industry committee and owners have their own grievances and their own demands.

"Ms. Zhang, a community resident, said. Now, through the establishment of the" Red Property Alliance ", the" red line "of Xinhe Community uses the" red line "of the party, property companies, and community owners, and use joint meetings and other carriers to jointly work together To solve the difficulties in the management of community management. In addition to strengthening the ability of party building and leadership, in many places in Zhejiang, new methods such as "people’s councils" and "good neighborhoods" have emerged. Community governance system, use digital dredging the "capillaries" of grass -roots units. "Hello, I am from Yingfeng Street. There is something to notify you here …" In Yingfeng Street, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, The AI ??digital social worker "Xiaoying" built by the "Yingli" digital platform is "calling" community residents.

The street staff can complete the propaganda work of batch, accurate and efficient notifications through "Xiaoying". "The digital governance platform makes community work more efficient.

We have built a series of data systems through the platform, completed the 120,000 residents’ archives and data combing in turn, carried out intelligent receptions of more than 20,000 residents, and opened up the closed loop of management services of streets, communities, and residents.

Zhang Dan, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Yingfeng Street, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, said.

  The combination of "numbers" and "governance" not only promoted the precision of grass -roots social governance, but also allowed community services to achieve a new extension. "With Chinese medicine acupuncture, the pain in my hand is much more soothing!" The 57 -year -old Zheng Weiguo came to the Sangyuandi Village Community Health Service Station in Sangyuandi Village, Shuangpu Town, Xihu District, Hangzhou, and asked the doctor who made the appointment to make wormwood for him. Acupuncture.

  In the Sangyuan Di Village Community Health Service Station, residents can use intelligent health all -in -one to detect blood sugar, cholesterol, blood lipids, etc.

"The health data of the elderly in the village will be connected to our ‘rural brain’. In the future, video consultation will also achieve minor illnesses.

Zheng Xiangchao, a cadre of Sangyuan Di Village, said.

  Today in Zhejiang, the organic connection and overall use of forces in all aspects have become a key spoon for building a co -governance shared community.

Under the good vision of common prosperity, the exploration of modern community governance is ongoing. (Reporter Tang Tao, Guo Yuqi).