Namibia Confucius Institute Baozi Celebration Dragon Boat Festival

Namibia Confucius Institute Baozi Celebration Dragon Boat Festival

Xinhua News Agency and Ke, June 3 (Reporter Chen Chengyu Yinyin) Students from the Confucius Institute of Namibia University took a unique cooking class on the 3rd. They follow the Chinese teachers to learn buns and dumplings with Chinese teachers in class, and learn Chinese in an intuitive way to learn about Chinese traditional festivals. According to Ji Qingfen, a teacher of Kong Yuan, Confucius Academy has class activities every semester, and will organize students to experience and learn traditional Chinese culture in various forms.

Affected by the epidemic, various activities have been suspended for two years. This is the first time to resume offline activities this year.

In the past, the students had tasted Chinese hot pot, noodles, buns, etc., and dumplings were still trying for the first time.

The two Confucius Yuan teachers prepared the production materials in advance. The production process was demonstrated on the spot. A teacher taught Baozi and a dumplings. The students were divided into two groups according to their interests and followed the teacher to make traditional Chinese cuisine.

In the process of teaching, the teacher fully mobilized the enthusiasm of students, and allowed students to remember the time, origin, and folks in a relaxed and happy atmosphere while completing Chinese teaching. Students have stated that they are happy to accept this form of education and fun, and they learn faster and more firmly. (Responsible editor: Su Yanxiang, Yang Mu) Share let more people see it.