China calls for the use of real multilateralism to solve the problem of prevention and diffusion

China calls for the use of real multilateralism to solve the problem of prevention and diffusion

Xinhua News Agency, United Nations, May 31st (Reporter Wang Jianang) Chinese permanent representative of the United Nations Zhang Jun stated on May 31 that he should adhere to true multilateralism and emphasize that the problem of prevention and diffusion is global challenges. It is inseparable from the United Nations leadership.

Zhang Jun called on the public conference at the public conference on the 1540s of the Security Council held on the same day that all parties should adhere to the concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative, and sustainable safety concepts, attach importance to reasonable and safe concerns, eliminate the spread of diffusion, and work hard to achieve universal safety, and Common safety. It is necessary to follow the purpose and principles of the United Nations Charter, strengthen the collective security mechanism with the United Nations as the core, maintain the authority of the Security Council, and adhere to the problem of preventing and spreading heat cooling through dialogue and negotiation.

Zhang Jun said that the "Treaty of Non -diffused Nuclear Weapons" is the cornerstone of the international nuclear disarmament and non -diffusion system, and is an important part of the post -war international security system.

All countries cannot "use it if they are used, and they are not abandoned", they cannot adopt dual standards and selective practices. They should resolutely resist the treaty of the treaty and hollowing out.

Regarding the country, regardless of the international community’s opposition to the cooperation of nuclear submarines, he insisted on introducing weapons -level nuclear materials to the Asia -Pacific region, obviously violated the purpose and purpose of the treaty, causing serious risk of nuclear diffusion. At the same time, countries should further enhance the universality of the Treaty of Non -diffusing Nuclear Weapons, the Prohibition of Biological Weapons, and the Prohibition of Chemistry Weapon Convention, and take the opportunity to review the meeting of various treaties to ensure that it is fully, effective, and balanced. Zhang Jun emphasized that in order to use technology and conducting international cooperation in peace, it is an irreplaceable right to international law.

Over the years, some countries have relying on their own "small circle" of the "small circle" of the "small circle" of various national mechanisms to implement discriminatory export control measures in developing countries and make dual standards.

Individual countries also use the pretext of preventing diffusion or national security, to do restrictions on scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation, promote the detachable chain, and seriously erode the foundation of preventing and proliferating international cooperation.

Zhang Jun said that China supports the 1540 committee to formulate a reasonable work plan, continue to substantially promote the comprehensive review of the resolution, conduct objective assessment of the implementation of the resolutions in various countries, and attach importance to the spread challenges brought by emerging technology. It is recommended to further promote international cooperation in the field of prevention and diffusion, improve the effectiveness of assistance activities, and promote the comprehensive and effective implementation of resolutions. On April 28, 2004, the Security Council unanimously passed the resolution No. 1540.

The resolution is the first special anti -diffusion resolution in the Security Council, and it is also an important pillar of international anti -proliferation efforts.

According to the resolution, the Security Council established a anti -diffusion committee composed of all members of the Security Council, namely the 1540 Committee.