Zhejiang Yidong Expressway Lakefield Hub successfully achieved through

Zhejiang Yidong Expressway Lakefield Hub successfully achieved through

  The Hutian Hub is an important node connected to the Yidong Expressway and the Yongjin Expressway, and it is also the largest dual T -type composite hub in Zhejiang Province.

Therefore, the entire construction stage needs to carry out two -way four -lane section of the Golden Golden Expressway to broaden the two -way and eight -lane widening construction, and there are two ramp bridges across the gold high -speed speed. The project is difficult and the safety risks are high. In order to ensure the safety and orderly construction of cross -gold high -speed steel box beam frame facilities and the expected results, the Yidong Headquarters and construction units have given full play to the role of party building consortiums of various parties such as high -speed traffic police, road administration, and operating units to strengthen coordination and guarantee. The construction plan, jointly crack the security problems that may occur during the construction of the edge of the traffic. This project uses a smaller -area thin -walled pier to set up 55 -meter steel box beams into two sections of "25 meters+30 meters" to achieve no bracket construction, so that construction operations are always closed in unilateral four lanes to ensure guarantee During the construction period, the "two -way four -lane" can be achieved on the other side during construction.

During the setting up, the safety and technical personnel controlled the construction throughout the process to ensure that every link of the construction did not leave blind spots or dead ends, and safely completed the construction of the steel box beam frame.

  It is reported that Yidong Expressway is a key project for the construction of high -quality metropolitan areas in Zhejiang Province, and it is also the first highway to cross the main urban area of ??the city in Zhejiang Province. Up to now, the Jiangbei to Nanshi section of Yidong Expressway has completed a total of 100 million yuan, accounting for%of the approval budget, and the overall image of the project is%. Essence

  The relevant person in charge of the Yidong Headquarters of Zhejiang Provincial Transportation Group said that in the next step, the headquarters will solidly carry out the "brave and strong tackling tackling, strive to build a vanguard" activity in accordance with the established target time of the entire line. More advanced and pragmatic measures, high -quality and high -level promotion of project construction, early realization of the highway of the Golden East Dongyang city, and providing traffic guarantee for promoting the social and economic development of central Zhejiang region. (Tang Yanning, Wang Hongcun) (Editor: Ai Yutao, Kang Mengqi) Share let more people see recommended reading.