[New Era of Entrusted New Journal] New Era] Linfen: Write a new chapter in the climbing overlap

[New Era of Entrusted New Journal] New Era] Linfen: Write a new chapter in the climbing overlap

Binhe Park, Linfen City.

Our reporter Zhang Wenhua on February 20th, at the first meeting of the Fifth People’s Congress of Linfen City, Li Yunfeng mentioned in the work report made on behalf of the last municipal government to the work report of the conference. Significantly improved, the industrial layout is more scientific, and the development of momentum has continued to increase. The "three major battles" decisively won, the well -being of the people’s livelihood continued to increase, and wrote a chapter of struggle in the rush of climbing.

The comprehensive strength increased significantly from 2016 to 2021. The general public budget revenue of Linfen City doubled, and the per capita disposable income of residents increased doubled. The regional GDP increased from 109 billion yuan to 190.9 billion yuan. The growth rate of regional GDP in 2021 reached %, the best level in the past 8 years; the average growth rate of regional GDP in 2020 and 20121 reached %, exceeding 1 percentage point nationwide.

  Modern agriculture has accelerated the development, the total grain production has stabilized more than 2 billion kilograms, and 72 leading and provincial leading enterprises have reached 72.

  Modern industrial files are upgraded, and advanced production capacity of coal, coke, and steel accounted for 79 %, 46 %, and 70 %, respectively. The value -added value of equipment manufacturing and strategic emerging industries increased by 166 % and 75 %, respectively. When it reaches 23 %, Xinchuang Industry presents a situation of gathering development.

  The modern service industry has improved quality and efficiency. A number of urban complexes and other urban complexes in Xinbahui and Wanda Plaza are opened. Linfen is selected as a national land -port logistics hub to carry pilot cities with high -efficiency distribution of urban and rural areas. Successfully held the 2018 Provincial Travel Development Conference and two Dahe Civilized Tourism Forum.

The industrial layout is more scientific from the new economic belt of Baili Fenhe to the "three hundred miles" economic belts, and then to the coordinated development of the "three major sectors" of along Fenfen, Huang, and the Taiyue. Development and improvement in innovation. The Fenfen sector has formed a high -end equipment manufacturing gathering area with CITIC Machinery and Huaxiang manufacturing as a leader. The Xinchuang Industrial Cluster represented by byte beating and Baidu is marked with Baidu.

  The creation of 5A -level scenic spots in the three countries along the yellow sector has been promoted. Yunqiu Mountain Scenic Area has been successfully established. The clean energy industries such as Daning flowers and gloves have risen one after another.

  Along the Taiyue section has formed the coal coking circulation industrial park of Anze and ancient counties, and the construction of Fushan China Resources Source Network Low (zero) carbon smart industrial park and Yicheng high -quality steel new material industrial park. Development momentum has continuously enhanced the city’s innovation -driven strategy, and the number of high -tech enterprises has doubled. Huaxiang Group’s "Renren Innovation and All Maker" model has been recognized by Premier Li Keqiang. The reform of key areas has made a breakthrough, and the "three major tasks" of state -owned enterprises and state -owned enterprises have been completed; Hongdong, Yicheng, Jixian, Yonghe Agricultural production custody model is promoted nationwide; standardized reform has taken the forefront of the province; Huaxiang Group is successfully listed, and Realized the "zero" of the main board of private enterprises in the province for 17 years. The pace of opening up has continued to accelerate, 4 new international friends, 70 countries and regions with trade exchanges with Linfen City, 11 columns of China -Europe Train successfully successfully operated, and the total import and export volume increased by 156%.

  The construction zone has strong construction momentum, with 9 new development zones and 7 industrial agglomeration areas.

The business environment is comprehensively optimized, the cumulative reduction of the approval time limit is 57%, and the tax reduction and fees of various types of enterprises are 19.1 billion yuan; the "standard land + commitment system", "element follow the project", "leading + agency + special office in the city + One Netcom Office "work mechanism; insist on solving the problem of the problem of the old accounts, the arrears of the old account, and the case, which confirms the improvement of the business environment of Linfen. The city’s production factors and affordable elements are concentrated, and the vitality of high -quality development has burst out.

The "Three major battles" decisively defeated the city’s poverty alleviation and achieved a comprehensive victory. All 10 poor counties were "removed" and 662 poor villages were listed. Thousands of poor households and 270,000 poor people were all poverty alleviation. The absolute poverty issues for thousands of years have been renewed in the development of poverty alleviation. The effectiveness of pollution prevention and control is obvious, and the city’s strength is accurate pollution, scientific pollution control, and pollution according to law. Yaudu, Hongdong, Xiangfen, below 600 meters above sea level basically achieve "coal -free". Zero, the five -year improvement rate of the environmental air quality integrated index in the urban area is%, and the water quality of the nine national examination sections has all withdrawn from the inferior V. Major risks are effective to prevent and control, deepen the three -year operation of special safety production, and build the "top ten systems" of production safety management. There have been no major accidents in the city’s industrial and mining enterprises for 13 consecutive years, and the safety production situation is generally stable. The risk assets of the Clearance Agricultural Credit Society were 15.5 billion yuan, and the debt of Liming Investment Group’s due debts in 2020 and 20121 was 18.7 billion yuan. The special struggle for anti -crime and eliminating evils has been further advanced, and the overall situation of the social situation has remained harmonious and stable. In particular, in the face of sudden new crown pneumonia, it quickly constructed the "3+2" prevention and control system, implemented "three lines" management, and strengthened the "four management and control". Linfen’s confirmation cases in the province were the least in the province, and there were no local second -generation cases. The well -being of the people’s livelihood continues to increase the city’s appearance. Among them, a number of projects such as the widening and transformation of the North and South Street of Gulou in Linfen City, the widening and transformation of the liberation road, the Gulou West Street Lijiao Bridge, and the Jiefang Road Interchange Bridge have been completed and put into operation; more than 10 boutique demonstration streets are created with the spirit of craftsmen, and the pocket park and street garden are built. For seats, the city’s face value, temperament, and value are continuously rising; a total of 2.34 million square meters of demolition is completed, especially the illegal building such as the Demonstration of Liberation Road 54, the Pingyang Asset Management Committee, and the "Most Bull Nail House" in the second middle road. The support of cadres and the support of the whole society.

  Rural construction has accelerated. The establishment of 164 provincial -level improvement of rural human settlements, and the penetration rate of rural sanitary toilets reached 71%. Infrastructure is continuously improved.

Changlin, Huo Yong (Yonghe to Yonghe Guan Duan) was opened to traffic at a high speed, and Ji Ji, Lihuo, and floating high -speed construction were accelerated; in the province, the province was the first to realize the "double coverage" of pure electric taxis and buses in the urban area. "The bus brand has won the title of" National Excellent Cultural Brand "of the Ministry of Transport; the ecological landscape project of the Fenhe River Basin has been accelerated, and the safety conditions of the 1.62 million rural people’s drinking water are consolidated and improved. Social undertakings are fully developed. New (modified, expanded) 77 public kindergartens and 258 township boarding schools, and 17 counties (cities, districts) are all through the basis of the basic balanced development of compulsory education in the country and counties; The promotion of promotion is promoted in an orderly manner; the new campus of the School of Modern Arts and Sciences of Shanxi Normal University has been built and opened, laying a good foundation for the transfer work. Linfen City was identified as one of the first three pilot cities of the "National -level Health Emergency Comprehensive Pilot Zone" and 18 of the 18 demonstration cities of DRG paid. The comprehensive strength ranked among the first echelons in the country, and the construction of the "15 -minute medical circle" in the urban area was fully launched. The cultural benefit project was implemented in depth, and the municipal museums and libraries were successively opened.

Holding the Erqing Society of Frozen Skating, shooting flying saucer, karate, and the Chinese tennis tour, the "Zhao Ruizhu effect" continued to appear, and sports athletes such as Miao Wanru made great achievements in international and domestic competitions. The influence continues to expand. There are 320,000 new employment in cities and towns, and 10,000 people in rural labor transfer.

Created the "Linfen Technician" brand such as Fushan Chefs and Huaxiang Craftsmen.

Social insurance has expanded, and the multi -level housing security system is initially established.

Especially in the face of the strongest autumn flood since the meteorological record last year, Linfen organized rescue and disaster relief in a timely manner, and accurately and efficiently promoted post -disaster reconstruction. The provincial task was successfully completed. No one of the masses caused poverty due to the disaster and returned to poverty due to disasters. The experience and practice of the reconstruction of damaged houses in Linfen City was fully affirmed by Secretary Lin Wu of the Provincial Party Committee. What are the work arrangements for Linfen City in the next five years? In this regard, Li Yunfeng said in the report that the next five years will be a critical period for Linfen to promote high -quality development and achieve the rise of advanced positions. It is also a great opportunity for the new government officer to start a business. Therefore, we must seize the major times of entrepreneurship of the officer, and strengthen the confidence of straight aisle sprint, curve overtaking, and led the road, and continue to write a new chapter in Linfen, which promotes high -quality development on the Pingyang land! Our reporter Zhang Wenhua (responsible editor: Li Lin, Ma Yunmei).