Tianjin: Guaranteed to protect the prices of guarding the masses "vegetable basket"

Tianjin: Guaranteed to protect the prices of guarding the masses "vegetable basket"

  Xinhuanet Tianjin November 3 (Jinxin) learned from the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce that the price of vegetables in the near future is affected, and the price of vegetables in Tianjin also fluctuate. In order to "guarantee the stability", guard the "vegetable basket" of the people, Tianjin has been put on the city to put some government reserves for the city. Precision to put on the people’s livelihood vegetable insurance premium is an important people’s livelihood project, and the public’s basic life. The reserve of Tianjin is mainly conducted by some chain stores in the city food group and China Resources and the supermarket. Each putter is uniformly set up the "Municipal Government Reserve" logo, including potatoes, onions, melon and doll dishes. The price is lower than the market price.

At the same time, it will also be adjusted according to the actual sales needs of the market and the vegetable market, and the storage of the reserve vegetables will be adjusted in a timely adjustment. The stable market guarantee is in Tianjin Meichao, the first time to put the potatoes, onions, winter melons, big doll dishes, etc. In order to stabilize the market to ensure the supply, the relevant departments of Tianjin vigorously expand the exterior source, guiding the leading enterprises to play, actively do "vegetable basket" to guarantee the stability work.

As a state-owned food industry group directly under the national-funded system, Tianjin Food Group has been responsible for the people’s livelihood.

Since October 29th to 31st, the Group urgently transferred 100 tons of vegetables, including people’s livelihoods such as Chinese cabbage, cabbage to ensure vegetable varieties, and coordinate more than 60 tons of vegetables, and supplement the local market vegetable gap.

Later, more variety vegetables will arrive in the Tianjin market.

  Increase the price of the "vegetable basket" price will always affect the hearts of thousands of people.

In order to ensure the price of the citizen basket, Tianjin City is actively transferred to the field of vegetables into Jinjin, and the agricultural authorities are also actively organized and agriculturally and vegetables in autumn and winter, and some terrain leaves have entered the mining. After the date, it is expected to be listed in mid-November. The small dish basket is equipped with big people’s livelihood.

"At present, it is the time point of the Northern Production Zone and the vegetables in the southern production area. We actively expand the external source of supply and play the stable price role of leading enterprises, which has put on the reserves, which can increase the supply, boot the price, and stable place. The joint period of vegetable origin. "Liu Xitao, deputy director of the Market Operations of Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said. At the same time, in order to meet the consumer demand for fresh vegetables, Tianjin Food Group promptly grasps the price of vegetable market, unified procurement of the main variety vegetables, uniformly formulates sales prices, do a good job in vegetable reserves, smooth supply channels, currently asked the group system to sell vegetables prices Full down 5%, take the lead in prices, and go all out to do a good job in the supply of vegetables.

  This Tianjin reserve vegetable launching work will last until November 14, and 4,000 tons of vegetables are currently prepared.

During this time, the Municipal Commercial Bureau will monitor market sales in real time and regulate.

The 7th anniversary of the 7th anniversary of the Sanshui North Rotation Middle Line Engineering is over 44.1 billion cubic meters

The 7th anniversary of the 7th anniversary of the Sanshui North Rotation Middle Line Engineering is over 44.1 billion cubic meters

On December 12th, the 7th anniversary of the Water Transportation of the South Water and North Middle Railway Project, accumulated to the Northern water transfer of 44.1 billion cubic meters, directly benefiting from 79 million people. China’s water distribution and population, economy and other layouts are extremely matched: the Yangtze River Basin and its sub-area, water resources account for more than 80% of the national river runoff; the total population of Huanghuai Sea River domain accounts for 35% of the country, while water resources only account for only Nationwide%.

On December 12, 2014, the South Water North Middle Route Project of Tongshui, thoroughly changed this situation.

Over the past seven years, "South Water" has continued to water for 24 large and medium-sized cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, water supply in more than 190 counties.

At present, "South Water" accounts for 75% of the total water supply of Beijing, and the beneficial population exceeds 13 million; 14 main urban areas in Tianjin use "South Water", 12 million people benefit. "At the beginning of the plan, ‘South Water’ is the supplementary water source of the water area. Nowadays, it has become a major water source; when the water is just water, the beneficional population is 38 million, and now it is doubled." Shiyan City Nanshi Shuiyuan District Protection Center The person in charge said. In the past 7 years, the project has also conducted an ecological hydration of more than 50 rivers in the north, comprehensively helping the comprehensive management of groundwater super mining in North China and resuscitation of river lake ecological environment.

Under the "South Water", the Beijing groundwater level lasts for 5 years, and the rice rebounding rice at the end of 2015; the famous Baiyang Grand water is worth 5 million, the water quality of the Lake Heart is stable as four categories, reaching nearly 10 years Good level.

As the water source area, Shiyan City, Hubei Province is fully a "guarding person". Under the support of Beijing, we struggle to achieve ecological priority and green development. In the past seven years, the water quality of Danjiangkou reservoir has always reached or exceeded the two standards of surface water, and the water quality proportion of flowing into the channel has increased from 22% of 6 years to the current 82%. (Li Wencai, Ye Chengcheng) (Editor: Zhang Wei, Rongfangming) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The General Office of the State Council issued the "National Integrated Government Service Platform Mobile Construction Guide"

The General Office of the State Council issued the "National Integrated Government Service Platform Mobile Construction Guide"

November 12, on November 12, the General Office of the State Council issued the "National Integrated Administrative Platform Mobile Construction Guide" (hereinafter referred to as "Construction Guide"), further strengthening and regulating the national integrated government service platform mobile terminal construction, Promote the standardization, standardization construction and interconnection of various departments of various departments in all regions, and promote more government service issues online, and to make deployments. "Construction Guide" pointed out that it is necessary to guide the socialist thinking in Xi Jinping’s new era, adhere to the people-oriented thinking, adhere to the new development concept, and insist on promoting high quality development, surrounding the transformation of government functions, deepening " "Reform, continue to optimize the business environment, strengthen and standardize the national integrated government service platform mobile construction management, promote the standardization, standardization construction and interconnection of the various departments of various departments, standardize construction and interconnection, comprehensively improve the capacity and level of mobile government service, Maximum profits and enterprises.

"Construction Guide", before 2022, the province (autonomous region, municipality) and the departmental mobile government service application and the national government service platform mobile terminal "should be connected", "should be exhausted", mobile government service capacity is significantly improved The mobile terminal service system is formed as a national integrated platform for the national government service platform mobile terminal as the general hub. Realize the unity of mobile government service applications at all levels, the overall linkage, and the business coordinates.

"Construction Guide" clarifies the overall architecture of the national integrated platform mobile terminal. First, the hierarchical architecture of the national integrated platform mobile terminal includes the national government service platform mobile terminal, the State Council’s government service platform mobile terminal and provincial (autonomous region, municipalities) provincial government service platform mobile terminal.

The National Government Service Platform Mobile is the general hub of national mobile government service. The Department of State has no longer newly built independent government service platform mobile terminals, which should fully rely on the mobile side of the national government service platform. The State Council of the government service platform has been built, and the construction of the mobile government service application management system shall be accelerated to integrate and integrate the mobile government service application of this department. In principle, the relevant service application is connected to the national government service platform mobile terminal.

All regions fully utilize the national integrated platform support capabilities, integrate mobile government service resources in the region, and build the provincial government service platform mobile terminal. All regions provide mobile government service by the provincial government service platform mobile terminal.

Second, the technical architecture of the national integrated platform mobile terminal is mainly composed of basic support layers, application management and service providing layers, which clarifies basic functions such as mobile terminal infrastructure and public support, service application management, service providing. The Construction Guide deployed key tasks such as strengthening government service platform support capabilities, optimizing mobile service functions and methods. It is required to give full play to the national integrated platform support, in accordance with unified standards, unified list management, unified identity, unified data sharing, unified application management requirements, and promote standardization, standardization construction and synergy, integrated, integrated Serve.

The relevant departments of all regions and the State Council should further optimize the mobile phone function of the government and the masses, and continue to enrich the integrated set of food services and "scan code bright card", "a certificate", "no sense of universal" The application scenarios will take advantage of mobile Internet new technologies to continue to enhance the convenience of mobile government services. "Construction Guide" emphasizes that the organization leadership, strengthen operational protection, and improve assessment mechanisms, and improve safety guarantees. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of top design, organize advancement, overall coordination and supervision guidance of the national integrated platform mobile terminal construction in the unified leadership of the national integrated online government service platform.

The relevant departments of all regions and the State Council must establish a sound promotion mechanism for the construction management of the local government service platform mobile terminal construction management, formulate the mobile terminal construction plan of the government service platform and the docking plan of the national government service platform mobile terminal, speed up the promotion of the government service platform Standardization construction and standardization management.

URUMQI-voeding: gecombineerd met inspectie en bescherming van hoogzuivere aluminium productie basis elektriciteit

URUMQI-voeding: gecombineerd met inspectie en bescherming van hoogzuivere aluminium productie basis elektriciteit

"1006 vrouwelijke pallet Een fase is heet, er is een defect, de warmtegenererende temperatuur is ° C, normale fase-temperatuur – ° C.

"Op 17 februari, de National Network Urumqi Voeding Company City Northern Subsion Inspection Centre Personeel Qi Qixian, Yang Li voert infraroodtemperatuur in tijdens Xinjiang Zhonghe Co, Ltd., inspecteert de werking van belangrijke apparatuur in het substation," om "te bieden" Aangepaste service.

Er wordt gemeld dat om het leveren van de levering van elektriciteitsveiligheidsbeheer, samenwerking samen te leveren om belangrijke gebruikers veiligheidsrisico’s en elektriciteitsveiligheidsdiensten te bevorderen, een goed werk doen in "vier op zijn plaats" -beheer, voorkomt het risico van de levering, nationaal netwerk Urumqi-stroom Leveringsbedrijf en belangrijke gebruikers Gezamenlijke inspectie Het werk is volledig gelanceerd.

Xinjiang Zhonghe Co., Ltd. is de eerste stop van deze gezamenlijke inspectie. Het high-pure aluminium van het bedrijf, elektronische aluminiumfolie en andere producten zijn op grote schaal gebruikt op het gebied van nationale grote apparatuurproductie, ruimtevaart en andere gebieden, en is ‘s werelds grootste high-pure aluminium productie-base, en de aluminiumproductie van hoge zuiverheid is 10.000 ton.

Op dezelfde dag kwamen de National Network Urumqi-voeding Company City North Change Center Test, onderhoud, DC en onderhoud en andere professionals gezamenlijk naar Xinjiang Zhongxian en Co., Ltd. om de bedieningsmodus en de werkomstandigheden van elektrische apparatuur te begrijpen , en uitrusting in het station. Een volledige inspectie wordt uitgevoerd voor 110 kV in het station, en de 10 kV hogedrukschakelapparatuur is oud, de apparatuurkoorts ontbreekt, en de verwerking van testplaten, enz. Vervolgens blijft het National Network Urumqi Power Supply Company een gezamenlijke inspectie van 176 huishoudelijke gebruikers doorgaan, controleer de werking van de apparatuur van belangrijke gebruikers in alle richtingen en stelt verborgen gevaren voor om de verborgen gevaren te rechtzetten. Nadat alle inspecties zijn voltooid, vormt u een inspectierapport en geeft het follow-upwerk van verborgen gevaren, "aangepaste diensten" en beschermen volledig belangrijke gebruikers met betrouwbare elektriciteit, instantie.

(Sun Xuetong, Yang Li) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Russische experts: US "Democary Summit" is in de wereld in de wereld om nieuwe splitslijnen te tekenen

Russische experts: US "Democary Summit" is in de wereld in de wereld om nieuwe splitslijnen te tekenen

  Xinhua News Agency, Moskou, 6 december (Reporter Huadi) Russisch Strategisch Ontwikkeling Fonds Expert Committee President Igier Satrov, zei in een schriftelijk interview met Xinhua News Agency, de Verenigde Staten namen de zogenaamde "Leading The Summit". Een nieuwe splitlijn in de wereld.

  Satrov zei dat deze "Summit" tot doel heeft een nieuw platform aan te kondigen dat volledig wordt gecontroleerd door de Verenigde Staten, probeert de wereld in verschillende kampen te verdelen, duidelijk nieuwe splitlijnen te tekenen. Satrov is van mening dat de Verenigde Staten een ander doel van de zogenaamde "top van de mensen" zijn "bepalen wie het vijandige land is dat ze denken." Hij benadrukte dat de oorspronkelijke bedoeling van de "Summit" in de Verenigde Staten is om zijn "geopolitieke tegenstanders en concurrenten" te verzetten.

  In Satrov vormen de Verenigde Staten een ernstige nieuwe uitdaging voor de wereld. Tegelijkertijd betekent dit ook dat de Verenigde Staten de nieuwe "koude oorlog" willen verklaren in de landen die verschillende perspectieven hebben.

  Satrov wees ook op dat de democratie van de VS een diepe systematische crisis ervaart, omdat "het kapitalisme (vitaliteit) is uitgeput en is tot het einde van hun eigen logica gekomen."

  "De hedendaagse wereld is niet beperkt tot het model van de Western Democracy. Veel landen zoeken actief nieuwe ontwikkelingsmodellen, of economische modellen of politieke modellen, en deze modellen zijn gebaseerd op hun respectieve waarden en tradities, deze modi zijn grotendeels voldoet aan de belangen van de meeste mensen.

"Zei Satrov.

  Satrio zei ook dat in overeenstemming met nationale waarden en traditionele landen zich ook moeten verenigen om hun respectieve waarden te verdedigen.

(Editor: XU XIANGLI, YAN WEI) Deel meer mensen om te zien.

Shanghai’s First District Staff Innovation Studio Alliance gevestigd

Shanghai’s First District Staff Innovation Studio Alliance gevestigd

De Alliance ontving 18 Labory Innovation Studios in de wijk, 2 City Craftsman Innovation Studios, 2 City Medewerker Innovation Studios, 6 stadstechnici, innovatieve studio’s, 5 City Handdoek Innovation Studios, enz. 33 Innovatieve studio’s sluiten aan, over medisch vermijding, onderwijs, architectuur , Eten, eigendom, elektronica, communautaire governance, telecommunicatie, kunst, thuis en groenen en andere industrie?n. Onder de 33 studio’s waren er 7 nationale arbeidsmodellen, 11 personen in Shanghai en 11 ambachtslieden op alle niveaus.

Bij de etablissementsceremonie, Wang Cheng, een leider van het nationale arbeidsmodel, de Wang Cheng Home Design Service, de innovatieve studio, heeft de "verklaring van de Xuhui District Innovation Studio Alliance" uitgebracht, versterkte de "vier jaar, drie gewricht, vijf Innovatie "League Hoofdidee," Gebouw, delen, win-win, en totaal "is de richtlijnen, benadrukt de koppeling, innovatie en innovatie en talenttraining, maximalisering van elke innovatiestudio in technologie-innovatie, managementinnovatie, service-innovatie, de demonstratie Als gevolg van institutionele innovatie en uitgebreide innovatie is de ontwikkeling van de kwaliteit en benadrukt de kwaliteit van de hoge kwaliteit van Xuhui. 33 leiders toonden een belangrijke inhoud, zoals zakelijke expertise, technische voordelen en hulpbronnenkarakteristieken van werknemers. Naast de gelegenheid van internationale vrijwilligers zijn 33 innovatieve studio’s lid geworden van het DUHUI-district "na het werkmodel om vrijwilliger te maken" Werkmodel Volm. De nieuwe lijst is toegevoegd aan de zeven categorie?n van 70 service-inhoud.

Volgens de relevante persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor de Districtsfederatie van de Xuhui District van vakbonden, zal de Studio Alliance actief meer studio absorberen, laat het alliantie "meer", en gezamenlijk leren van allerlei Lianzhi Lianxian, gezamenlijk leren, wederzijdse hulp en Andere kanalen en platforms, die voortdurend elke innovatieve studio en wederzijdse innovatie inspireren, en zelfs de algehele innovatiecapaciteit, verbeteren innovatie, verbeteren innovatie en markeer innovatie en laat de competitie "instroom".

The real situation of Xinjiang ethnic minority residents crushed "race extinction" lies

The real situation of Xinjiang ethnic minority residents crushed "race extinction" lies

  Xinhua News Agency Urumqi November 18 (Reporter Hao Yu) During each birth inspection, Kurai Khan Leaf Race is always careful to close the ear close to the fetal heart monitor, silently count the baby’s heartbeat, one, two, Three … The fetal heart is stable. For ordinary women living in Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Changji, I will usher in my third child, on November 17th Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Special press conference, Kula Khan said: "The happiest thing in life is to meet the arrival of new life.

"In the face of the beautiful Western anti-China power repeated speculation, there is a so-called" genocide "lie in Xinjiang. In the past period, more and more local minority residents are willing to actively speak, and they have crushed this lie in personnel. They said that the people of Xinjiang Family happiness, life harmony, bullying lies vulnerability, destined to become an international community laughter.

  Kurai Khan and her husband have two well-behaved daughters, I learned that after she was pregnant, her husband went out of her house, and she was carefully arranged in a baby room and prepared to wait for new members of the family. It is said that the "healthy cost", Kurai Khan frankly says that "the pressure is not big": "The doll is not a lot of time," Teacher, the teacher is also very responsible, give us a lot of hearts. " Like Karaim, there are more and more minority families in Xinjiang choose "two children" "three children", and the number of minority populations has grown steadily. Public data shows that in 1953, the Xinjiang minority population was 10,000 people, including the Uighur population; in 2010, it increased to 10,000 people, including the Uighur population of 10,000; 2020 compared with 2010, minority population increased Thousands of people, for all, in which the Uyghur population is 10,000.

  At the same time, the number of population populations is growing, and the quality of population is also increasing. Looking at the simulation courts and self-confident daughters, the Aleti area Fu Yunxian residents in the Estate of the Xianpi is proud of the pride. His daughter Aquious Yumi is a student of Xinjiang University Law School.

"After reading the university, the dream of the judge is nearly one step.

"Urchouli said.

  In recent years, the Governments at all levels at Xinjiang continue to increase investment, ensuring that each child will enjoy equal access rights. The seventh national census data in 2020 shows that the average education year of Xinjiang’s 15-year-old population is the year, hosted in China, higher than the national average. Uighur 15 years old and above the population of education is the year.

The population of university cultures in Xinjiang has a population of 1,6536. The Uyghur is 8944 people with university cultural levels every 100,000 people. The host Hirai, the host, said that data and facts fully reflect the founding of New China, and the number of population population in Xinjiang has continued to increase, and the degree of education is continuously improved. In front of the iron, the US Western anti-China power is not destined to be demonstrated.

Resolutely hit the rectification cross-border online gambling activities

Resolutely hit the rectification cross-border online gambling activities

  This newspaper Beijing July 12 (Reporter Zhang Wei) State Councilor, Minister of Public Security, Zhao Kezhi, presided over Beijing on the 12th, and studied deployment to prevent the fight against cross-border online gambling activities.

He emphasizes that in-depth study of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, enhance the "four awareness", firm "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", against the people’s people reflect strong cross-border online gambling problem, improve ideas Understanding, strengthening work measures, resolutely hits the rectification of cross-border online gambling activities, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China with excellent results.

  Zhao Kezhi demanded that it is necessary to organize special actions to fight against cross-border online gambling crimes, concentrate on investigation of a group of organizational exit gambling, using the Internet to open casinos, etc., destroy a group of overseas casinos in our country Gambling and use the network to open a casino criminal organization, combating a group of "underground Qianzhuang" and network payment platform for crimes such as cross-border online gambling, and take a group of domestic networks that provide technical support for cross-border online gambling crimes. Operators and companies form a powerful shock on cross-border online gambling activities.

It is necessary to strengthen the ban on ban gambling international law enforcement cooperation, and cooperate with cross-border gambling crimes. To form a working force, pay close attention to the implementation of responsibility, and ensure that the fight against the fight against rectification is effective. (Editor: Feng grain, Yuan Bo) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The first community party committee of Shenzhen is established in Longgang District

The first community party committee of Shenzhen is established in Longgang District

Original title: The first community party committee of the city established the spirit of the Plenary Session and entered the grassroots preaching activities on December 9th, the party’s 19th China Plenary Session of the Grand Party Preaching Activity and Longgang District Four Seasons Flower City Community Party Committee Special Corps Established Ceremony in Putian Street Hold, officially opened the prelude of the grassroots, in the 19th National Plenary Session of Shenzhen, into the community preaching.

  Among the activities, the Tamada Street Four Seasons Huacheng Community Party Committee is officially unveiled.

It is reported that this is the first community party committee of the city. There are 22 specialty lecturers and lecturers, including community leading cadres, business backbone, medical doctors, community leaders, school teacher experts, excellent typical representatives.

The Teacher Group will organize the implementation of major subject preaching activities in the future, carry out the school-level people’s preaching activities, and promote the in-service and educational education of party members and cadres, consciously undertake the banner, gather the mission of the people, the newcomers, Xing culture, and the mission of the exhibition. Theoretical popularity, ideological guidance, agglomerate consensus, etc. exert unique advantages and role. The municipal party committee propaganda group member, the second-level inspector of the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, and the Director of the Shenzhen Innovation Creative Design Development Office Han Wang like a special counseling report and the demonstration preaching. It is understood that this year, Shenzhen took the lead in completing the construction of the District Party Committee and the establishment of the District Party Committee, 11 districts (New District, Cooperative District) established a specialized american preaching agency and work team; will fully and accurately speaking, vivid and lively Organic combined, promoting the spirit of the Plenary, a household, deeply rooted, and promoting the party’s innovative theory "Flying into the home". (Reporter Han Wenjia correspondent Nie Yu) (Editor: Zhang Chen Mu, Chen Yizhu).

Right River District: On the mountains, "gold" chicken, rush, become a "gathering treasure basin"

Right River District: On the mountains, "gold" chicken, rush, become a "gathering treasure basin"

On December 10, in the Haiyu Township, Wang Yao, Wangsian, Baise City, won the chicken core area, 46-year-old, universal Huang Dajun cleaned and cleaned up in the chop as usual. "2020 village collective economic income is 10,000 yuan, as of now, 2021 village collective economic income has reached 10,000 yuan." The secretary of the village party secretary said excitedly. Developing and growing village-level collective economy is an important way to improve rural appearance. It is also an important way to promote rural residence.

During the visibility of the hi-rural village The chicken demonstration area has opened up a rolling road in the ridiculous mountain. The annual feasant chicken is more than 1 million feathers. The collective economy "empty shell village" has become "industrial village", 2019, 2020 in "rural residence "Wushu" was rated as a prosperous Hongqi Village in the country for two consecutive years. Party members lead to "gold" chicken, and the wild mountain becomes "gathering" "There is no stable income at home, only to go out." This is the dilemma of the villagers.

If you want to keep the villagers at home, the development of the industry is the key, but the hometown has no location advantage, and there is no resource advantage, and it is a wild mountain.

How to develop? What is the development of development? It has always been a big problem in the village and villagers. Village collective economic development needs to lead people.

The rural party branch focuses on improving the management level, adopting the "Branch + Joint Society + Farmers" model full coverage, strengthen the leadership of the party branch to the leadership of the Joint Society (collective economic organization), let poor households participate in the Jedi (collective economic organization) In the management management; strive to achieve party members’ enrichment and poor households to help the help full cover, give full play to the role of party members to get rich, through "a one" or "one more", and finish the poverty Subs, support and help in terms of funds, technology, employment. As of 2020, there were 112 farmers, 115 farming collections, 70,000 feathers from the beginning of the rapids to now Wan Yu, 2020, the per capita income of the whole village farmers reached 10,500 yuan, including the chicken income under the forest 5,600 yuan, the walnuts of the past in the past have become the "gathering treasure" that is now rich in the masses. Today, the forest and chicken industry has become a hi-rural pillar industry.

The group has developed the "New Bureau", and the small chicken seedlings hatched the big industry "alone is not spring, Wanhua Qi Spring Festival".

I would like to carry out the "Catholic Exchange" in the village-level position, regularly convene a villager conference or a villager convention, let the party members’ farmers "on-site statement", and the party members combined with the actual experience and skills of the development of the chicken under the forest, interact with the masses Q & A, guiding the villagers to develop the chicken under the forest. At the same time, the "forest class" is opened in the field of the chicken base in the forest, inviting the farmers, the masses to visit the study, organize professional technicians and farmers to explain farming technology, promote farming experience, and track farmers guide.

In addition, mobilizing party members, group Changjin Village, mobilizing the poor of "Double Qian" to help subsidized, will "double thousand" funds for purchase of chicken seedlings to the demonstration area to join the breeding, promote poverty, and radiate Driven, Liu Pu, Shahong and other surrounding villages, 500 farmers, the development of hugs to develop chickens. "Like my age, no one is going to work, I can’t do it, I can’t do it. I am helpless at home. Everyone is helpful, and there is too much to work. Every year is 2-30,000 yuan, pretty good. "Huang Dajun said that since the village has created this camwell industry in the village-level collective economic forest, he has raised a chicken for three years.

Enterprises link "production and sales chain", industry development promotes the development of villages to develop, the masses should get rich.

The "four-link law" of the rural party branch is organized, the work link, the industry is jointly established, and the construction of the hometown-centered forest-centered chicken industry park is based on the "Branch of the Party Branch." Base continitive farmers "is the development model, the industrial park is divided into" five districts and one center ", open party members and villagers’ conferences, and jointly consult a solution to formulate solutions, introduce Hua Run Wufeng Co., Ltd., and implement" Joint Party Committee + Lead Enterprise + Joint agency + farmers "farming model, farmer’s labor, venue, responsible for raising chicken, company is responsible for providing chicken seedlings, feed and technical guidance, signing purchase and sales contract with farmers, ordering production, gradually forming a unified planning, unified A farming, unified sales industrial chain, incorporating a "strong intent needle" for the masses into the breeding ranks, and continuously expand the scale of hometown of hometown. While the village-level collective economy "more flowers", it also provides employment positions for some idle labor in the village. "I am going to work in this base. The monthly salary can incorporate more than 2,000 yuan, close to home and not tired, come to work at noon to eat at noon, can also take care of home income, very good.

"The villagers in the base, Wei Xiuping, is being told to make a vaccine to the chicken.

When it comes to future development planning, Su Yuanyou said that the hometown will further inspire the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the majority of rural party members and cadres, and strive to create a municipal-level standardized ecological broiler breeding demonstration area, drive, promote agricultural increasing production, farmers’ income, provide village-level collective economic development Reliable guarantee. (Huang Bai, Wang Mang) (Editor: Chen Lulu, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.