Russia: Germany suspend certification "Nord Stream

Russia: Germany suspend certification "Nord Stream

  For the German energy regulator – the German Federal Network Agency announced the suspension of 16 "Nord Stream 2" gas operators regarding the accreditation process, 17 responded that the Russian side does not believe the matter involves political factors.

  Russian presidential press secretary Peskov 17, said, "North Stream-2" natural gas operator qualification program is a "complex process" Russia does not think the decision behind German regulators to suspend certification involves political factors.

Russian companies are ready to meet all legal requirements for the project to start as soon as possible. Peskov also said that "Nord Stream-2" project is very important for Russia and European consumers, both parties should remain patient. We need to be patient, we are convinced that "North Stream-2" project is very important for Europe, is very important to us and European consumers, the next thing depends on the regulator’s decision, we can not interfere. "Nord Stream 2" gas pipeline from Russia to Germany via the Baltic seabed, can bypass Ukraine to transport Russian gas to Germany and other European countries.

But only if the operator is to obtain the approval of the German Federal Network Agency. It is reported that, even though the "Nord Stream 2" gas operators to qualify for certification, the European Commission should be reviewed, the review time or up to 4 months.

Take a dream as horse, the new red flag uses strength to let the feelings

Take a dream as horse, the new red flag uses strength to let the feelings

On September 28th, "The flag is red, the new trip" – Hongqi HS7, HS5, H5 rejuvenation is listed.

New red flag announced, 2022 red flag HS7 official guide price is 10,000 yuan, Hongqi HS5 official guide price is 10,000 yuan, Hongqi H5 official guidance price is 10,000 yuan. The addition is not increased, the new red flag is new and new, and the consumption is full of sincerity.

In the revitalization ceremony, Chen Xu, general manager of FAW Hongqi Auto Sales Co., Ltd., announced that the new Hongqi’s 2021 cumulative sales will be more than 200,000, which reaches this milestone node in recent 2020. With a dream, the new red flag is constantly increasing strength, let the feelings fall. Courage the mission, let the feelings for the people, "Hongqi" is not only a car brand, but also a deep feelings.

For FAW, Hongqi is a strong responsibility and a heavy mission.

In the historical development of more than 60 years, the Hongqi brand has passed through the wind and rain, but always sticking to the initial heart, and it is going forward.

In particular, Xu Li Ping has been in charge of China FAW. He led FAW people to carry out the reform of the big knife, while breaking, the revival of Hongqi brand has created a new development opportunity. At the beginning of 2018, the Hongqi brand issued a new strategy to build "China’s first, world famous" "new noble brand". "New Hongqi, let the ideal flying, let the dream come true!" Under the new strategic guidance, Hongqi brand deep tillage technology, rich product lineup, improve product strength, plus the innovative marketing method of exciting emotions resonate, let Hongqi brand development road Yue Yue people, the sales volume broke through all the way.

Looking back on December 25, 2020, the sales of Hongqi brand reached 200,000, achieving 42 times the growth of the new "flag" in 3 years.

In 2021, the chip supply crisis continued, and the epidemic was repeatedly invaded, which brought huge challenges to the entire automotive industry. The new red flag is required, strengthens supply collaboration and logistics formation, stimulating potential, and do its utmost to meet customer orders. It is not expected that the new red flag will exceed 200,000 vehicles in advance in advance.

Another prove, only strength, can you let your feelings.

Chen Xu represents the new red flag brand and expresses deep gratitude to customers.

"Everything for customers, everything serves customers, all modest to customers" is the idea and commitment of new red flags, and commitment to "beautiful life, wonderful travel", new red flag will unremittingly pursue casting brands and customers Intimate connection. Rejuvenation, all for consumers under the new strategic guidelines, Hongqi brand continuously improve the product matrix, optimize product structure, from the car to SUV, from the gasoline car to the electric vehicle to fully layout, cover multiple segments. "Double 5 Double 9" constitutes a "double ship double star" product matrix, H7, HS7 is unique, E-HS9 has become a high-end pure tram type new flagship.

After one to two years of precipitation, the red flag H5, HS5, HS7 three models have become the backbone of the new red flag product matrix, winning customers’ love and trust.

Today, these three hot-selling models are newly upgraded, both the strength of the new red flag production technology accumulated, but also to meet the new needs of the customer’s new demand.

This new, Hongqi HS7 added "quantum silver gray" appearance color, new 20-inch ring, model exclusive identification, and interior color choice is more abundant; on safe aid configuration, active brake, automatic lane deviation correction, adaptive The remote optical function is super-equipped with the model and the above models, and adds a new sense trunk function. Red Flag HS5 optimizes the forward gas grille, add two new style hubs; new pomegranate red interior coloring; the driver intelligent network system is upgraded to the version; in addition, in the blocking area, the driving mode selection switch and One-button start button and other details are optimized.

2022 red flag H5 updated the front headlight details, 19 inch rims, smoked tail light; the original gray upgrade is ivory white color, and add pomegranate red color matching; intelligent network system upgrade to version; chestname model All superior induction truss, reversing image function. New Red Flag has been rewarding customers with better products. Every time you go out, every rejg, new red flag does not change to our customers, making customers a better life.

Slim, in fact, the user-centered truth, the new red flag can be fiercely in the way, behind the success, inseparable from its "user-centered" concept.

In recent years, new red flag has been closer and closer, it knows where the user is, what the user wants, know how to connect the user together. New Hongqi continues to innovate marketing concept, with cultural IP and other cultural IPs such as the Forbidden City, Liang Zhu, Dunhuang, injecting their cultural confidence into the construction of national industrial brands, stimulating consumers’ emotional identity, and realizing the two-way empowerment of traditional culture and national brands . In addition, whether it is the Hongqi Carnival, establish intimate contact with the red flag fans; or build a "flagship alliance", build a cross-industry national brand ecotrial circle, none of the "user-centered", the initial heart of users, New Red Flag is a double harvest of sales and reputation for Red Flags by letting more users have real participation, brand belonging and identity. On September 10, New Red Flag won the medal athletes at this year’s Tokyo Olympic Games, respects the red flag H9 product or use rights, and signed a cooperation agreement with the National Sports General Administration Winter Sports Management Center, which has become a Chinese snowman national team and steel frame. The Strategic Partner of the Car National Team, Sleigh National Team, helped 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and delivered a domestic snowman equipment developed by FAW Red Flag, Aerospace Science and Technology.

Actions speak louder than words.

The new red flag has proved to action, and the national brand must not only be excellent products, innovative marketing, intimate service, but also to be the family of customers. With consumers, the flag is red.

The "14th Five-Year Plan" started, the Hongqi brand is in the unprecedented development speed, and the new "Flag" is written. (Liu Fangyu).

Sniot: 起 袖 收 忙 干 干 干 心

Sniot: 起 袖 收 忙 干 干 干 心

Recently, as the weather is clear, in the film of the hidden town, the town party members cadres are coming back to shuttle, this is handling and playing machine, cutting rice, there is a sweeping field, pushing the valley, full of dry The group grabs the picture of the autumn grain.

Murana, Mary Group, Dongling Village, is nearly 50 years old this year. Because of its own and an old man, although there is a weather in the family, Liang Yuqiu is still in the nearly 2 acres of rice. After the Dooling Village Party Branch, the party members in the Missimi Village were helped. "Although there are few this year, if there is no village to help, I am very difficult to finish rice this year, I really thank them" Liang Yuqiu said.

In the past few days, in order to grab the rain "empty window" harvest rice, reduce the loss of rainfall to the masses, ensure that the particles return to the warehouse, and the party branches of Major Town give full play to the exemplary role of party members. Before, the charge is helpless, Poor families seize autumn grains, and publicize food science storage and other means, actively organize "rushing autumn grain, granules" theme party day activities, guide the masses to grab the opportunity to receive autumn grains, so that the autumn harvest autumn is unrest, Trouble in order.

"The smile of the masses is our greatest comfort. It can be practical for the father and old folks. It is the unvethatic glory of the Communist Party member. In the future, we will continue to flutter the party flag in the places you need." Wang Ping, a branch of the Major Town Machine. Through the joint efforts of the party members of the 10th Party branch of the town and villages, the Town has helped 19 poor households to complete nearly 30 acres of autumn grain.

Next, all party members and cadres in Major Town will continue to grab the festival, grab the autumn harvest, Baofu grain, and fully promote the autumn harvest, and complete the autumn work for the quality and quantity.

(Shanshan County Heading Media Center is supplied) (Editor: Chen Jingjing, Chen Kangqing).

Tianjin: Guaranteed to protect the prices of guarding the masses "vegetable basket"

Tianjin: Guaranteed to protect the prices of guarding the masses "vegetable basket"

  Xinhuanet Tianjin November 3 (Jinxin) learned from the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce that the price of vegetables in the near future is affected, and the price of vegetables in Tianjin also fluctuate. In order to "guarantee the stability", guard the "vegetable basket" of the people, Tianjin has been put on the city to put some government reserves for the city. Precision to put on the people’s livelihood vegetable insurance premium is an important people’s livelihood project, and the public’s basic life. The reserve of Tianjin is mainly conducted by some chain stores in the city food group and China Resources and the supermarket. Each putter is uniformly set up the "Municipal Government Reserve" logo, including potatoes, onions, melon and doll dishes. The price is lower than the market price.

At the same time, it will also be adjusted according to the actual sales needs of the market and the vegetable market, and the storage of the reserve vegetables will be adjusted in a timely adjustment. The stable market guarantee is in Tianjin Meichao, the first time to put the potatoes, onions, winter melons, big doll dishes, etc. In order to stabilize the market to ensure the supply, the relevant departments of Tianjin vigorously expand the exterior source, guiding the leading enterprises to play, actively do "vegetable basket" to guarantee the stability work.

As a state-owned food industry group directly under the national-funded system, Tianjin Food Group has been responsible for the people’s livelihood.

Since October 29th to 31st, the Group urgently transferred 100 tons of vegetables, including people’s livelihoods such as Chinese cabbage, cabbage to ensure vegetable varieties, and coordinate more than 60 tons of vegetables, and supplement the local market vegetable gap.

Later, more variety vegetables will arrive in the Tianjin market.

  Increase the price of the "vegetable basket" price will always affect the hearts of thousands of people.

In order to ensure the price of the citizen basket, Tianjin City is actively transferred to the field of vegetables into Jinjin, and the agricultural authorities are also actively organized and agriculturally and vegetables in autumn and winter, and some terrain leaves have entered the mining. After the date, it is expected to be listed in mid-November. The small dish basket is equipped with big people’s livelihood.

"At present, it is the time point of the Northern Production Zone and the vegetables in the southern production area. We actively expand the external source of supply and play the stable price role of leading enterprises, which has put on the reserves, which can increase the supply, boot the price, and stable place. The joint period of vegetable origin. "Liu Xitao, deputy director of the Market Operations of Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said. At the same time, in order to meet the consumer demand for fresh vegetables, Tianjin Food Group promptly grasps the price of vegetable market, unified procurement of the main variety vegetables, uniformly formulates sales prices, do a good job in vegetable reserves, smooth supply channels, currently asked the group system to sell vegetables prices Full down 5%, take the lead in prices, and go all out to do a good job in the supply of vegetables.

  This Tianjin reserve vegetable launching work will last until November 14, and 4,000 tons of vegetables are currently prepared.

During this time, the Municipal Commercial Bureau will monitor market sales in real time and regulate.

Russische experts: US "Democary Summit" is in de wereld in de wereld om nieuwe splitslijnen te tekenen

Russische experts: US "Democary Summit" is in de wereld in de wereld om nieuwe splitslijnen te tekenen

  Xinhua News Agency, Moskou, 6 december (Reporter Huadi) Russisch Strategisch Ontwikkeling Fonds Expert Committee President Igier Satrov, zei in een schriftelijk interview met Xinhua News Agency, de Verenigde Staten namen de zogenaamde "Leading The Summit". Een nieuwe splitlijn in de wereld.

  Satrov zei dat deze "Summit" tot doel heeft een nieuw platform aan te kondigen dat volledig wordt gecontroleerd door de Verenigde Staten, probeert de wereld in verschillende kampen te verdelen, duidelijk nieuwe splitlijnen te tekenen. Satrov is van mening dat de Verenigde Staten een ander doel van de zogenaamde "top van de mensen" zijn "bepalen wie het vijandige land is dat ze denken." Hij benadrukte dat de oorspronkelijke bedoeling van de "Summit" in de Verenigde Staten is om zijn "geopolitieke tegenstanders en concurrenten" te verzetten.

  In Satrov vormen de Verenigde Staten een ernstige nieuwe uitdaging voor de wereld. Tegelijkertijd betekent dit ook dat de Verenigde Staten de nieuwe "koude oorlog" willen verklaren in de landen die verschillende perspectieven hebben.

  Satrov wees ook op dat de democratie van de VS een diepe systematische crisis ervaart, omdat "het kapitalisme (vitaliteit) is uitgeput en is tot het einde van hun eigen logica gekomen."

  "De hedendaagse wereld is niet beperkt tot het model van de Western Democracy. Veel landen zoeken actief nieuwe ontwikkelingsmodellen, of economische modellen of politieke modellen, en deze modellen zijn gebaseerd op hun respectieve waarden en tradities, deze modi zijn grotendeels voldoet aan de belangen van de meeste mensen.

"Zei Satrov.

  Satrio zei ook dat in overeenstemming met nationale waarden en traditionele landen zich ook moeten verenigen om hun respectieve waarden te verdedigen.

(Editor: XU XIANGLI, YAN WEI) Deel meer mensen om te zien.

The real situation of Xinjiang ethnic minority residents crushed "race extinction" lies

The real situation of Xinjiang ethnic minority residents crushed "race extinction" lies

  Xinhua News Agency Urumqi November 18 (Reporter Hao Yu) During each birth inspection, Kurai Khan Leaf Race is always careful to close the ear close to the fetal heart monitor, silently count the baby’s heartbeat, one, two, Three … The fetal heart is stable. For ordinary women living in Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Changji, I will usher in my third child, on November 17th Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Special press conference, Kula Khan said: "The happiest thing in life is to meet the arrival of new life.

"In the face of the beautiful Western anti-China power repeated speculation, there is a so-called" genocide "lie in Xinjiang. In the past period, more and more local minority residents are willing to actively speak, and they have crushed this lie in personnel. They said that the people of Xinjiang Family happiness, life harmony, bullying lies vulnerability, destined to become an international community laughter.

  Kurai Khan and her husband have two well-behaved daughters, I learned that after she was pregnant, her husband went out of her house, and she was carefully arranged in a baby room and prepared to wait for new members of the family. It is said that the "healthy cost", Kurai Khan frankly says that "the pressure is not big": "The doll is not a lot of time," Teacher, the teacher is also very responsible, give us a lot of hearts. " Like Karaim, there are more and more minority families in Xinjiang choose "two children" "three children", and the number of minority populations has grown steadily. Public data shows that in 1953, the Xinjiang minority population was 10,000 people, including the Uighur population; in 2010, it increased to 10,000 people, including the Uighur population of 10,000; 2020 compared with 2010, minority population increased Thousands of people, for all, in which the Uyghur population is 10,000.

  At the same time, the number of population populations is growing, and the quality of population is also increasing. Looking at the simulation courts and self-confident daughters, the Aleti area Fu Yunxian residents in the Estate of the Xianpi is proud of the pride. His daughter Aquious Yumi is a student of Xinjiang University Law School.

"After reading the university, the dream of the judge is nearly one step.

"Urchouli said.

  In recent years, the Governments at all levels at Xinjiang continue to increase investment, ensuring that each child will enjoy equal access rights. The seventh national census data in 2020 shows that the average education year of Xinjiang’s 15-year-old population is the year, hosted in China, higher than the national average. Uighur 15 years old and above the population of education is the year.

The population of university cultures in Xinjiang has a population of 1,6536. The Uyghur is 8944 people with university cultural levels every 100,000 people. The host Hirai, the host, said that data and facts fully reflect the founding of New China, and the number of population population in Xinjiang has continued to increase, and the degree of education is continuously improved. In front of the iron, the US Western anti-China power is not destined to be demonstrated.

The first community party committee of Shenzhen is established in Longgang District

The first community party committee of Shenzhen is established in Longgang District

Original title: The first community party committee of the city established the spirit of the Plenary Session and entered the grassroots preaching activities on December 9th, the party’s 19th China Plenary Session of the Grand Party Preaching Activity and Longgang District Four Seasons Flower City Community Party Committee Special Corps Established Ceremony in Putian Street Hold, officially opened the prelude of the grassroots, in the 19th National Plenary Session of Shenzhen, into the community preaching.

  Among the activities, the Tamada Street Four Seasons Huacheng Community Party Committee is officially unveiled.

It is reported that this is the first community party committee of the city. There are 22 specialty lecturers and lecturers, including community leading cadres, business backbone, medical doctors, community leaders, school teacher experts, excellent typical representatives.

The Teacher Group will organize the implementation of major subject preaching activities in the future, carry out the school-level people’s preaching activities, and promote the in-service and educational education of party members and cadres, consciously undertake the banner, gather the mission of the people, the newcomers, Xing culture, and the mission of the exhibition. Theoretical popularity, ideological guidance, agglomerate consensus, etc. exert unique advantages and role. The municipal party committee propaganda group member, the second-level inspector of the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, and the Director of the Shenzhen Innovation Creative Design Development Office Han Wang like a special counseling report and the demonstration preaching. It is understood that this year, Shenzhen took the lead in completing the construction of the District Party Committee and the establishment of the District Party Committee, 11 districts (New District, Cooperative District) established a specialized american preaching agency and work team; will fully and accurately speaking, vivid and lively Organic combined, promoting the spirit of the Plenary, a household, deeply rooted, and promoting the party’s innovative theory "Flying into the home". (Reporter Han Wenjia correspondent Nie Yu) (Editor: Zhang Chen Mu, Chen Yizhu).

The actual use of foreign capital growth in May is 35.4% year-on-year.

The actual use of foreign capital growth in May is 35.4% year-on-year.

This newspaper Beijing June 20 (Reporter Luo Shanshan) reporter recently learned from the Ministry of Commerce: From January to May this year, my country’s actual use of foreign capital is 481 billion yuan, the year-on-year increase%, which increased in 2019.

The number of companies in China to invest in Industrial has maintained a substantial growth. From January to May, 18,497 new foreign investment companies were set up, and the year-on-year increased increased in the same period in 2019.

According to the branch, the actual use of the service industry is 381.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth. The actual use of high-tech industries has increased by year-on-year growth, of which high-tech service industry has grown by 25%.

From the perspective source, "a belt all the way" along the country, ASEAN, and the EU actual investment increased by 56%, and% year-on-year. According to the subregion, the actual use of foreign capital in the east, central and western China increases by 37%, 36% and% respectively.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, this year, my country’s absorption foreign investment has achieved rapid growth, especially the number of newly established foreign investment companies, and foreign investors continue to optimize the development prospects of China’s economy and the huge potential of the Chinese market. Recently, the "2021 Business Confidence Survey" report released by the China EU Chamber shows that 73% of companies have achieved profit last year, about 68% of companies have optimistic about the business prospects in the industry, 60 % Of the company planned this year to expand its business size in China, 1/4 companies are or will soon strengthen supply chain construction in China. Instructions including European companies include actual actions, China is still an important destination for global foreign investment. Next, the Ministry of Commerce will continue to promote the construction of a high-level open platform, expand the service guarantee of foreign investment market access, strengthen key foreign investment enterprises and projects, and continue to optimize the business environment, let more foreign investors take China’s development express train .

Try it!Rongan Jinjiu ushered in the listing season

Try it!Rongan Jinjiu ushered in the listing season

The villagers are shipping newly harvested kumquats.

At the same time, Xie Huixiang is expanding rapidly in planting, and the county is leading the industry to standardize the healthy development of industries.

At present, 15 golden food certificates have been obtained by 15 gold certification certificates and certified area of 10,000 acres.

Created "Hundreds of acres of the collective economy Golden Garden" and 3 autonomous region-level integration Kingquat industry core demonstration zone, promoted the development of the Ontario industrial development, development scale operations and intensive operations through land transfer, accelerating agricultural increase, farmersIncreasing, rural development, comprehensively enhance modern agricultural development and promoting rural residence.

(Wu Mingjiang, Yan Qinghe, Sangang) (Editor: Wu Mingjiang, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Standaardiseer het rijden niet om anderen te doden, vormt een misdrijf van verkeersongevallen?

Standaardiseer het rijden niet om anderen te doden, vormt een misdrijf van verkeersongevallen?

Huidige positie: >>> Standaardiseer het rijden tot de dood niet, vormen verkeersongevallen? Niet standaardiseren Rijden naar de dood, vormen verkeersongevallen? 2019-03-21 Auteur: Web Beschrijving: Standaardiseer geen verkeersongeval Jij zondigt? Shanghai Criminal Defense-advocaat interpreteert u dat Professionele Strafwijkadvocaten professionele juridische raadpleging, defensie en andere kwaliteitsdiensten bieden en professionele advocaten op het Franse netwerk vinden. Gids: het besturen van een voertuig moet de bewerking, veilig rijden, anderszins, eenmaal een belangrijke transport … Webpagina Beschrijving: Standaardiseer het rijden tot de dood niet, vormt een zonde van het verkeersongeval? Shanghai Criminal Defense-advocaat interpreteert u dat Professionele Strafwijkadvocaten professionele juridische raadpleging, defensie en andere kwaliteitsdiensten bieden en professionele advocaten op het Franse netwerk vinden.

Gids: het besturen van een voertuig moet de bewerking, veilig rijden, anders vormen, anders is het waarschijnlijk een misdrijf van verkeersongevallen.

Hieronder zullen we door de zaak bij u parseren.

Beschrijving van de behuizing: Standaardiseer het rijden van de dood niet, vormt een misdrijf van verkeersongevallen? 25 mei 2015, 19 uur, ZONGOU Rijdt een middelgrote busje langs een weg van het oosten naar het westen, vanwege de motor van de motor Trein vertraagde niet zonder de verkeerssignaalcontrole en gebruikte de bewerking niet om veilig rijden te standaardiseren, botste met het voetgangersveld dat de weg oversteekt, waardoor een verkeersongeval in Tianmou veroorzaakt. De analyse van de aansprakelijkheid van het ongeval wordt bepaald: Zong moet de hoofdverantwoordelijkheid van dit ongeval dragen. Arrest Court: het gedrag van de verdachte Zong vormt een proef na de proef: de beklaagde Zong een overtreding van transportvoorschriften, het besturen van een motorvoertuig, en zorgt ervoor dat één persoon sterft, en het gedrag ervan heeft verkeersongevallen gevestigd.

Advocaat zei: Standaardiseer het rijden van de dood niet, vormt een verkeersongeval? Crime Gedrag.

Het subjectieve gedeelte van deze misdaad is vertraagd. Volgens het strafrecht schendt de verordeningen van het transportbeheer, daarom, ernstige ongevallen, ernstige verwondingen, de dood of het maken van publiek-privé-eigendom, een aanzienlijke schade of een criminele gevangenisstraf of criminele detentie; transportongevallen of andere bijzonder harde percelen in de gevangenis voor minder dan minder Zeven jaar in drie jaar; als gevolg van ontsnapping veroorzaakt door de dood, werd het meer dan zeven jaar veroordeeld tot een gevangenisstraf van een vasthoudende termijn. In dit geval botste Zongchou met Tian Moumou, waardoor een zekere dood behoort tot een groot verkeersongeval. Volgens de afdeling Traffic Police, Zong Een belangrijke verantwoordelijkheid voor dit ongeval, wat aangeeft dat er een situatie is in strijd met het verkeersbeheerreglement. De reden is dat Zong het voertuig door de kruising verliest zonder het signaallampje, niet langzamer, geen veiligheidspecificaties deden, resulterend in een ongeluk.

Over het algemeen heeft het gedrag van Zongmou een gedrag dat karakteristiek is voor het verkeersongeval. Natuurlijk, wanneer wordt bepaald of een bepaald gedrag een verkeersongeval vormt, moet hij aandacht besteden aan de relevante getuigen, hun eigen aanbod, on-site onderzoek, ter plaatse kaart, certificering voor verkeersongevallen, enz.

Het bovenstaande is het antwoord op "Standaardiseer de dood van anderen niet, vormt een misdrijf van verkeersongevallen?" Als u problemen ondervindt met betrekking tot criminele misdaden, raadpleegt u de professionele advocaat van criminele defense. Ma Youquan Advocaat Handgrepen Case: Simple Case Complex, complexe gevallen zijn vereenvoudigd. Besteed aandacht aan WeChat "Ma Youquan Lawyers" (Micro Signal), lees meer spannende artikelen. Gebruik WeChat Scannen van de linker QR-code om aandacht toe te voegen. Scan de QR-code, let op MA Youquan Advocaten (dit artikel vertegenwoordigt alleen het standpunt van de auteur, vertegenwoordigt niet het Labondon-netwerk.

Dit artikel is bevoegd om het Fabang-netwerk te autoriseren. Als er een gesprek is, is het noodzakelijk om de bron "Ma Youquan Law Firie" aan te geven).