Zhang Shuai broke the five -year champion wasteland to gain 280 points

Zhang Shuai broke the five -year champion wasteland to gain 280 points

Original title: Zhang Shuai broke the five -year champion wasteland on the evening of March 6th, Zhang Shuai defeated Ukraine players Jaclantremska in the WTA (International Women’s Tennis Association) 250 The first tourist singles champion.

This is also the first overseas WTA singles champion of Zhang Shuai after Zhang Shuai won the Guangzhou Station Championship in 2013 and 2017. Faced with many adversity, 33 -year -old Zhang Shuai forced his potential.

Earlier, the opponents had two players and two sides of the victory, and Zhang Shuai and the post -00s player Jaclarska had played twice in the Ukrainian player, and the two sides won one game. The most recent confrontation occurred in the fourth round of Wenwang in 2019. At that time, Zhang Shuai won the three sets of hardships. In his career, he was promoted to the quarterfinals in Wenwang for the first time.

This time, Zhang Shuai defeated the top ten French players in the top ten French players in the final of the finals, and reached the finals. Aristremska defeated Romanian veteran Costia to advance.

This game was the fifth WTA Tour Single Finals of the two.

280 points for winning the championship will rise to the 41st place in the first set. However, Zhang Shuai failed to complete the breakthrough in the 7th inning of the opponent’s serving game. Jacusremska immediately completed the break and won the first set 6 to 3.

Both the second sets of the two sides fluctuated.

Zhang Shuai determined the leading advantage by 4 to 1 through continuous breaking, and equalized the disk with 6 to 3.

After applying for a suspension before the victory, Aristreska achieved a 2-0 advantage in the third set. Zhang Shuai immediately completed the break, but still lag behind 2 to 4.

At the critical moment, Zhang Shuai completed the rebound and stabilized the situation 3 to 4.

In the key 8th inning, Zhang Shuai suffered controversy in the serve. Because there was no eagle eye at the scene, when Zhang Shuai communicated with the referee, some fans booed Zhang Shuai.

After Zhang Shuai’s stress completed the security, he did not give the other party any chance. He broke the band in the next two games and then reversed the championship 6 to 4. After holding the Lyon station championship trophy, Zhang Shuai received 280 points, and immediately ranked to 41st, and won the 25,000 euros championship bonus. For 33 -year -old Zhang Shuai, this champion is extraordinary. This champion is Zhang Shuai’s third tourist singles champion. The first two championships were won in the Guangzhou Open in 2013 and 2017. Zhang Shuai won the championship at Lyon Station. Since Zheng Saisai won the championship in San Jose in 2019, Chinese players have won the singles trophy of the tour.

Zhang Shuai has also become the sixth mainland player who won the championship abroad. The other five are Zheng Jie, Li Na, Sun Tiantian, Wang Yafong, and Zheng Sai. For 33 -year -old Zhang Shuai, this champion is of great significance. Although the world is still facing the risk of epidemic, Zhang Shuai has chosen to adhere to the professional field. Since last season, Zhang Shuai has trained to participate in the world and won the Double Women’s Double Women’s Women’s Women’s Double Championship last year. On the other hand, Zhang Shuai still insisted on both singles and doubles. Although he repeatedly encountered a round of tour, he finally insisted on flowering and fruity at Lyon.

After the game, Zhang Shuai also said that the champion made her see a better herself. "I haven’t tasted the championship for a long time. This time I saw my potential and a better self.

I hope I can continue to work hard and have such a good performance. "Zhang Shuai said.

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