Sino-Russian Handball Association signs strategic cooperation memo

Sino-Russian Handball Association signs strategic cooperation memo

The cooperation between the two parties will include the establishment of the Central Russian Oriental Handball League, selecting the young players to travel to the Russian High Level Club and participate in the Russian League.

  Xinhua News Agency, November 11th, according to the 11th news of the Chinese Handball Association, China and Russian Handball Association have signed a strategic cooperation memorandum online.

The cooperation between the two parties will include the establishment of the Central Russian Oriental Handball League, selecting the young players to travel to the Russian High Level Club and participate in the Russian League. According to reports, Wang Tao, chairman of the Chinese Handball Association and the Russian Handball Association Chairman Sherkheshkhap, signed a strategic cooperation memorandum as a representative of both parties. According to the content of the strategic cooperation, the two sides will combine the national conditions of the Chinese and Russia, concentrated in cooperation in many ways, including the establishment of the Sino-Russian Handball Strategic Working Group to explore the establishment of the Sino-Russian Oriental Handball Alliance, and selection of different age groups of national team players exchange competitions. Select the young player to travel to the Russian High Level Club and participate in the Russian League, cooperate to organize a club mobile game, organize training training in the trainer, organize young handball cultural exchange activities, and the Russian partner assists in the development of Chinese handball schools and share media resources to enhance the handball. Sports and publicity and business value, promote cooperation in anti-doping agents.

  According to another introduction, Russian handball is among the best in the World Handball Strong Brigade. Its country’s men and women’s handball team has won the Olympic gold medal in history, the World Championship champion, and the youth handball team also achieved excellent in World East. score. The Chinese handball has achieved brilliant achievements, and the female hand of the national team has won the bronze medal of the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984, the male hand national team won the 1982 Asian Games champion. However, in recent years, due to the relatively lag of technical scrapbook, the reserve talents are insufficient, and the level of Chinese handball gradually declines, behind the world’s advanced level. Through the in-depth exchanges and cooperation between the two countries, the Chinese Handball Association hopes to better absorb the international advanced concept, improve the backwardness of the Chinese handball training concept, and the level of grassroots training is not high.

The century-old cotton factory returned to youth, "Aggressive" secret is?

The century-old cotton factory returned to youth, "Aggressive" secret is?

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The face of the face is "smog disease"

The face of the face is "smog disease"

  It is dizzy, and it is a smog disease in the hospital.

What is smoke disease? Why do you have a noodle? How to break this disease? The doctor took you to understand the strange disease caused by this face. Whoever under my face is playing back: Xiao Zhangzheng Zhuang, usually the body is not bad, but it can be plagued by a strange disease.

Once, Xiao Zhang Zheng was eating noodles with a bowl. Suddenly, the bowl and chopsticks were thrown into the table, and the hands were numb.

Since this, he always dizzy when eating noodles, hands and feet, weak, but consciousness, rest after a while, after a while, it will recover. I doubt that I have a strange disease, and Xiao Zhang has never been to the Beijing Ditan Hospital.

The neurosurgery team combines cerebrovascular angiography through clinical judgment, considering small sheets of smoke.

  This is a common ischemic disease. In the end, the neurosurgerative team uses the joints of the bridge + adhesion joint surgery. Through the northwestroke, the blood of the south is successfully introduced into the intracranial, completely solves the shortage of intracranial blood supply, and makes small clinical symptoms It is completely alleviated. Smoke disease and smoking have nothing to do with smoke disease? I believe that many people hear this unfamiliar noun and think that the disease is related to smoking.

actually not! Smoke disease is due to the main branch of the brain, causing abnormal hyperplasia of the skull base, forming a smoke blood vessel, which has triggered a series of symptoms.

Since this skull-bottom abnormal blood vessel is like a smoke in the cerebral angiography image, it is called smoke disease. If the child has smog disease, there is general speech chaos, different levels of headache and symptoms such as emotional irritability and irritability.

The early symptoms of adults are more obvious, such as varying degrees of vomiting and dizziness, headache, numbness, and blurred vision. How is the noodle triggers a strange disease? According to Chen Shichao, the doctor, the first symptoms of many smoke patients were numb, and the muscles were weak.

The reason why it is going to eat noodles, mainly because we have to take hard when we eat noodles, causing too much carbon dioxide in the brain.

Therefore, cerebrovascular contraction, blood flow is reduced, and there will be corresponding symptoms due to insufficient blood supply to brain.

  In fact, smog patients with smog, such as angry, crying, and running, like symptoms. There are two ways to deal with smoke disease in this rare disease. At present, once the medical community recognizes that once the diagnosis of smoke disease, surgery should be performed as soon as possible. Before the inability of the brain tissue, the blood flow side circulation channel is established, and the brain replenish blood supply and preventing brain ischemic injury. Two types of treatment programs are diagnosed with smoke disease.

  The first solution is that the temporal shallow pulse intimidation is to form a fascia strip after separating the temporal periopathic, stitched onto the surface of the brain, slowly forming a lateral circulation, and blood supply to the brain. The advantage of application surgery is that the operation is simple, the wound is small.

  The second solution is that intracranial vascular bridge is a surgical solution that directly introduces the blood of ischemic brain by intracranial vascular and intracranial vascular connection.

Direct brush surgery can quickly establish blood vessel side branch channels, improve the symptoms of local brain blood supply, but the lack of surgery is limited in improvement. Whether it is a bridge or an adhesive, it is to drain the skull to the intracranial. The joint surgery scheme for the implementation of the bridge + application can effectively overcome the disadvantages of both, and the combination of the two can quickly establish blood flow side channels, and improve brain supplement blood supply.

  Can this strange disease prevention? The congenital factors are difficult to prevent, but the acquisition factors are beneficial. First, to control the occurrence of infection, prevent infectious diseases from damage to blood vessels, there is a disease in time; secondly, it is necessary to change the existing bad life, such as osmic and alcohol, high-fat diet, staying up late, and lack exercise.

Total investment of 1 billion yuan Luzhai County signing nature high-end green home Luzhai base project

Total investment of 1 billion yuan Luzhai County signing nature high-end green home Luzhai base project

signing ceremony. Xiao Hong Road, January 5, 2021, Luzhai County and Nature Home (China) Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for high-end green households. The signing of the project and the construction of landing will greatly enhance the core competitiveness of the deer forest in the deep processing industry. Significance, also for the "14th Five-Year Plan" of Luzhai, and put strong power into the steps. It is understood that nature high-end green home Luzhai base project has a total investment of 1 billion yuan, a first phase of 300 mu, construction annual production of 10 million square meters multi-layer composite floor project, 10 million square meters to strengthen flooring, construction cycle 1 year The output value of more than 2 billion yuan was put into production. It is estimated that the surrounding floor substrate, paint, impregnated paper, glue and other industrial chains have approximately 1 billion yuan, forming a total of 3 billion yuan in industrial scale. After the project is completed, the industry leader will be exerted, and the automatic aggregate industry upstream and downstream enterprises will bring to Luzhai, which is conducive to Luzhai County to build forest terminal products to promote high quality development of forestry economy. Luzhai County belongs to Linye County, and the forest coverage rate is more than 66%, with an economic forest area of ??over 3 million mu, and the living house retention is about 10 million cubic meters.

Guangxi Luzhai Guizhong Modern Forestry Science Industrial Park is a project of Liuzhou City, which is a key construction project of the "Double Hundred Supreme" Industrial Project Bank of the Autonomous Region. It is one of the three major forestry industrial parks that the autonomous region’s focus prioritization. China’s Top Ten Wooden Park "" Guangxi Light Industry Park (Smart Home) "and other honorary titles.

Up to now, there are 40 forest processing enterprises in Luzhai County, accounting for the total number of enterprises in the county, from January to November 2020, the county forestry enterprises realize the total industrial output value billion, accounting for the total industrial industry. % Of the output value.

The General Office of the State Council issued the "National Integrated Government Service Platform Mobile Construction Guide"

The General Office of the State Council issued the "National Integrated Government Service Platform Mobile Construction Guide"

November 12, on November 12, the General Office of the State Council issued the "National Integrated Administrative Platform Mobile Construction Guide" (hereinafter referred to as "Construction Guide"), further strengthening and regulating the national integrated government service platform mobile terminal construction, Promote the standardization, standardization construction and interconnection of various departments of various departments in all regions, and promote more government service issues online, and to make deployments. "Construction Guide" pointed out that it is necessary to guide the socialist thinking in Xi Jinping’s new era, adhere to the people-oriented thinking, adhere to the new development concept, and insist on promoting high quality development, surrounding the transformation of government functions, deepening " "Reform, continue to optimize the business environment, strengthen and standardize the national integrated government service platform mobile construction management, promote the standardization, standardization construction and interconnection of the various departments of various departments, standardize construction and interconnection, comprehensively improve the capacity and level of mobile government service, Maximum profits and enterprises.

"Construction Guide", before 2022, the province (autonomous region, municipality) and the departmental mobile government service application and the national government service platform mobile terminal "should be connected", "should be exhausted", mobile government service capacity is significantly improved The mobile terminal service system is formed as a national integrated platform for the national government service platform mobile terminal as the general hub. Realize the unity of mobile government service applications at all levels, the overall linkage, and the business coordinates.

"Construction Guide" clarifies the overall architecture of the national integrated platform mobile terminal. First, the hierarchical architecture of the national integrated platform mobile terminal includes the national government service platform mobile terminal, the State Council’s government service platform mobile terminal and provincial (autonomous region, municipalities) provincial government service platform mobile terminal.

The National Government Service Platform Mobile is the general hub of national mobile government service. The Department of State has no longer newly built independent government service platform mobile terminals, which should fully rely on the mobile side of the national government service platform. The State Council of the government service platform has been built, and the construction of the mobile government service application management system shall be accelerated to integrate and integrate the mobile government service application of this department. In principle, the relevant service application is connected to the national government service platform mobile terminal.

All regions fully utilize the national integrated platform support capabilities, integrate mobile government service resources in the region, and build the provincial government service platform mobile terminal. All regions provide mobile government service by the provincial government service platform mobile terminal.

Second, the technical architecture of the national integrated platform mobile terminal is mainly composed of basic support layers, application management and service providing layers, which clarifies basic functions such as mobile terminal infrastructure and public support, service application management, service providing. The Construction Guide deployed key tasks such as strengthening government service platform support capabilities, optimizing mobile service functions and methods. It is required to give full play to the national integrated platform support, in accordance with unified standards, unified list management, unified identity, unified data sharing, unified application management requirements, and promote standardization, standardization construction and synergy, integrated, integrated Serve.

The relevant departments of all regions and the State Council should further optimize the mobile phone function of the government and the masses, and continue to enrich the integrated set of food services and "scan code bright card", "a certificate", "no sense of universal" The application scenarios will take advantage of mobile Internet new technologies to continue to enhance the convenience of mobile government services. "Construction Guide" emphasizes that the organization leadership, strengthen operational protection, and improve assessment mechanisms, and improve safety guarantees. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of top design, organize advancement, overall coordination and supervision guidance of the national integrated platform mobile terminal construction in the unified leadership of the national integrated online government service platform.

The relevant departments of all regions and the State Council must establish a sound promotion mechanism for the construction management of the local government service platform mobile terminal construction management, formulate the mobile terminal construction plan of the government service platform and the docking plan of the national government service platform mobile terminal, speed up the promotion of the government service platform Standardization construction and standardization management.

Shanghai’s First District Staff Innovation Studio Alliance gevestigd

Shanghai’s First District Staff Innovation Studio Alliance gevestigd

De Alliance ontving 18 Labory Innovation Studios in de wijk, 2 City Craftsman Innovation Studios, 2 City Medewerker Innovation Studios, 6 stadstechnici, innovatieve studio’s, 5 City Handdoek Innovation Studios, enz. 33 Innovatieve studio’s sluiten aan, over medisch vermijding, onderwijs, architectuur , Eten, eigendom, elektronica, communautaire governance, telecommunicatie, kunst, thuis en groenen en andere industrie?n. Onder de 33 studio’s waren er 7 nationale arbeidsmodellen, 11 personen in Shanghai en 11 ambachtslieden op alle niveaus.

Bij de etablissementsceremonie, Wang Cheng, een leider van het nationale arbeidsmodel, de Wang Cheng Home Design Service, de innovatieve studio, heeft de "verklaring van de Xuhui District Innovation Studio Alliance" uitgebracht, versterkte de "vier jaar, drie gewricht, vijf Innovatie "League Hoofdidee," Gebouw, delen, win-win, en totaal "is de richtlijnen, benadrukt de koppeling, innovatie en innovatie en talenttraining, maximalisering van elke innovatiestudio in technologie-innovatie, managementinnovatie, service-innovatie, de demonstratie Als gevolg van institutionele innovatie en uitgebreide innovatie is de ontwikkeling van de kwaliteit en benadrukt de kwaliteit van de hoge kwaliteit van Xuhui. 33 leiders toonden een belangrijke inhoud, zoals zakelijke expertise, technische voordelen en hulpbronnenkarakteristieken van werknemers. Naast de gelegenheid van internationale vrijwilligers zijn 33 innovatieve studio’s lid geworden van het DUHUI-district "na het werkmodel om vrijwilliger te maken" Werkmodel Volm. De nieuwe lijst is toegevoegd aan de zeven categorie?n van 70 service-inhoud.

Volgens de relevante persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor de Districtsfederatie van de Xuhui District van vakbonden, zal de Studio Alliance actief meer studio absorberen, laat het alliantie "meer", en gezamenlijk leren van allerlei Lianzhi Lianxian, gezamenlijk leren, wederzijdse hulp en Andere kanalen en platforms, die voortdurend elke innovatieve studio en wederzijdse innovatie inspireren, en zelfs de algehele innovatiecapaciteit, verbeteren innovatie, verbeteren innovatie en markeer innovatie en laat de competitie "instroom".

Right River District: On the mountains, "gold" chicken, rush, become a "gathering treasure basin"

Right River District: On the mountains, "gold" chicken, rush, become a "gathering treasure basin"

On December 10, in the Haiyu Township, Wang Yao, Wangsian, Baise City, won the chicken core area, 46-year-old, universal Huang Dajun cleaned and cleaned up in the chop as usual. "2020 village collective economic income is 10,000 yuan, as of now, 2021 village collective economic income has reached 10,000 yuan." The secretary of the village party secretary said excitedly. Developing and growing village-level collective economy is an important way to improve rural appearance. It is also an important way to promote rural residence.

During the visibility of the hi-rural village The chicken demonstration area has opened up a rolling road in the ridiculous mountain. The annual feasant chicken is more than 1 million feathers. The collective economy "empty shell village" has become "industrial village", 2019, 2020 in "rural residence "Wushu" was rated as a prosperous Hongqi Village in the country for two consecutive years. Party members lead to "gold" chicken, and the wild mountain becomes "gathering" "There is no stable income at home, only to go out." This is the dilemma of the villagers.

If you want to keep the villagers at home, the development of the industry is the key, but the hometown has no location advantage, and there is no resource advantage, and it is a wild mountain.

How to develop? What is the development of development? It has always been a big problem in the village and villagers. Village collective economic development needs to lead people.

The rural party branch focuses on improving the management level, adopting the "Branch + Joint Society + Farmers" model full coverage, strengthen the leadership of the party branch to the leadership of the Joint Society (collective economic organization), let poor households participate in the Jedi (collective economic organization) In the management management; strive to achieve party members’ enrichment and poor households to help the help full cover, give full play to the role of party members to get rich, through "a one" or "one more", and finish the poverty Subs, support and help in terms of funds, technology, employment. As of 2020, there were 112 farmers, 115 farming collections, 70,000 feathers from the beginning of the rapids to now Wan Yu, 2020, the per capita income of the whole village farmers reached 10,500 yuan, including the chicken income under the forest 5,600 yuan, the walnuts of the past in the past have become the "gathering treasure" that is now rich in the masses. Today, the forest and chicken industry has become a hi-rural pillar industry.

The group has developed the "New Bureau", and the small chicken seedlings hatched the big industry "alone is not spring, Wanhua Qi Spring Festival".

I would like to carry out the "Catholic Exchange" in the village-level position, regularly convene a villager conference or a villager convention, let the party members’ farmers "on-site statement", and the party members combined with the actual experience and skills of the development of the chicken under the forest, interact with the masses Q & A, guiding the villagers to develop the chicken under the forest. At the same time, the "forest class" is opened in the field of the chicken base in the forest, inviting the farmers, the masses to visit the study, organize professional technicians and farmers to explain farming technology, promote farming experience, and track farmers guide.

In addition, mobilizing party members, group Changjin Village, mobilizing the poor of "Double Qian" to help subsidized, will "double thousand" funds for purchase of chicken seedlings to the demonstration area to join the breeding, promote poverty, and radiate Driven, Liu Pu, Shahong and other surrounding villages, 500 farmers, the development of hugs to develop chickens. "Like my age, no one is going to work, I can’t do it, I can’t do it. I am helpless at home. Everyone is helpful, and there is too much to work. Every year is 2-30,000 yuan, pretty good. "Huang Dajun said that since the village has created this camwell industry in the village-level collective economic forest, he has raised a chicken for three years.

Enterprises link "production and sales chain", industry development promotes the development of villages to develop, the masses should get rich.

The "four-link law" of the rural party branch is organized, the work link, the industry is jointly established, and the construction of the hometown-centered forest-centered chicken industry park is based on the "Branch of the Party Branch." Base continitive farmers "is the development model, the industrial park is divided into" five districts and one center ", open party members and villagers’ conferences, and jointly consult a solution to formulate solutions, introduce Hua Run Wufeng Co., Ltd., and implement" Joint Party Committee + Lead Enterprise + Joint agency + farmers "farming model, farmer’s labor, venue, responsible for raising chicken, company is responsible for providing chicken seedlings, feed and technical guidance, signing purchase and sales contract with farmers, ordering production, gradually forming a unified planning, unified A farming, unified sales industrial chain, incorporating a "strong intent needle" for the masses into the breeding ranks, and continuously expand the scale of hometown of hometown. While the village-level collective economy "more flowers", it also provides employment positions for some idle labor in the village. "I am going to work in this base. The monthly salary can incorporate more than 2,000 yuan, close to home and not tired, come to work at noon to eat at noon, can also take care of home income, very good.

"The villagers in the base, Wei Xiuping, is being told to make a vaccine to the chicken.

When it comes to future development planning, Su Yuanyou said that the hometown will further inspire the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the majority of rural party members and cadres, and strive to create a municipal-level standardized ecological broiler breeding demonstration area, drive, promote agricultural increasing production, farmers’ income, provide village-level collective economic development Reliable guarantee. (Huang Bai, Wang Mang) (Editor: Chen Lulu, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Realty Sector zal over moeilijkheden rijden

Realty Sector zal over moeilijkheden rijden

PotentialhomebuyerslookatpropertymodelsinHuaian, Jiangsuprovince [PhotobyChenLiang / ForChinaDaily] Editorsnote :. Thetwosessions, whichopenedonFriday, havedrawnwidespreadattentionastheywillchartthecourseofeconomicandsocialdeseconomicpolicythisyearistomaintaineconomicstability ,, ,, houtimplementingstimulatingpoliciestoboostinvestmentsfrombothdevelopersandhouseholdsintherealestatesector whichhastriggeredfinancialshocks, somecommentatorsassertthatthegovernmenthasnochoicebuttorelaxtherulesandregulationsfortherealestate, therearealreadysomesignsthat, manyobserverssaythecentralgovernmenthastakenmeasurestoregulatetherealestatesectortoensure "housingisforlivingin, notforspeculation" overthepastfewyearstopreventsystemicfinancialriskscausedbyexcessivespeculationinandoverheatingoftherealestatemarket ,, ifthecentralgovernmentsuddenlyreversesthepolicyduetoshort-termeconomicpressures, itcouldcausemoreuncertaintiesandcreatesdoubtsoverthepolicymakers, theyasser, someanalystssayrealestateinvestmentisimportant, buttheeasingof policywillcaus, itseemsdifficulttoachievethethreegoalsof "boostingtheeconomy", "preventingrisks" en "meetinghousingdemand" ctor, itisnecessarytocreatesomespaceforthemtomakeprofits, whichrequiressignificantrelaxationint, oncethepolicyisrelaxed, i, speculationwillincrease ,: housingmightbecomeunaffordableformany ,, echter investmentsintherealestatesectorwillbeinsufficient, thegapinhousingsupplywillnotbefilled, andtheneedsofnewhomebuyers, especiallytheyoungergeneration ,, includingthosewhohavemigratedfromruralareastourbanareasorfromsmallercitiestobigcities, canbemetbybuildingmoresubsidized ,, "moreinvestment" "lessrisk" en "moreaffordablehousing" echter ,,, inordertostabilizetheeconomy, sbottomline ,, andtheslowdowninhousingdemandistheresultofmacrovariablessuchasthe "neweconomicnormal" ,, anincreasingnumberofrealestateenterpriseshavecometorealizethattheeraofhighleverage, highturnoverandhighprofitisover, andtheyhavetoadapttothebusinessenvironmentoflowleverage, lowprofitandaffordableprices ,,itistruethatthereisstillsomeroomforrealestateinvestment, butt, however, forinvestmentsintherentalhousingsector, reconstructionandrestorationofoldresidentialareas, smartpropertymanagement ,, anddespitetheirrelativelylowleverage ,, manyleadingrealestateenterpriseshavemadeeffortstoenterthe "long-termapartmentrental" marketeventhoughthesectorisnothighlyprofitable, using, too-asthegovernmenthasadvocated-, thegovernment, thankstoitsrichexperienceinregulatingtherealtysector, canidentifypropertyenterprisesviolatingthedevelopment ,, thegovernmentcaneffectivelyensurethatcreditisturnedintoactualinvestmentunderthepremiseofcontrollablerisk, arketinrecentyears, weareconfidentthatthesectorwillattractmoreinvestment, lowertherisks, ddirectoroftheCenterforHousingandUrban-RuralDevelopment, Shanghaijiaotonguniversity; AndwuyidongisanAssistantProfessorattheSchoolOfBusiness, ‘tnecessilityReflecthoseofchinadaily ..

Reisblogger veroordeeld tot 7 maanden in de gevangenis voor beledigende martelaren

Reisblogger veroordeeld tot 7 maanden in de gevangenis voor beledigende martelaren

BEIJING ,, atravelbloggerwhoposeddisrespectfullynexttothetombstoneofChinesemartyrs, wassentencedtosevenmonthsofimprisonmentforinfringinguponthehonorofthemartyrs, accordingtothefirst-instancerulingofthelocalcourtinPishanCountyofNorthwestChina, locatedintheKarakorumMountains ,,, whosacrificedhislifeattheGalwanValleyborderclash, makingapistol-likegesturetowardthetombstone, andstartedcivilpublicinterestlitigationincidentaltocriminalproceedings, proposingasentenceofsevenmonthss, touchthebottomlineoftheruleoflaw ,, theNationalPeoplesCongressvotedandpassedtheCriminalLawAmendment (XI) anditcameintoeffectonMarch1 ,: beledigen, belasteren, orotherwiseinfringingonthereputationandhonorofheroesandmartyrs, harmingthepublicinterest, wherethecircumstancesareserious, istobegivenasentenceofuptothreeyearsimprisonment, criminaldetention ,, Artikel26OFHHEHEOESANDMARTYRSPROOTTIONLAWSTIPULATEHATHAT: ThoseviolatingThenames, Afbeeldingen, ReputionAndhonorofheroesandMartyrsShallBearCivilreSlePon, ThePublicsEcurityOrgansha, CriminalResponsibilies ALLBEINVESTIGERDINACORDANCEWITHTHEWEAW ..

See the words! From the letter of the general secretary, "see people, see things, see love"

See the words! From the letter of the general secretary, "see people, see things, see love"

He is pointed out that Xiamen University is a glorious and traditional university.

In the past 100 years, the school has bored the school of the patriotic overseas Chinese leader Chen Jiageng, formed a "patriotic, revolutionary, self-improvement, science" excellent school spirit, built a distinctive school character, cultivated a large number of outstanding talents, for the country, the people, the people happiness and Chinese cultural overseas spread made a positive contribution. "I hope that Xiamen University fully implements the party’s educational policy, earnestly implemented the fundamental task of Lidshu people, for party education, for the national training, with the time to build a world-class university, comprehensively enhance service area development and national strategic ability, The China National Cohesion and Heart Power, in order to build a socialist modern country, realizing the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation made a new greater contribution.

"General Secretary Xi Jinping left Yin Yin" to Xiamen University.

"See the word face". In the letter of the letter, General Secretary Xi Jinping is "fallen", "seeing people, seeing things, seeing love" from one detail. "Those people" people have no small things. In the letter of General Secretary Xi Jinping, he is more concerned about the difficult people, young students, and countless ordinary people. Take the hearts of the people, it is the fist on the letter of the letter of the general secretary of Xi Jinping. From primary school students to the nearly 100 years old professors, from community workers to science workers, from minority compatriots to international friends … Xi Jinping’s letter of letter of the letter does not divide age, cross the region, and exchange interaction with the people , Ask learning, talking about work, Rajia often, change, talk about feelings, narrative.

"The Double Ninth Festival is coming, I wish you all the people’s health and longevity, happy life!" Nit Right Banner Wulan riding a team, with the old professor of Xi’an, the old, and the new college students in Nankai University, and their story makes me feel deeply.

The broad masses of the people insisted on patriotic dedication, no regrets, let me feel the greatest people, and let me feel happiness is struggling. "General Secretary Xi Jinping said in the 2018 New Year’s congratulations.

During the line of "Things", General Secretary Xi Jinping combines the current affairs, looking forward to the future, praise the outstanding deeds, affirms important achievements, deploying development.

"I learned that the party realized the poverty, the people of the folks were very happy. I am very happy. I sincerely congratulate!" The decisive battle decided to win the poverty, he trusted to encourage the folks in Shouning County, Shouning County, Shouning County. "In the struggle of new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, your young people have the vast event prevention and control personnel in the first line of heroic, not afraid of hardships, the charge is before, and they will forget to die, highlight the boom of youth, and hand over qualified Answer.

"Hit the epidemic prevention and control and preventive and attack, he trusts the" 90 "party members of Peking University to help the" 90 "party members of the HI medical team.

"Yunnan Gongshan Dragon Master, the folks of the party and township of Shouning County, Fujian Province," Wang Jieban "all warriors, Beijing Sports University Graduate Champion class, Macau children and volunteers, I wrote a letter.

I definitely got a achievement in my reply, and I also expressed a good wish. "In the New Year’s greetings in 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping said again." Everyone told me a lot of hearts, I have been remembering "" Those feelings ", he trusts the national science and technology workers, the majority of private people People from all walks of life in entrepreneurship, labor masses, and community workers, propose requirements for various industries, and pulse.

During the speech, he reply to the Student of Tibet University Medical College, Beijing Sports University Graduate School Students, Beijing Sports University Graduate Students, Beijing Sports University, the newly entered college students, and study growth and full of time.

Talk about hope, he gives Shanghai New Four Army History Research will reply, I hope they "guide the majority of party members, especially youth, do not forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, firm belief, brave struggle"; give the people Education Press, the old comrades I hope the people’s education publishing house "to build the boutique teaching materials for the soul of the soul, Xuanheng Hui, to cultivate the socialist builders and successors in the development of morality, and build a new and greater contribution of the education strong country"; Let’s reply to all party members of Beizhuang Village, Xibaipo Town, Pingshan County, Pingshan County, Pingshan County, Pingshan County, Pingshan County, "I hope that you will resolutely respond to the call of the party, fully play the model role, and better unite the folks, condense, the heart and the heart Let the days are getting more and more popular. " A small letterhead, both carrying the deep thoughts of the paper, and full of Yin Yin, who is full of people’s livelihood, (Editor: Ren Lin, Deng Zhihui).