"Digital Country Center" geregeld in Hunan Agricultural University Help Village Revitalisation

"Digital Country Center" geregeld in Hunan Agricultural University Help Village Revitalisation

People’s Network Changsha 7 juni, 5 juni, digitale administratieve expertcommissie heeft een vergadering en e-overheid bouwmodel simulatie nationaal engineering laboratorium digitaal landcentrum (Hunan Agricultural University) gevestigde conferentie met succes gehouden in Changsha. Het thema van deze bijeenkomst is de "Digital Administrative Expert Committee om een ??viering te maken – ‘Nieuwe verandering’ Digital Administration ‘, van 50 gasten van Colleges en Universiteiten in de universiteit van Tsinghua, Peking University, Renmin University of China, woonde de vergadering bij.

Cai Chengao, directeur van het E-Government Building Mold Simulation National Engineering Laboratory, wordt ge?ntroduceerd dat de oprichting van digitale plattelandscentra een nieuwe poging is om zich aan te passen aan nationale strategische behoeften, zoals digitaal China, landelijke dorpen en de ontwikkeling van lokale economische en Sociale ontwikkeling is ook een soort laboratoriumontwikkeling. Nieuwe modus.

De oprichting van de digitale administratieve expertcommissie concentreerde zich op de uitstekende talenten en hoogwaardige bronnen in mijn land. Deskundige leden kunnen hogere niveaus van intelligentie-ondersteuning bieden voor de e-overheid van het laboratorium, zullen in e-overheid, digitale, digitale landbouw, digitaal zijn China. Speelt een belangrijkere rol in onderzoek en constructie op het gebied van slimme steden. De vice-president van de Hunan Agricultural University zei dat digitale dorpen de strategische richting van plattelandsresolutie zijn, en het ontslag van de plattelandsresolutie in de Hunan Agricultural University is unshirkable, en er is ook dergelijke discipline-voor- en voorwaarden. Het digitale landelijke centrum zal zich ontwikkelen als een onderzoeksobject, de digitale landbouwbasis consolideert, bevordert de digitale transformatie van de landbouw en bouwt een uitgebreid informatieservicesysteem voor landbouwplichtige gebieden en stelt een verdere inflatoire informatietechnologiesysteem op en helpt plattelandsresolutie te helpen strategie?n. In de primaire toespraak, experts van e-overheid bouwmodel simulatie nationaal engineering laboratorium, Peking University, Tsinghua University en andere eenheden, respectievelijk "DATA-elemententoepassing" "Agricultural Finan" "van transformatie tot hervorming: Digital Government Top Design theoretical Exploration" The Onderwerpen van "Persoonlijke informatiebescherming in Governance Governance Governance".

In de volgende digitale overheid ronde tabel lanceerden de deelnemende experts de "nieuwe verandering van de" nieuwe verandering van digitale diensten "in" digitale administratieve zaken ", waardoor de nieuwe transformatie van digitale diensten in mijn land wordt ingeluid, en het aantal landelijke landschap Revitalisatie. Plattelandsconstructie voorstelt tegenmaatregelen.

Het is duidelijk dat de instellingsvergadering betekent dat het digitale overheid en het digitale landelijke onderzoek en de bouw van mijn land een nieuw platform hebben, dat de digitale overheidszaken en het digitale landelijke onderzoek en de bouw van het land verder zal promoten.

(滢 Intern Tan Jiaxun) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Yinging).

"China’s county tourism competitiveness report 2021" released 18 counties (cities) in Sichuan (city) "Tourism Baiqiang County"

"China’s county tourism competitiveness report 2021" released 18 counties (cities) in Sichuan (city) "Tourism Baiqiang County"

  Recently, "China County Tourism Competitiveness Report 2021" (hereinafter referred to as "Report") is officially released. According to the report, Emeishan City, Sichuan Province, Dujiangyan City, Shanzhong City, Qingchuan County, Xichang City, Fu City, Jiangyou City, Xuanhan County, Xingwen County, Jiange County 10 counties (cities) "2021 China County Tourism Comprehensive Competition List of Baqiang County, Sichuan Daxiang County, Nanjiang County, Wenchuan County, Beichuan County, Pengzhou City, Yilong County, Mianzhu City, 8 counties (cities) in the city of Zhonghong City "2021 China’s county tourism development potential Qiang County "" " The report believes that in recent years, short-distance travel, surrounding tour, the extensive rise in the suburbs is injecting new vitality into the county tourism recovery, all tourism Qi County strengthens policy response, overturns to prevent the epidemic prevention and control and recovering production, promoting my country’s county tourism Aggressive progress. The quality of tourism resources continues to improve, the conditions of transportation of transportation continue to improve, the quality of the ecological environment is continuously improved, in 2021, my country’s tourism economy has a stepped resuscitation, and the fluctuating temperate trend.

  The report pointed out that the rural resolution strategy has been fully promoted, and the continued efforts of rural tourism provide new support for the rise of county tourism; rural civilization construction continues to strengthen, agricultural culture and tourism integration into a new highlight of county tourism transformation; reform and innovation work In-depth promotion, The rapid development of smart tourism in digital, networked, and intelligent is the urgency of the county tourism upgrade.

  It is reported that the evaluation of tourism competitiveness in China is mainly examining the enrichment of tourism resources in the county, the activity of tourism economy, the improvement of tourism facilities, the advantage of the ecological environment, the government’s promotion, and the tourism brands; China’s county tourism development potential The evaluation mainly examines the development potential of county resources, market expansion potential, basic support potential, and four aspects of government promotion potential. (Wang Boya) [Editor in charge: Xu Meida].

[Xinzhang Pneumonia Prevention and Control Science Guide Health Tips] Inoculated the vaccine, I still have to do personal protection.

[Xinzhang Pneumonia Prevention and Control Science Guide Health Tips] Inoculated the vaccine, I still have to do personal protection.

Core Tip: Vaccination is the most effective measures to prevent diseases. On November 12th, Wang Yan, a selection of public health management department of the Fifth People’s Hospital of Autonomous Region, suggested that the vaccination of new crown vaccines can produce immunity, reducing the risk of infection, but the vaccine protection is not 100%. Therefore, after vaccination, the public still should insist on doing personal protection.

Xinjiang News (Reporter Liu Wei) vaccination is the most effective measures to prevent disease.

Wang Yan said that wearing masks can effectively block the foam spread virus.

If the mask is not correct, it will increase the risk of infection.

She reminded the public, when wearing a mask, the mask should cover the nose, adjust the nose clip to the fitting face, during wearing, to avoid the inside and outside of the handset; the extension cover, only contact between the masks at both ends of the mask. When wearing a mask, the neck is exposed outside, and the mask will be contaminated by the neck or the mandible, and virus contaminated by the mask. Therefore, do not pull the mask to the jaw. Wang Yan said that the time of use of disposable medical masks should be less than 4 hours. In the process of travel, it is recommended to have one or two masks with it to prepare for from time to time.

Wang Yan suggested that on the basis of wearing a mask, he should maintain his hand and block the virus. She said, in daily life, if the patient is infected with viruses, the bacteria is contaminated by sneezing, cough, etc., and other people are easily contaminated in unintentional touch. It caused hands to be contaminated.

At this time, if you use the dirty hand, your mouth, your eyes, and viruses are easily sent to the human body, induce viral infection.

Wang Yan said that by proper washing hands can prevent 80% of diseases, there is a preventive role in gastrointestinal diseases, skin diseases, and eye infections, so they are important.

In addition, the window ventilation helps indoor and outdoor air exchange, at least 3 times a day. Finally, Wang Yan suggested that you will minimize the dense public places, and at least maintain a safe social distance when communicating with people, and don’t take it. At the same time, for the people who have a high risk of infection in patients with children, children and chronic diseases, to strengthen outdoor physical exercise and improve body immunity.

"Jin Yun · Cloud Overseas" adds new members to 10 overseas Chinese media

"Jin Yun · Cloud Overseas" adds new members to 10 overseas Chinese media

  Since August 2017, Jin Yun opened the clouds on the overseas platform. He successively had 41 overseas Chinese media settled in and opened an account, recording overseas Chinese people’s growth and struggle.

In the 19th year of the party, the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, China’s anti-coronary pneumonia epidemic situation, Cloud’s overseas platform and overseas Chinese media jointly plan "I and my motherland" "I cheer for China." "People’s Fatness" "Science Chinese Medicine" and other new media integration products, short video works, putting new China’s great achievements and new era of Tianjin story tells the international audience in the form of Xi heard, let the world feel China Contribution, Chinese wisdom and Chinese spirit. According to statistics, four years have to go to overseas platforms and overseas Chinese media to issue more than 5,000 pieces of news products, and the number of reads exceeds 100 million, and the area covers the Americas, Europe, Oceania, Asia. On the forum, Greece "Zhongxi Times", Thailand "Xi Si Ji", Peru "Public News", South Africa "Overseas News", US "Asian Times", Nigeria "West Africa Huaxia", Venezuela " ", Czech" Jiehua Communication ", the Netherlands Joint Media, Portugal" Portugal "Portugal", and the Jinyun New Media Group reached a strategic cooperation agreement.

Up to now, the overseas Chinese media in the overseas platform of Jinyun Cloud has reached more than 50.

(Jin Yun Journalist Wu Xiaolin).

"Kunst" begint de "epidemie" Ningxia-artiesten gebruiken literaire werken om samen te werken

"Kunst" begint de "epidemie" Ningxia-artiesten gebruiken literaire werken om samen te werken

People’s Network Yinchuan 10 november (Zhao MO) "Ik denk dat het schilderen de warmste spraak is sinds de geboorte van het schilderij, het kan het leven opnemen, positieve energie passeren. Dus ik besloot om de borstel te gebruiken om het kleine borstel te gebruiken, voor Het nieuwe ERA-held-doel. "Ningxia’s schilder- en schilderinstituut is nieuw, omdat de afdichting niet in staat is om deel te nemen aan vrijwilligersdienst, en de vrijwilligers van de zinkende gemeenschap zijn het prototype, en de creatie-serie" zal u sturen een bloem ", met de warmte van de epidemische preventie en -controle. Zhao Haixia, Ningxia schilderen en schilderen, een drukke dag en cre?erden elke dag een reeks stukjes van "Betalen van de platte" -serie en registreerde een beetje druppelen om hem heen.

"Elke retrograde is om kracht te geven, meestal zijn ze misschien wel de meest voorkomende mensen om ons heen, maar de belangrijkste momenten gaan naar de eerste rij held. Ik hoop hulde te betalen aan mensen die hard hebben gewerkt aan de epidemie! Zhao Haixia zei . In het licht van de huidige epidemische preventie- en controlesituatie, het Ningxia-schilder- en schilderinstituut tegelijkertijd, terwijl het de bevoegdheid van het zinken van de communautaire vrijwilligersdienst, belt alle makers om de pen te gebruiken, met de "epidemie ", met literaire werken, en de waarheid afleveren. Cre?erde een reeks zoals "Beste eigenaren, een nucle?nezuur beneden krijgen! "Kom op, mijn stad" "Terugkerende lente" en andere uitstekende schilderijen. Tegelijkertijd lanceerde Ningxia Painting and Painting Institute een 5-traps micro-tentoonstelling via het WECHAT Public Number "Ningxia Painting and Painting Institute", met verwante onderwerpen.

Zhang Yonggang: Terminate the vitality of the ideological and political lessons

Zhang Yonggang: Terminate the vitality of the ideological and political lessons

  Zhang Yonggang, Zhang Yonggang, a professor at Marxist College of South China Normal University, "Why can some actors make money easily, and the tax paid more than one million?" In the bright spring, South China Normal University can accommodate more than 100 students in the classroom. Talking that the new hot topics make students listen to it, and there may be laughter and applause. You may think that this is a lecture or even talk show. In fact, this is the lecture site of the basic principles of Marxism in colleges and universities. Zhang Yonggang is a professor at Marxist College of South China Normal University. This section is about the course of capital issues. "Let the teachers and students think are present," Zhang Yonggang’s classroom is particularly attractive to the students. He talks about why the takeaway brother "never stops", or the traffic logic behind the artist’s "rollover", and then turn around to contact the related topics in Marxist theory. "I can’t read the documents with the document. Those who do it must be combined with reality." Zhang Yonggang said: "If you have the vitality of the ideological and political lessons, you must let the teachers and the students listening to the class are present.

We want to tell stories, but we can’t just tell stories. If you take three lessons, the students only remember the five minutes you talked about. Such a class fails. "He said that the experience of creating a boutique ideological and political lesson was" both theory and narrative, mobilize the interest of students through the story, let them actively participate in the discussion, and eventually derive the theory themselves. "

  Zhang Yonggang, who is in his thirties in his thirties, has repeatedly won the honor of teaching competitions. He has also been rated as the first place in the school as "the most popular public class teacher" in the school.

  "The attention of society is also forcing us to do better. Education workers in ideological and political courses are not ‘teaching craftsmen’, but the leaders of students’ lives, and lighthouses." Zhang Yonggang said that this is the mission to himself in the new era. (Text/Yangcheng Evening News reporter Liang Dongxian Liu Yuntu/Interviewee).

"China Literature and Art Review Communication Alliance" established ceremony and "Chinese Literature and Art Symposium"

"China Literature and Art Review Communication Alliance" established ceremony and "Chinese Literature and Art Symposium"

With the coming of the Internet, the communication channels, dissemination content, dissemination forms, and the propagation subject have undergone tremendous changes. How to make the literary reviews greater influence, we must first understand the changes in the media and communication: First, return to the text itself, the second is to express the true sound, the third is to collect folk wisdom. The literary criticism of society is not intended to decrease in the level.

The theory of literary criticism is combined with the popularity of the public, colliding with the passion of artistic creation, and it is bound to bring the new weather of literary criticism.

To complete such a glorious mission, we should improve our ideological understanding and strengthen theoretical thinking. When more and more young people can only get information through mobile Internet, we must think about whether traditional cultural comments are still active? When the online novel became a popular IP of film and television, we also think that the literary review can rely on the new media, what? Excellent literary reviews can not only stand the tide of the times, send the ancestors of the times, but also promote China’s spirit, contribute to China’s spirit. Literary review workers should extract the essence from the Chinese cultural treasure house, draw energy, multi-level, multi-directional aesthetic view. Literary creation is in a critical period, this is a history of history.

During this historical period, the establishment of a literary commentary communication alliance is a far-sighted.

Literary creation and literary theory in a new media environment, not only has changed, but also changes, "Media is information". The establishment of the alliance has broaden the world’s eyes. We have to form a synergy, say good truth, and push the good works and talk about Chinese stories.

In the construction of literary theory, both emphasized and focusing on the shape, and to lead the development of the discipline, achieve greater results.

In the first quarter, the per capita consumption of various provinces was released: Shaanxi per capita spent 4971 yuan per capita consumption-Xi’an News

In the first quarter, the per capita consumption of various provinces was released: Shaanxi per capita spent 4971 yuan per capita consumption-Xi’an News

[Abstract] Although Shanghai has been affected by the epidemic since March, the per capita disposable income of residents in Shanghai in the first quarter still occupy the top list. Data show that the per capita disposable income of residents in Shanghai in the first quarter reached 22,663 yuan, a year -on -year increase of%. Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics announced the residents’ income and consumption expenditure in the first quarter of 2022. In the first quarter, the per capita consumption expenditure of residents across the country was 6,393 yuan, an increase of%over the last year, and the actual increase was%.

The per capita disposable income of Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Guangdong, Guangdong, Fujian, and Shandong has won the national level.

  Although Shanghai has been impacted by the epidemic since March, the per capita disposable income of residents in Shanghai in the first quarter still occupies the top of the list.

Data show that the per capita disposable income of residents in Shanghai in the first quarter reached 22,663 yuan, a year -on -year increase of%. Data show that the per capita disposable income of Shanghai and Beijing in the first quarter was more than 20,000 yuan. It is the only two -quarter -per capita disposable income of the country with a mark of more than 20,000 yuan in the country. In addition, the per capita disposable income of Shaanxi reached 7,822 yuan in the first quarter.

  Of the 31 provinces, three regions spent more than 10,000 yuan per person in the first quarter, namely Shanghai (12829 yuan), Beijing (11332 yuan) and Zhejiang (10152 yuan). In the first quarter, the provinces with per capita consumption of more than 5,000 yuan were: Jiangsu, Guangdong, Tianjin, Fujian, Chongqing, Hubei, Anhui, Hunan, Liaoning, Hainan, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Hebei, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Ningxia and Qinghai. In the first quarter, the per capita consumption expenditure of Shaanxi residents was 4,971 yuan, ranking 23rd in the provinces. Then the consumption expenditure of residents spends the whole country as a whole. In the first quarter, the largest proportion of consumption expenditure was food tobacco and alcohol consumption. The per capita expenditure of the country was 2084 yuan, accounting for%of the proportion of consumption expenditure.

Followed by residence, per capita consumption expenditure is 1435 yuan, accounting for%of consumption expenditure.

China Business Daily reporter Li Cheng source :.

Zhang Shuai broke the five -year champion wasteland to gain 280 points

Zhang Shuai broke the five -year champion wasteland to gain 280 points

Original title: Zhang Shuai broke the five -year champion wasteland on the evening of March 6th, Zhang Shuai defeated Ukraine players Jaclantremska in the WTA (International Women’s Tennis Association) 250 The first tourist singles champion.

This is also the first overseas WTA singles champion of Zhang Shuai after Zhang Shuai won the Guangzhou Station Championship in 2013 and 2017. Faced with many adversity, 33 -year -old Zhang Shuai forced his potential.

Earlier, the opponents had two players and two sides of the victory, and Zhang Shuai and the post -00s player Jaclarska had played twice in the Ukrainian player, and the two sides won one game. The most recent confrontation occurred in the fourth round of Wenwang in 2019. At that time, Zhang Shuai won the three sets of hardships. In his career, he was promoted to the quarterfinals in Wenwang for the first time.

This time, Zhang Shuai defeated the top ten French players in the top ten French players in the final of the finals, and reached the finals. Aristremska defeated Romanian veteran Costia to advance.

This game was the fifth WTA Tour Single Finals of the two.

280 points for winning the championship will rise to the 41st place in the first set. However, Zhang Shuai failed to complete the breakthrough in the 7th inning of the opponent’s serving game. Jacusremska immediately completed the break and won the first set 6 to 3.

Both the second sets of the two sides fluctuated.

Zhang Shuai determined the leading advantage by 4 to 1 through continuous breaking, and equalized the disk with 6 to 3.

After applying for a suspension before the victory, Aristreska achieved a 2-0 advantage in the third set. Zhang Shuai immediately completed the break, but still lag behind 2 to 4.

At the critical moment, Zhang Shuai completed the rebound and stabilized the situation 3 to 4.

In the key 8th inning, Zhang Shuai suffered controversy in the serve. Because there was no eagle eye at the scene, when Zhang Shuai communicated with the referee, some fans booed Zhang Shuai.

After Zhang Shuai’s stress completed the security, he did not give the other party any chance. He broke the band in the next two games and then reversed the championship 6 to 4. After holding the Lyon station championship trophy, Zhang Shuai received 280 points, and immediately ranked to 41st, and won the 25,000 euros championship bonus. For 33 -year -old Zhang Shuai, this champion is extraordinary. This champion is Zhang Shuai’s third tourist singles champion. The first two championships were won in the Guangzhou Open in 2013 and 2017. Zhang Shuai won the championship at Lyon Station. Since Zheng Saisai won the championship in San Jose in 2019, Chinese players have won the singles trophy of the tour.

Zhang Shuai has also become the sixth mainland player who won the championship abroad. The other five are Zheng Jie, Li Na, Sun Tiantian, Wang Yafong, and Zheng Sai. For 33 -year -old Zhang Shuai, this champion is of great significance. Although the world is still facing the risk of epidemic, Zhang Shuai has chosen to adhere to the professional field. Since last season, Zhang Shuai has trained to participate in the world and won the Double Women’s Double Women’s Women’s Women’s Double Championship last year. On the other hand, Zhang Shuai still insisted on both singles and doubles. Although he repeatedly encountered a round of tour, he finally insisted on flowering and fruity at Lyon.

After the game, Zhang Shuai also said that the champion made her see a better herself. "I haven’t tasted the championship for a long time. This time I saw my potential and a better self.

I hope I can continue to work hard and have such a good performance. "Zhang Shuai said.

(Bei Youth Daily reporter Chu Peng) (Editor: Luo Yu, Zhang Huawei) Share let more people see it.

"Red Man Dream" "Water Margin"

"Red Man Dream" "Water Margin"

  Olbach’s masterpiece "Mimesis" (mimesis) The famous opening, talking about the Torghum epic and "Old Testament" story in writing.

He said that the narrative of Homer is complete and thoughtful, all incidents occur in the foreground, the connection is close, expressive, nothing to hide; "Old Testa" is developed, only the part of the action is useful to the characters The rest, the rest, it is ambiguous, sometimes there will be no brain, giving people a mystery. This is related to the identity of the characters described in both: HMB writes the life of the upper society, the object of "Old Testament" is not divided into a class, which is a member of the nomadic or semi-tourism. Is this the difference between "Dream of Red Mansions" and "Water Margin"? "Red Man Dream" like Homer’s epic, there is no big, all portrayed no legacy, the pen, the pen is collected, "Water Margin" is like "Old Test" story, it is simple, and one will be a target, only highlight the spotlight. The next action, the rest is blurred into the background, "hurt, don’t ask the horse."

This is highly anastomically, "" Red Building "is sometimes too thin, there are people, there should be," Water Margin "uses a brief, but there is no, the aftertasis is not.

"This is because the social life form reflected in the two is significantly different. The Great Vision Garden is quiet, and the world is stable. The author is tuned for the sound color of the text, paying attention to the gorgeousness of the details.

Liang Shan Bo is in danger, killing the machine, and the speaker line is relatively extensive, and there is often a strong dynamic sense of "saying too late, when it is fast". Two examples may be given to illustrate. "Water Margin" second back to Wang Zhao Wei went to the feast of Wang Hao, "Dream of Red Man", the twenty-eighth time to write Jia Baoyu to Feng Ziying’s home, all, involving the Emperor Country, is a banquet, Also have a gift of a gift, just can be gounted. In the "Dream of Red Mansions", Baoyu attended his hand, Jiang Yuzhen came out. Two people standing under the gallery, Baoyu saw Jiang Yuxi and gentle, and he was very ninish in his heart. He asked him that there was a judge in the play class, but unfortunately did not see it.

Jiang Yuxi smiled, it is my little name. Baoyu said, I was "thought about it, took out the fan in the sleeves, and fell a jade fan. He handed the jade official, said:" The micronym is unbearable, and today’s friendship.

"Qi official took it, laughed:" It is not good to be, why caught! Also, I have a chick here. Today, I’m new, or it is a new, chat, I am a little intimacy.

"Said Bi Kaiyi, I will take a small red sweat area, and I have been in the jade." This sweat towel is the tribute of the Qiangxiang Nationality, the summer is in the summer, the skin is fragrant, Don’t be sweat. Yesterday, Northern Wang gave me, today’s upper body. If others, I will not be willing to give each other. I will solve myself, I have taught it.

"Bao Yu heard that it is not self-ban, and it is busy, and it will be tiered down, and he will hand with Qi official.

  The gift in "Dream of Red Mansions" has never been simply sent out and received, such as these two sweats. Baoyu sent a Songshi sweat towel, which was originally attacked to himself. And the official sent to Baoyu’s big red sweat towel. It was a pants that he was a small dress.

Baoyu did not intend to become an intermediary, did the media. These two sweat towels were invisibly to mediumize the logs. For the Qi Guan finally, I buried a voltline.

This is the back, the author is still guiding, and the side is mapped. Just on the banquet, a poem of Qi officials, is a "flowers and gas attack people."

Xue Yu is hit by a baby. And this baby, the two times have passed through Jia Wei’s eyes in Jin Yihongyuan "slippery" for a long time, "I know" I am more different in Baoyu "." However, the attacked people stole the big red sweat towels in the waist, said: "I don’t have a hanger, I took it early!" I show that she is "excellent blessings, the son is not worthy" A gesture of a fate ending.

But this is working with another play.

This big red sweat town, Qi official said that Bei Jing Wang sent, the northern Jingwang also sent Baoyu, a string of fragrant (one as the fragrant) of the rosary, and gave it holy. Baoyu will be transferred to Dai Yu, and the jade is equally unfelt: "What is stinky man has brought it! I don’t want him." Is this not going to bend the emperor? But Northern Wang is old, it is not a juvenile that will give things good. In the "Water Margin", everything is simple, it is a drink, straight gift: and say that this Wang Lai Wang Du Fu is in the banquet, all the seats, please set the king, Dai Ding, Accompany it.

The wine is a few cups, and the food is two sets. The king has a net hand, even if the college is less, and the book on the book is a pair of pair of pair of pair of children with children, it is very good, and exquisite.

Duan Wang picked up the lion, did not even see a look: "Good!" Wang Yucai saw Wang Xin love, said: "There is another Jade brush holder, which is also doing this craftman, but not in hand, tomorrow Come, one and send. "Duan Wang Daxi said:" Thank you for your strength, think that the frame is more wonderful.

"Wang Yuxi said:" Tomorrow will take it out, send it to the palace to see it.

"The side king thank you. The two are still incoming, drinking banquets, and can’t get angry.

Duan Wang is going back to the palace.

  This pair of Yushu Town Paper, a Yulong Sprinter, Wang Hao Close to the next day, I sent a high-definition, just asked the king in kicking the balloon, high-spirited, I accidentally revealed a foot, from now on. It can be seen that in Shi Niunti, these two things are only used as props, and the function of bonded plots is not like Cao Xueqin’s pen. Every matter is always the development of the story, weaving the fate of people.

Therefore, Cao Xueqin will explain the origin and characteristics of the sweat towel. It is the tribute to the priest of the Northern King, "Summer is laid, the skin is fragrant, and it is not supered." Shi Ni is brought, "It is very good, and" fine and exquisite "is also doing this tractor." What kind of exquisite, which kind of trainer? Not mentioned. "In the Dream of Red Mansions", "So reputation and drinking alcohol, until the night"; "Water Margin", "Two still enjoys, drinks the banquet, and incentive".

However, everything happened in the two paragraphs, "Dream of Red Mansions" is still reciprocating, and the remaining rhyme is endless, but the "Water Margin" is clean, so. Schneesi is a narrative of the line style, everything is floating at the moment, only a bundle of light is above.

Cao Xueqin’s narrative is a mesh. Take Olbach, it is a uniformumination, so it can develop like a uniformumination.

Song Qi is the only person who has compared Cao Xueqin and Homer. Because the Aldoushuxley pointed out that the greatness of Homer is to hold the entire truth of things (TheWholetruth), this is in Song Qi, one For example, Cao Xueqi’s mirror is high, and it is round to take a look.

  At this point, "Red Man Dream" is in the sense, the taste of the language is much higher than "Water Margin"? Can’t say this.

Albach believes that Homer’s epic and "Old Testament" story two stories, in fact, they are only a basic type of different styles. The size of the text is to serve the overall needs. "Old Testament" writes Abraham to bring servants and loves to sprinkle the three days to sacrifice God, and there is a landscape along the way.

"Water Margin" is also a poem in action, and the good people are like an empty road. Not from the author’s view, but from the characters, there is nothing better on the way, and it is not easy to go safely.

The author won’t go to the top of the characters, such as the paragraph that passed above – the end of the lion, not going to watch a look: "Good!" Don’t let go.

However, there will be no one in the eyes of the others, it is pure objective; people are not willing to release their hands in the hearts of the characters. This inch should be pinned. "It is also the case of this craftman", which is the same as immediate tones, the context of present.

It is no wonder that Musong San praises the text of "Water Margin", saying that there is a wind, diode translucent, touching machine, step by step is the moment. Gu, also praised the Wonderful Word of Nishi: "If the" Red Building "is ‘energy’, the" Water Margin "can be" God ".

"However, if there is another angle, Cao Xueqin’s realm seems to be higher, because, because of Ma Ming" big multiplication "said, the thinness, Buddha realm. The fineness of the Buddha is a Buddha. Therefore, the world with the reality of human beings, the world of "Red Mansions" is closer to the most of our most people today: people involve among a variety of relationships, speaking and action I have to pay attention to the feelings of others, can’t be used by my own sex.

In short, the Great Watch Garden is a social person who is trained, unlike the cottage water boom, only driven by nature.

(Author: Jiang Weishui, Department of Communication, Zhejiang University) [Editor: Li Dan].