[New Era of Entrusted New Journal] New Era] Linfen: Write a new chapter in the climbing overlap

[New Era of Entrusted New Journal] New Era] Linfen: Write a new chapter in the climbing overlap

Binhe Park, Linfen City.

Our reporter Zhang Wenhua on February 20th, at the first meeting of the Fifth People’s Congress of Linfen City, Li Yunfeng mentioned in the work report made on behalf of the last municipal government to the work report of the conference. Significantly improved, the industrial layout is more scientific, and the development of momentum has continued to increase. The "three major battles" decisively won, the well -being of the people’s livelihood continued to increase, and wrote a chapter of struggle in the rush of climbing.

The comprehensive strength increased significantly from 2016 to 2021. The general public budget revenue of Linfen City doubled, and the per capita disposable income of residents increased doubled. The regional GDP increased from 109 billion yuan to 190.9 billion yuan. The growth rate of regional GDP in 2021 reached %, the best level in the past 8 years; the average growth rate of regional GDP in 2020 and 20121 reached %, exceeding 1 percentage point nationwide.

  Modern agriculture has accelerated the development, the total grain production has stabilized more than 2 billion kilograms, and 72 leading and provincial leading enterprises have reached 72.

  Modern industrial files are upgraded, and advanced production capacity of coal, coke, and steel accounted for 79 %, 46 %, and 70 %, respectively. The value -added value of equipment manufacturing and strategic emerging industries increased by 166 % and 75 %, respectively. When it reaches 23 %, Xinchuang Industry presents a situation of gathering development.

  The modern service industry has improved quality and efficiency. A number of urban complexes and other urban complexes in Xinbahui and Wanda Plaza are opened. Linfen is selected as a national land -port logistics hub to carry pilot cities with high -efficiency distribution of urban and rural areas. Successfully held the 2018 Provincial Travel Development Conference and two Dahe Civilized Tourism Forum.

The industrial layout is more scientific from the new economic belt of Baili Fenhe to the "three hundred miles" economic belts, and then to the coordinated development of the "three major sectors" of along Fenfen, Huang, and the Taiyue. Development and improvement in innovation. The Fenfen sector has formed a high -end equipment manufacturing gathering area with CITIC Machinery and Huaxiang manufacturing as a leader. The Xinchuang Industrial Cluster represented by byte beating and Baidu is marked with Baidu.

  The creation of 5A -level scenic spots in the three countries along the yellow sector has been promoted. Yunqiu Mountain Scenic Area has been successfully established. The clean energy industries such as Daning flowers and gloves have risen one after another.

  Along the Taiyue section has formed the coal coking circulation industrial park of Anze and ancient counties, and the construction of Fushan China Resources Source Network Low (zero) carbon smart industrial park and Yicheng high -quality steel new material industrial park. Development momentum has continuously enhanced the city’s innovation -driven strategy, and the number of high -tech enterprises has doubled. Huaxiang Group’s "Renren Innovation and All Maker" model has been recognized by Premier Li Keqiang. The reform of key areas has made a breakthrough, and the "three major tasks" of state -owned enterprises and state -owned enterprises have been completed; Hongdong, Yicheng, Jixian, Yonghe Agricultural production custody model is promoted nationwide; standardized reform has taken the forefront of the province; Huaxiang Group is successfully listed, and Realized the "zero" of the main board of private enterprises in the province for 17 years. The pace of opening up has continued to accelerate, 4 new international friends, 70 countries and regions with trade exchanges with Linfen City, 11 columns of China -Europe Train successfully successfully operated, and the total import and export volume increased by 156%.

  The construction zone has strong construction momentum, with 9 new development zones and 7 industrial agglomeration areas.

The business environment is comprehensively optimized, the cumulative reduction of the approval time limit is 57%, and the tax reduction and fees of various types of enterprises are 19.1 billion yuan; the "standard land + commitment system", "element follow the project", "leading + agency + special office in the city + One Netcom Office "work mechanism; insist on solving the problem of the problem of the old accounts, the arrears of the old account, and the case, which confirms the improvement of the business environment of Linfen. The city’s production factors and affordable elements are concentrated, and the vitality of high -quality development has burst out.

The "Three major battles" decisively defeated the city’s poverty alleviation and achieved a comprehensive victory. All 10 poor counties were "removed" and 662 poor villages were listed. Thousands of poor households and 270,000 poor people were all poverty alleviation. The absolute poverty issues for thousands of years have been renewed in the development of poverty alleviation. The effectiveness of pollution prevention and control is obvious, and the city’s strength is accurate pollution, scientific pollution control, and pollution according to law. Yaudu, Hongdong, Xiangfen, below 600 meters above sea level basically achieve "coal -free". Zero, the five -year improvement rate of the environmental air quality integrated index in the urban area is%, and the water quality of the nine national examination sections has all withdrawn from the inferior V. Major risks are effective to prevent and control, deepen the three -year operation of special safety production, and build the "top ten systems" of production safety management. There have been no major accidents in the city’s industrial and mining enterprises for 13 consecutive years, and the safety production situation is generally stable. The risk assets of the Clearance Agricultural Credit Society were 15.5 billion yuan, and the debt of Liming Investment Group’s due debts in 2020 and 20121 was 18.7 billion yuan. The special struggle for anti -crime and eliminating evils has been further advanced, and the overall situation of the social situation has remained harmonious and stable. In particular, in the face of sudden new crown pneumonia, it quickly constructed the "3+2" prevention and control system, implemented "three lines" management, and strengthened the "four management and control". Linfen’s confirmation cases in the province were the least in the province, and there were no local second -generation cases. The well -being of the people’s livelihood continues to increase the city’s appearance. Among them, a number of projects such as the widening and transformation of the North and South Street of Gulou in Linfen City, the widening and transformation of the liberation road, the Gulou West Street Lijiao Bridge, and the Jiefang Road Interchange Bridge have been completed and put into operation; more than 10 boutique demonstration streets are created with the spirit of craftsmen, and the pocket park and street garden are built. For seats, the city’s face value, temperament, and value are continuously rising; a total of 2.34 million square meters of demolition is completed, especially the illegal building such as the Demonstration of Liberation Road 54, the Pingyang Asset Management Committee, and the "Most Bull Nail House" in the second middle road. The support of cadres and the support of the whole society.

  Rural construction has accelerated. The establishment of 164 provincial -level improvement of rural human settlements, and the penetration rate of rural sanitary toilets reached 71%. Infrastructure is continuously improved.

Changlin, Huo Yong (Yonghe to Yonghe Guan Duan) was opened to traffic at a high speed, and Ji Ji, Lihuo, and floating high -speed construction were accelerated; in the province, the province was the first to realize the "double coverage" of pure electric taxis and buses in the urban area. "The bus brand has won the title of" National Excellent Cultural Brand "of the Ministry of Transport; the ecological landscape project of the Fenhe River Basin has been accelerated, and the safety conditions of the 1.62 million rural people’s drinking water are consolidated and improved. Social undertakings are fully developed. New (modified, expanded) 77 public kindergartens and 258 township boarding schools, and 17 counties (cities, districts) are all through the basis of the basic balanced development of compulsory education in the country and counties; The promotion of promotion is promoted in an orderly manner; the new campus of the School of Modern Arts and Sciences of Shanxi Normal University has been built and opened, laying a good foundation for the transfer work. Linfen City was identified as one of the first three pilot cities of the "National -level Health Emergency Comprehensive Pilot Zone" and 18 of the 18 demonstration cities of DRG paid. The comprehensive strength ranked among the first echelons in the country, and the construction of the "15 -minute medical circle" in the urban area was fully launched. The cultural benefit project was implemented in depth, and the municipal museums and libraries were successively opened.

Holding the Erqing Society of Frozen Skating, shooting flying saucer, karate, and the Chinese tennis tour, the "Zhao Ruizhu effect" continued to appear, and sports athletes such as Miao Wanru made great achievements in international and domestic competitions. The influence continues to expand. There are 320,000 new employment in cities and towns, and 10,000 people in rural labor transfer.

Created the "Linfen Technician" brand such as Fushan Chefs and Huaxiang Craftsmen.

Social insurance has expanded, and the multi -level housing security system is initially established.

Especially in the face of the strongest autumn flood since the meteorological record last year, Linfen organized rescue and disaster relief in a timely manner, and accurately and efficiently promoted post -disaster reconstruction. The provincial task was successfully completed. No one of the masses caused poverty due to the disaster and returned to poverty due to disasters. The experience and practice of the reconstruction of damaged houses in Linfen City was fully affirmed by Secretary Lin Wu of the Provincial Party Committee. What are the work arrangements for Linfen City in the next five years? In this regard, Li Yunfeng said in the report that the next five years will be a critical period for Linfen to promote high -quality development and achieve the rise of advanced positions. It is also a great opportunity for the new government officer to start a business. Therefore, we must seize the major times of entrepreneurship of the officer, and strengthen the confidence of straight aisle sprint, curve overtaking, and led the road, and continue to write a new chapter in Linfen, which promotes high -quality development on the Pingyang land! Our reporter Zhang Wenhua (responsible editor: Li Lin, Ma Yunmei).

Zhejiang Yidong Expressway Lakefield Hub successfully achieved through

Zhejiang Yidong Expressway Lakefield Hub successfully achieved through

  The Hutian Hub is an important node connected to the Yidong Expressway and the Yongjin Expressway, and it is also the largest dual T -type composite hub in Zhejiang Province.

Therefore, the entire construction stage needs to carry out two -way four -lane section of the Golden Golden Expressway to broaden the two -way and eight -lane widening construction, and there are two ramp bridges across the gold high -speed speed. The project is difficult and the safety risks are high. In order to ensure the safety and orderly construction of cross -gold high -speed steel box beam frame facilities and the expected results, the Yidong Headquarters and construction units have given full play to the role of party building consortiums of various parties such as high -speed traffic police, road administration, and operating units to strengthen coordination and guarantee. The construction plan, jointly crack the security problems that may occur during the construction of the edge of the traffic. This project uses a smaller -area thin -walled pier to set up 55 -meter steel box beams into two sections of "25 meters+30 meters" to achieve no bracket construction, so that construction operations are always closed in unilateral four lanes to ensure guarantee During the construction period, the "two -way four -lane" can be achieved on the other side during construction.

During the setting up, the safety and technical personnel controlled the construction throughout the process to ensure that every link of the construction did not leave blind spots or dead ends, and safely completed the construction of the steel box beam frame.

  It is reported that Yidong Expressway is a key project for the construction of high -quality metropolitan areas in Zhejiang Province, and it is also the first highway to cross the main urban area of ??the city in Zhejiang Province. Up to now, the Jiangbei to Nanshi section of Yidong Expressway has completed a total of 100 million yuan, accounting for%of the approval budget, and the overall image of the project is%. Essence

  The relevant person in charge of the Yidong Headquarters of Zhejiang Provincial Transportation Group said that in the next step, the headquarters will solidly carry out the "brave and strong tackling tackling, strive to build a vanguard" activity in accordance with the established target time of the entire line. More advanced and pragmatic measures, high -quality and high -level promotion of project construction, early realization of the highway of the Golden East Dongyang city, and providing traffic guarantee for promoting the social and economic development of central Zhejiang region. (Tang Yanning, Wang Hongcun) (Editor: Ai Yutao, Kang Mengqi) Share let more people see recommended reading.

China calls for the use of real multilateralism to solve the problem of prevention and diffusion

China calls for the use of real multilateralism to solve the problem of prevention and diffusion

Xinhua News Agency, United Nations, May 31st (Reporter Wang Jianang) Chinese permanent representative of the United Nations Zhang Jun stated on May 31 that he should adhere to true multilateralism and emphasize that the problem of prevention and diffusion is global challenges. It is inseparable from the United Nations leadership.

Zhang Jun called on the public conference at the public conference on the 1540s of the Security Council held on the same day that all parties should adhere to the concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative, and sustainable safety concepts, attach importance to reasonable and safe concerns, eliminate the spread of diffusion, and work hard to achieve universal safety, and Common safety. It is necessary to follow the purpose and principles of the United Nations Charter, strengthen the collective security mechanism with the United Nations as the core, maintain the authority of the Security Council, and adhere to the problem of preventing and spreading heat cooling through dialogue and negotiation.

Zhang Jun said that the "Treaty of Non -diffused Nuclear Weapons" is the cornerstone of the international nuclear disarmament and non -diffusion system, and is an important part of the post -war international security system.

All countries cannot "use it if they are used, and they are not abandoned", they cannot adopt dual standards and selective practices. They should resolutely resist the treaty of the treaty and hollowing out.

Regarding the country, regardless of the international community’s opposition to the cooperation of nuclear submarines, he insisted on introducing weapons -level nuclear materials to the Asia -Pacific region, obviously violated the purpose and purpose of the treaty, causing serious risk of nuclear diffusion. At the same time, countries should further enhance the universality of the Treaty of Non -diffusing Nuclear Weapons, the Prohibition of Biological Weapons, and the Prohibition of Chemistry Weapon Convention, and take the opportunity to review the meeting of various treaties to ensure that it is fully, effective, and balanced. Zhang Jun emphasized that in order to use technology and conducting international cooperation in peace, it is an irreplaceable right to international law.

Over the years, some countries have relying on their own "small circle" of the "small circle" of the "small circle" of various national mechanisms to implement discriminatory export control measures in developing countries and make dual standards.

Individual countries also use the pretext of preventing diffusion or national security, to do restrictions on scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation, promote the detachable chain, and seriously erode the foundation of preventing and proliferating international cooperation.

Zhang Jun said that China supports the 1540 committee to formulate a reasonable work plan, continue to substantially promote the comprehensive review of the resolution, conduct objective assessment of the implementation of the resolutions in various countries, and attach importance to the spread challenges brought by emerging technology. It is recommended to further promote international cooperation in the field of prevention and diffusion, improve the effectiveness of assistance activities, and promote the comprehensive and effective implementation of resolutions. On April 28, 2004, the Security Council unanimously passed the resolution No. 1540.

The resolution is the first special anti -diffusion resolution in the Security Council, and it is also an important pillar of international anti -proliferation efforts.

According to the resolution, the Security Council established a anti -diffusion committee composed of all members of the Security Council, namely the 1540 Committee.

Daxing District Federation of Trade Unions builds employees’ healthy Japanese characteristic brands to build employee health protection barrier

Daxing District Federation of Trade Unions builds employees’ healthy Japanese characteristic brands to build employee health protection barrier

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, May 25 (Chi Mengrui) On May 25th, the launching ceremony of the "525" Daxing District Employee Health Day and 2022 Daxing District Employee Health Care Series Ceremony in Daxing District was held. The official opening of this event marks that the employees of Daxing District have an exclusive health day, and the "love Xiaowu" symbolizing health and vitality becomes the health care ambassador of employees. Essence

According to reports, the "525" Daxing District Employee Health Day is an innovative measure for the implementation of the health protection work of the Daxing District Federation of Trade Unions. This is called the brand of employee health activities to spread the concept of caring for employees; relying on the entire year of employee health care series of activities to continue to strengthen the influence, promote the healthy and standardized of employee health activities; use the release of the employee health day image ambassador "Love Xiaowu" To further stimulate employees to participate in enthusiasm, actively guide employees to firmly establish the theme thoughts of "caring for self, health first", always pay attention to their own health level, and jointly create a healthy cultural atmosphere.

At the launching ceremony, the image ambassador of the Health Day of the Daxing District was officially released, and the series of employees’ health care for employees in the 2022 Daxing District was officially released. "Guan" Heart: Psychological Health Season —— Learn a psychological health "micro" classroom; "love" protection: safeguard rights and interest seasons -listening to a classic case of employee rights protection; "self" prevention: disease prevention season -participating in a disease prevention prevention Knowledge Questions and Answers; "I" can: Health Empowerment Season —— Learn a small trick of health care … From now on, the Daxing District Federation of Trade will invite employees in the region to participate in the series of employees’ health care series activities for the whole year, with work collection, interesting Q & A , Video science popularization, online micro -classrooms, graphic push and other forms of rich forms. Through the "micro -harbor" applets, employees participated in various learning, activities and points, and won the honorary title of "Professional Health" of the year. Niu Yujun, Secretary of the Party Group and Executive Vice Chairman of the Daxing District Federation, introduced that in recent years, the health protection work of employees has been the key task of the district chief union. As of now, 15 employee soul stations have been established and 124 psychological decompression activities, especially for targeting Grassroots epidemic prevention and control personnel, serving more than 5,000 person -times; 16 employee activity centers, 837 health and cultural activities, benefiting more than 33,000 employees; cumulative inspiration for "walking", "work exercises", "football table tennis feathers" and other incentives There are 16 sexual activities, participating in more than 2,3600 employees; supervision agencies, enterprises and institutions use room for fitness, as well as 10,000 people in health check -up activities. Next, the Daxing District Federation of Trade Unions will use the "1+2+N" working method, use the employee health day as a center, and adhere to the two main lines of employees’ physical health and mental health. Employee health protection. In addition, through in -depth development of health enterprises and the selection of "professional health experts", supervise all units to implement the responsibility of the main body of employees’ health protection, guide employees to strengthen their initiative to care for themselves. Public enterprises promote the two -way efforts of employees’ health protection. (Responsible editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Share let more people see it.

Namibia Confucius Institute Baozi Celebration Dragon Boat Festival

Namibia Confucius Institute Baozi Celebration Dragon Boat Festival

Xinhua News Agency and Ke, June 3 (Reporter Chen Chengyu Yinyin) Students from the Confucius Institute of Namibia University took a unique cooking class on the 3rd. They follow the Chinese teachers to learn buns and dumplings with Chinese teachers in class, and learn Chinese in an intuitive way to learn about Chinese traditional festivals. According to Ji Qingfen, a teacher of Kong Yuan, Confucius Academy has class activities every semester, and will organize students to experience and learn traditional Chinese culture in various forms.

Affected by the epidemic, various activities have been suspended for two years. This is the first time to resume offline activities this year.

In the past, the students had tasted Chinese hot pot, noodles, buns, etc., and dumplings were still trying for the first time.

The two Confucius Yuan teachers prepared the production materials in advance. The production process was demonstrated on the spot. A teacher taught Baozi and a dumplings. The students were divided into two groups according to their interests and followed the teacher to make traditional Chinese cuisine.

In the process of teaching, the teacher fully mobilized the enthusiasm of students, and allowed students to remember the time, origin, and folks in a relaxed and happy atmosphere while completing Chinese teaching. Students have stated that they are happy to accept this form of education and fun, and they learn faster and more firmly. (Responsible editor: Su Yanxiang, Yang Mu) Share let more people see it.

Zhejiang urban and rural modern community construction front -line

Zhejiang urban and rural modern community construction front -line

  The old village house transformed into a shared bookstore, and the face recognition entered and the one -click appointment borrowed it. In the "Health Center", the big data and intelligent wearable equipment of the digital cockpit link to the real -time linkage to form the electronic health of each villager’s life cycle Archives … In the "Rural Future Community" in Xikou Town, Longyou County, Luzhou City, Zhejiang Province, a future version of "Rural Pastoral Map" is slowly unfolding.

    Although the community is small, it is related to the happiness of millions of households. In Zhejiang, more than 10,000 urban and rural communities are both the "nerve endings" of the society, but also the carrier of the masses to realize the vision of livable and business, comfort and peace of mind. Nowadays, Zhejiang is led by grass -roots party building, the needs of residents, and the digital reform as a traction. Walking into the New Lotus Community, Lotus Street, Kecheng District, Luzhou City, it is everywhere: the "red property understands the wall" with a comprehensive content of the main channel of the community; each building entrance can see the "grid conventions" with unique features. … As a community that is gone in the old house, the Xinhe community has also been troubled by problems such as "the vehicle is stopped, no one is cleaned up, and the green space becomes a vegetable garden."

"Community, property, industry committee and owners have their own grievances and their own demands.

"Ms. Zhang, a community resident, said. Now, through the establishment of the" Red Property Alliance ", the" red line "of Xinhe Community uses the" red line "of the party, property companies, and community owners, and use joint meetings and other carriers to jointly work together To solve the difficulties in the management of community management. In addition to strengthening the ability of party building and leadership, in many places in Zhejiang, new methods such as "people’s councils" and "good neighborhoods" have emerged. Community governance system, use digital dredging the "capillaries" of grass -roots units. "Hello, I am from Yingfeng Street. There is something to notify you here …" In Yingfeng Street, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, The AI ??digital social worker "Xiaoying" built by the "Yingli" digital platform is "calling" community residents.

The street staff can complete the propaganda work of batch, accurate and efficient notifications through "Xiaoying". "The digital governance platform makes community work more efficient.

We have built a series of data systems through the platform, completed the 120,000 residents’ archives and data combing in turn, carried out intelligent receptions of more than 20,000 residents, and opened up the closed loop of management services of streets, communities, and residents.

Zhang Dan, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Yingfeng Street, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, said.

  The combination of "numbers" and "governance" not only promoted the precision of grass -roots social governance, but also allowed community services to achieve a new extension. "With Chinese medicine acupuncture, the pain in my hand is much more soothing!" The 57 -year -old Zheng Weiguo came to the Sangyuandi Village Community Health Service Station in Sangyuandi Village, Shuangpu Town, Xihu District, Hangzhou, and asked the doctor who made the appointment to make wormwood for him. Acupuncture.

  In the Sangyuan Di Village Community Health Service Station, residents can use intelligent health all -in -one to detect blood sugar, cholesterol, blood lipids, etc.

"The health data of the elderly in the village will be connected to our ‘rural brain’. In the future, video consultation will also achieve minor illnesses.

Zheng Xiangchao, a cadre of Sangyuan Di Village, said.

  Today in Zhejiang, the organic connection and overall use of forces in all aspects have become a key spoon for building a co -governance shared community.

Under the good vision of common prosperity, the exploration of modern community governance is ongoing. (Reporter Tang Tao, Guo Yuqi).

"Mensen" civiele epos van gewone arbeiders, veroorzaakt resonantie

"Mensen" civiele epos van gewone arbeiders, veroorzaakt resonantie

Wacht even in de enquête. Als er al lang geen reactie is, vernieuw deze pagina volgens Liang Xiaoyu’s synonieme romans, door Li Lu, Wang Haiyu Screenwriter, Lei Jiayin, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, de tv-serie "Mensen" met de "mensen" in CCTV wordt uitgezonden. Zelfs met het Spring Festival, de Olympische Winterspelen, enz., Zijn de hete "positieve botsing", "mensen" geoogst in het ritme van niet-XU. De algehele capaciteit van het drama is 58 afleveringen. Op dit moment heeft slechts een derde van de CCTV, in de audiovisuele gegevens van China 2% overschreden, bereikt% op de coole cloud real-time tv-gegevenslijst, de rest van de tv-serie Er is slechts één% en de kijkgegevens zijn gedurende de hele lijn gerold. Liang Xiaoyu heeft oorspronkelijk de film niet overwogen en geneigd te zeggen dat de auteur Liang Xiaoyou, de auteur van de roman, "mensen" zelf een speciaal werk is. Verwijder het werk aan de reputatie van de auteur, "People" is niet als werk Liang Xiaosheng’s, zoals "Years", "Xuecheng", "Chi Qing", "return tijdperk", enz. Het is gemaakt door de TV-zender, "" People "vaststelt dat het onmogelijk is om een tv-serie te maken, denk ik niet dat dit aspect." ik heb niet overwegen te verhuizen als gevolg van de schepping "mensen in de wereld" "het verhaal is niet zorgen voor de moeilijkheid van schieten, heeft de auteur het opzetten van de idee uit de jaren 1970, die dit soort obsessie, heeft het schilderij van "mensen" gemaakt, en ook werd de beste van Liang Xiaoxi schrijven concept. Leg uit, "Beschrijf de wensen van de evolutie van het leven ". Liang Xiaoxis zei dat in de loop van de evolutie van het leven, de tijden ook zijn veranderd, zoals een werkende klasse, en het concept van het huidige concept is volledig anders geweest.

  Liang Xiaoyu gebruikte "Meeting Hate" om de eerste ontmoeting van Li Lu, "Mensen" Director Li Road te beschrijven. Er zijn veel gewone talen voor het echte onderwerp. Li Lu heeft het concept van het beeld en gevoelens van de arbeidersklasse, maar laat Liang Xiaoyu ook volwassenen hebben, Liang Xiaosheng heeft het idee veranderd en besloot hen volledig te ondersteunen, en het is moeilijk om te ondersteunen. Om deze steun uit te drukken, zei Liang Xiaoxis zelfs een papiervergunning voor 5 vel, dat zolang Li Lu "professioneel, puur, hoe te veranderen".

  De belangrijkste creatie heeft het noordoostelijke eigen vermogen "Noordoost is mijn geboortestad en het is mijn wens in mijn geboortestad.

"Li Lu zei dat de meester schepping personeel is onmisbaar voor het noordoosten complex. Naar zijn mening, de charme van het noordoosten is niet per se de"炕炕"" er is een meer aanhankelijk zwarte land cultuur, hoopt hij Northeast De meest nemen Mooie en meest ruwe dingen worden weergegeven in de "mensen". Li Road gelooft dat het aantal "mensen" groeit, maar het zal de harten van duizenden huishoudens be?nvloeden, laat het publiek de laatste zien.

Op tijdspanne hebben "Mensen" geen narratieve benadering van vernietiging aangenomen, maar in een gespelde, vrijetijdsbesteding-techniek, die met close-gerelateerde gebeurtenissen met betrekking tot het karakterliefstuk wordt getoond.

De aflevering is allemaal beschaafd in de personages, niet God, maar gegraveerd de bestemming. In de weergave van Li Road is het echte onderwerp een schilder, het schilderij is moeilijk en alle personages in de "mensen", het publiek is gemakkelijk om prototypen in hun eigen huis te vinden.

De tijdspanne van vijftig jaar groepsplay-script is buitengewoon moeilijk te regelen, de screening, richting, aandeel, aandeel van tekens, deadline, het karakter van het karakter, het lot, enz. Elk moet zorgvuldig worden overwogen. Er is in totaal honderden beroemde personages in het spel en hun spelers zijn ook ervaren acteurs. De belangrijkste acteurs zijn Leijiayin, Song Jia is noordoosten. Bij het ontmoeten van de producten benadrukte Lei Jiayin dat de conditie van zichzelf en de rol nooit in de vorm wordt weerspiegeld. Hij groeide op in Anshan. Toen hij een kind was, leefde hij in de arbeidersgerecht. Hij zei dat zijn gelukkigste geheugen de wortel is van zijn noordoosten, "Ik ben Zhou Bing, ik moet spelen, ik moet spelen!" In " People" in de tijdlijn, wordt Leikun Zhou Bingqin grofweg geboren in 1952-1953, is Lei Jiayin’s vader geboren in die tijd, en staatsbedrijven zijn ouders hebben ook ervaren hervorming, en de moeder ook doorgegeven. Voor hem, "mensen" is het leven van de vader. Het prototype binnenzijde is gegraveerd in zijn hersenen. "Ik heb een sterk idee op het moment, zal ik me mijn ouders te geven." In de jaren, "de mensen" over de vijftig jaar tijdspannen, om de ware gevoelens van de restauratie verhalen uitputten, het afspelen van het script is al meer dan drie jaar, en het tijdrovende gedurende zes maanden van nerveuze schieten, voor de details " ‘Streng’ control, de historische Scènes van elke periode verandert de familieomgeving, klein voor allerlei soorten leven, een kom met een kom van een kom van een kom, allemaal in overeenstemming met het oorspronkelijke uiterlijk in de noordelijke omgeving.

  De bemanning werd neergeschoten in Changchun, Harbin, Liaoning, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guiyang en andere plaatsen. Met het oog op de woonwijk Noordoost Old Industrial City reproduceren, de bemanning gebouwd 40.000 vierkante meter, de lichtlijn gebruikte 70.000 meter, The Lampvoet zit vol met tientallen ultra lange dozen. Er zijn ook veel oude objecten verzameld in de fase van de opnames, gebouwd meer dan 1.000 platte rekwisieten, oude posters in het drama, oude kalender, oude kleding, en velen van hen zijn echte dingen. "Streef ernaar om het publiek te laten zien dat ik terug zal dromen naar dat jaar" is het doel hoopt te bereiken. Wanneer het drama uitzending, broeken Zhou Bingkun verdachte zus is te strak, Zheng Juan verlegenheid, omdat er geen schaamte dat is te arm, en een meervoud van zes of zeven jongeren samenwerkingsverband van een varkensvlees te kopen, laat het publiek terug te keren naar terug te keren. Dat ouderdom ontbrak. "Licht woord" mensen hebben een slechte emotionele verbinding, "Six Junzi" is moeilijk om een ??goede jeugd te hebben, laat het publiek in de baas de menselijke gevoelens en warmte opnieuw bekijken.

Met de voortgang van de plot, het drama op het punt staat een kleine climax te voeren, en de tragische gevoel van het lot van de personages is een enorme impact op het publiek. Dit is een burger episch drama voor gezinnen gewone werknemers. Gamble. Li Xiashi.

Си цзиньпин подчеркнул важность обеспечения поставок основных сельскохозяйственных продуктов

Си цзиньпин подчеркнул важность обеспечения поставок основных сельскохозяйственных продуктов

ФотоСиньхуаПекин, 6марта / Синьхуа / – ПредседательКНРСиЦзиньпинсегодняподчеркнул, чтоследуетотводитьболееважноеместоповышениюкомплексногопотенциаласельскохозяйственногопроизводства, атакжепродолжатьнаращиватьусилияпосодействиювысококачественномуразвитиюсистемысоциальногообеспечениявстране.СиЦзиньпин, являющийсятакжегенеральнымсекретаремЦККПКипредседателемЦентральноговоенногосовета, выступилстакимзаявлениемвовремявстречисчленамиВсекитайскогокомитетаНародногополитическогоконсультативногосоветаКитая / ВКНПКСК / 13-госозываизсекторовсельскогохозяйства, социальногоблагосостоянияисоциальногообеспечения, принимающимиучастиев5-йсессииВКНПКСК13-госозыва.СиЦзиньпинприсоединилсякихсовместнойпанельнойдискуссииизаслушалихмненияипредложенияКитайскийлидерподчеркнул, чтообеспечениепоставокосновныхвидовсельскохозяйственнойпродукции, особеннозерна, являетсяглавнымприоритетомвделеподъемасела.ФотоСиньхуаФотоСиньхуа.

"Cold" from the south to South! See when your family cools down

"Cold" from the south to South! See when your family cools down

  "I don’t see the five fingers", "mobile phone blurred eyes are also blurred", "I am afraid not in the fairyland" … Today (18th), Beijing, Tianjin and Sichuan, Chongqing, Jiangxi and other places. Because the fog is too large, in the hides of the building, there are even netizens to paint, and hook out the original shape. In the next few days, two cold air will affect our country. The front of the cold air is relatively weak, and the type of pre-station is the type of pre-station. He is the same as the West Road from the West Road. Under its role, the fog of the above areas It will be reduced. In the 19th, it began to affect our cold air. The stars helped everyone to focus: Key 1: Air condition from the north to cool down to cool directly to Hainan on the 19th, strength to send cold air with wind, cool down, rain Snow hits, my country’s 80% of the country will be affected.

Its influence is similar to the cold wave before the winter, and it will cool down from Hainan Island. Key 2: It is also a quite amount of quenches. The temperature will innovate. The chief meteorological analyst of China Weather Network, 19 to 20, the cold air will lead to Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, the central and western, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia and other places Great wind cools; from 21st to 22nd, most of the Middle Eastern region; 23 cold air even affects the northern part of Hainan Island.

  Effected by cold air, this weekend to the beginning of the week, including many places, including South China, will be obvious, more than 10 ° C, the central part of Inner Mongolia, the north of Shanxi, the western region of Shandong, the western part of Guizhou, or the highest temperature drop or It will exceed 15 ° C.

  After cooling, the highest temperature in Northeast is less than -5 ° C, northwest, North China, Huang Huai zero 5 ° C, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River are only 10 ° C, and the South China is less than 20 ° C.

  The minimum temperature in all localities will generally fall to the low point on the 23rd, in the morning of the 23rd, the south pressure to the Yangtze River in the middle and lower reaches of the Sichuan Basin, and the lowest temperature in South China is only 10 ° C. More than 10 provincial level cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Nanchang and the municipality of the municipality or in the middle under the central government are new and low, and it is colder than the cold wave, in which Harbin, Changchun will fall into the winter. 10 ° C, Hefei will fall below 0 ° C after entering the fall.

  Key 3: South rain, Heilongjiang snowfall strength or broken November, the cold air will also bring a large range of rain and snow weather, 20th to 21st, southwest, Jianghan, Jianghuai, Jiangnan, South China and Huanghuai and other places will appear Rainfall, mainly in small to medium rain, local rain.

  Snowfall mainly appears in Xinjiang and Northeast, among the eastern part of Inner Mongolia, the snowfall in the northeast is mainly from 21st to 23rd, although the overall strength of snowfall is not as good as the cold wave, but Heilongjiang will have strong snowfall, especially Jiamusi, crane In the field, the snowfall intensity may be close or broken the November record, and form a clear snow, be alert to strong snowfall and snow may be disasterer, and make a good prevention in advance.

  The overall strength of this wheel air is weaker than the last cold wave weather process. But the cooling, wind and rain and snow capability are not to be underestimated, everyone should be vigilant, pay attention to prevent! .

Protect intellectual property rights to stimulate the vitality of innovation

Protect intellectual property rights to stimulate the vitality of innovation

  At present, the core reading of more and more countries has increased the protection and innovation investment of intellectual property rights in more and more countries. Global scientific output, R & D investment, and application of intellectual property rights have been increasing, and global innovation activities are strong. China’s intellectual property industry has developed rapidly, the innovation environment and the business environment have been further improved, and positive contributions to global governance of intellectual property rights and international cooperation.

  The World Intellectual Property Report recently released by the World Intellectual Property Organization pointed out that during the prevention and control of the epidemic, many innovative subjects will focus on digitalization and pharmaceutical research and development. Global innovation still shows strong motivation. Among them, the government has played with innovation. It is a vital role.

The report also pointed out that as the direction of innovation changes, the global intellectual property field is also facing new challenges, and countries need to further strengthen reform and policy coordination in related fields.

  A report released by the global innovation activity showed the tough World Intellectual Property Organization recently showed that although it was disturbed by the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic, the number of applications for the design application of patents, trademarks, and industrial products in 2021 still set a new record. It shows strong toughness.

According to statistics, the international patent application submitted by the World Intellectual Property Organization "Patent Cooperation Treaty" in 2021 increased by%to 10,000, reaching 10,000, a record high. The number of international trademark applications and the design of industrial products increased by%and%year -on -year.

Data show that Asia has become the most active area of ??global intellectual property activities. In 2021, international patent applications from Asia accounted for%of the global total, ranking first.

  Deng Hongsen, director of the World Intellectual Property Organization, said that the growth of various indicators in the field of intellectual property shows the strong toughness of innovative research and development fields, and the strong motivation to bring new products and services to the market in various countries. This shows that people are increasingly recognized that innovation is of great significance to overcome the impact of epidemic and ensure economic stability. Under the background of the epidemic prevention and control, the focus and direction of global innovation and development are also accelerating.

The World Intellectual Property Organization pointed out that digitalization is changing the objects, types, and processes of innovation to change various industries. From the perspective of regional distribution, the rapid improvement of scientific and technological innovation in Asia has become a global innovation and intellectual property output highland, which has effectively promoted the growth of the world economy. Casten Finker, chief economist of the World Intellectual Property Organization, said that in the face of the uncertainty of the global economic recovery, innovation and intellectual property protection will become an important driving force for promoting scientific and technological progress, promoting industrial upgrading, and achieving sustainable development. Global well -known property law firms Denmel pointed out that it is expected that the number of global patents, industrial products design and trademark applications in the next few years will still maintain a growth trend. In order to conform to the global wave of innovation, countries should accelerate the modernization of the intellectual property management system and promote the digitalization of intellectual property management platforms and tools.

  In recent years, many countries have strengthened innovation protection. Many countries have attached importance to strengthening the construction of intellectual property systems and encouraging enterprise innovation to accelerate the pace of economic recovery and industrial transformation. The EU Intellectual Property Office has launched the "2025 Strategic Planning", which aims to establish a more efficient and reliable intellectual property service system by improving the quality and level of public services to build the EU’s leading position in the global intellectual property field.

  The recent statistics released by the German Patent and Trademark Office show that the number of German patents and trademark authorizations in 2021 hit a record high, and the review efficiency has increased significantly. The head of the German Patent and Trademark Office said that the significant increase in patent awarding volume will help further enhance the market competitiveness of the enterprise.

  The recent data released by the French State Administration of Industry also showed that the number and patent application volume of corporate trademark applications accepted by France in 2021 increased by%and%, respectively. The French government proposes to promote digital driving innovation in high -tech fields such as semiconductor, biopharmaceuticals, nuclear energy, and electric vehicles. As a country with the highest per capita patent applications, Switzerland has a leading position in intellectual property revenue, the conversion rate of innovation results, and the production of high -end technology products.

Switzerland actively builds an innovative ecosystem based on close cooperation based on universities, scientific research institutions, corporate enterprises and public departments.

  Deng Hongsen said that the government has a unique advantage in promoting innovation. For example, it can better meet social needs by deploying resources and provides correct incentive measures and favorable environment to stimulate innovation and development potential. Strengthening the research of the International Cooperation of Intellectual Property Cooperation EU Intellectual Property Office pointed out that at present, the global intellectual property sector still faces new challenges, especially the development of scientific and technological development has brought new communication channels and business models, which has further increased the probability of infringement of intellectual property.

Many small and medium -sized enterprises are still relatively weak. Taking the results of the EU Intellectual Property Office for investigation as an example, only 9%of SMEs have their own intellectual property rights.

  It is worth noting that the phenomenon of regional imbalance in R & D investment has further intensified. Fang Zhulan, a professor at the School of Economics of Renmin University of China, said that the imbalance in the development of the global innovation region is objective. The main reason is that the quality of human capital and the imbalance of related agglomeration effects, and the leading advantages of innovation in frontier countries will further increase. The international community, especially the scientific and technological community, education, and business circles, to further explore and cooperate with mutual benefit, strengthen social responsibility, to expand the positive and external effects of original innovation for the common welfare of human beings, and help developing countries get rid of the dilemma of development. As the largest developing country, China has continuously promoted the development of its own intellectual property in recent years, while actively promoting the improvement of global governance of intellectual property rights and strengthening international cooperation.

  According to data recently released by the European Patent Office, in the 2021 European patent applications, the number of applications from China increased the highest among 30 major patent applications, reaching 24%. In the past 10 years, the number of Chinese companies in Europe has increased 4 times. The "World Intellectual Property Index" report shows that in 2020, China’s applications for intellectual property rights in patents, trademarks, and industrial products have ranked first in the world, showing a strong innovative vitality. The report pointed out that China is integrating into the wave of global innovation and becoming the core and active participants of the global value chain of cutting -edge technology such as information technology.

  The Chinese government has issued a series of important planning and deployment to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and copyright protection of foreign -funded enterprises, and the advancement of antitrust and anti -unfair competition. The "Business Confidence Survey 2021" released by the Chinese EU Chamber of Commerce shows that more than half of the interviewed companies believe that the law enforcement of Chinese intellectual property rights is "good enough" and "very good". Sumitella Duta, a professor of management at Cornell University in the United States, said that some emerging economies represented by China actively overtaken in innovation, so that international technology transfer and national innovation are effective Industry, this will help promote the establishment of a more balanced innovation system around the world. (Zheng Bin) Editor in charge: Zhang Zeyue.