Singham Tangfu newcomer "face the oriental", remember the hero with the song

Singham Tangfu newcomer "face the oriental", remember the hero with the song

Recommended reading in Hequ County, Shanxi Province, located on the banks of the Yellow River, has a rich traditional Chinese village resource and a long-standing unique folk song culture. In order to more scientifically protect and develop cultural resources, the local party committee, the government conduct extensive research, contact unburring cooperation with corresponding discipline advantages, At present, teachers and students from Beijing Jiaotong University, China Music Academy have been invited, and in the local area Listing established a cooperative base.

2021-11-1209: 22 "100 million!" On the 11th, China’s Petroleum Southwest Oil Airfield Company came to good news – as of 16:00 on the same day, the company’s 2021 natural gas production exceeded 30 billion cubic mirage, Add 3 billion cubic meters from the same period last year.

This achievement is 33 days earlier than last year. 2021-11-1209: Before the 21st, the National Key Laboratory of Zhujiang Hospital, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the research results of the National Key Laboratory of Process Projects, Peking University, etc. Research "Total-based arsenic targeting to different types of leukemia It has a strong anti-white blood treatment effect, published in the Science Magazine "Natural · Nanotechnology".

2021-11-1209: 19 Not long ago, the China Manned Space Project Office issued a photo taken in the track, and many people notice a detail – there is a layer of glowing boundaries outside.

Is this an atmosphere? Why is it "bright" in the night sky? What is the height of this layer? What is the principle of glow? 2021-11-1209: 16 Meteor shower is the romantic colorful sky. Astronomical Science Experts introduction, Taurus North Flow Rain and Leo Meteor Shower will usher in November 12th and 18th.

Although the traffic is not large, if the luck is good, friends who like the meteor shower will have the opportunity to see the bright fireflow star. 2021-11-1209: 15 You have a problem "release list", I have "unveiled" with this matter.

On November 4, the reporter learned from the Huizhou Science and Technology Bureau of Guangdong Province that the bureau has "released" 8 "revealed" project list this year, and the "public Zhang Bo" is open to the whole country.

The total investment of each project is between 15 million yuan to 30 million yuan.

2021-11-1209: 13 Recently, the Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department presided over the provincial department to jointly establish a chemical imaging material and technical state key laboratory, and the provincial department of mining rock formation intelligent control and green mining national key laboratory construction application Reporting the report. This means that the two laboratories in Shandong have become the key points and enters the "acceleration period". 2021-11-1209: 12 "Now the city’s traffic congestion is also very common, how to solve traffic pollution? One of them is to transport the goods to the ground, build the city’s underground smart logistics and transportation system. This system is built, People only need to click on any mouse. The purchased goods are like tap water. The automatic shipment cabinets that flow into the ‘residential community in the groundwater … "2021-11-1209: November 10, the fourth The fair closes. This session of the Expo National Exhibition uses new technical means such as virtual reality (VR), three-dimensional modeling, to build a standardized digital exhibition hall for exhibitors, and interactive functions are also set up, enhance the online display effect. 2021-11-1209: 10 According to the US Fun Science website, the new model of Sino-American scientists has been established. During the new crown epidemic, more than 28,000 tons related plastic waste, such as masks and gloves, eventually flowing into the ocean .

2021-11-1209: 09 A immunological study published on the 11th of the United Kingdom, pointed out that the exposure of other coronaviruses may increase the speed of the body to clear the new crown virus, because the immune system has "memory", can remember Virus replicas with highly conserved virus in different coronaviruses. 2021-11-1209: 08 A linguistic research published on the 10th of the UK Preschool, including the Pan – European – including Japanese, Korean, Tonggu, Mongolian, Turkic – may all originate from about 9000 China has spread in China and in the development of agriculture.

This study helped clarifying a paragraph in the history of Eastern Europe.

2021-11-1209: 07 By Ai– is usually driven by the machine learning algorithm will help us in an increasingly innovative way.

For example, smart cars use facial recognition algorithm to detect whether the driver pays attention to the road condition, and make reminders when the driver feels exhaustion and fatigue; smart phone uses the AI ??algorithm to do everything, from keeping call quality to help us to shoot better photos, etc. .

021-11-1209: 07 The latest issue of "Natural" magazine issued a study revealed how palmitic acid changes the possibility of cancer the proliferation of cancer. Researchers said they have developed the therapy of this process, and clinical trials may be started in the next few years. 2021-11-1209: 06 There are a lot of sparkling packaging, cosmetic bottles, fruit plates, etc. in life, but many of them are made from poisonous and unsustainable materials, which will cause plastic pollution.

2021-11-1209: 06 As the chief expert of epidemiology of China Disease Control and Prevention

2021-11-1209: 05 The first "desert soil" ecological restoration technology, in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Xisha Island Reef, etc., the trial transfer mechanics to be the reality. This team that uses "black technology" to heal, from Chongqing, no desert, from Chongqing Jiaotong University, known as the bridge.

After the seemingly "ignore", it is the exploration of the schoolmaster and ecological cross-innovation. 2021-11-1109: 42 The State Council recently issued the "2030 Pre-Carbon Peak Action Plan" proposed, focusing on the implementation of energy green low-carbon transitions, implementing energy-saving and carbon-producing action, etc. "Carbon Peak Ten Action". 2021-11-1109: 41 Reporter learned from China University of Science and Technology, the school’s Life Science and Medical Department and the First Affiliated Hospital Xiong Wei’s topic group An important role in this neurochondium in this nerve circle in regulating the recruitment. The research results were published on November 4th in "Nature · Communication." 2021-11-1109: 39 Biological Nitrogen as a potential new type of nitrogen fertilizer source, is of great significance for agricultural sustainable development. In legumen biological nitrogen, the content and components of the bean hemoglobin directly affect the activity of the nitrogenase in the steroids and play a key role. Chinese Academy of Sciences Molecular Plant Science Excellence Innovation Center Jeremy Dell Murri Research Group and Cooperation Team first discovered the molecular mechanism of the expression of bean hemoglobin gene in signs in the rootoma.


Real estate industry confidence is gradually enhanced! The development loan increased from more than the year, the debt market began to pick up – Phoenix Real Estate Beijing

Real estate industry confidence is gradually enhanced! The development loan increased from more than the year, the debt market began to pick up – Phoenix Real Estate Beijing

Under the continuous efforts of the financial management, the market is gradually recovering and enhanced, including personal housing loans, and real estate enterprises development loans are gradually recovering. At the same time, real estate corporate bond finance is also tide.

On November 12th, the 21st century economic report learned from the financial management department and a number of banks, in October, the real estate loan has increased significantly from September, which increased more than 150 billion yuan, of which real estate development loans increased by more than 5 million. Personal housing loans increase more than 100 billion, financial institutions have improved significantly on the financing behavior of the real estate industry, and it is expected to remain in November. "China Merchants will continue to support the normal and reasonable real estate financing needs, actively cooperate with relevant departments and local governments to jointly maintain the smooth and healthy development of the real estate market, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of housing consumers.

"On November 12, China Merchants Bank will disclose.

The 21st Century Economic Reporter learned that from the current source of public credit growth, mainly more state-owned large-scale and joint-stock banks are more confusing in the same period last year, and local legal bankers are relatively cautious.

At the same time, after the inter-bank market trading association held a real estate company on behalf of the symposium, there was a short three days, and the Merchants Shekou announcement will plan a total of 5 billion yuan of mid-term notes, and some housing enterprises will also Inter-bank market registration issuance of debt financing tools.

Market people said that real estate companies began to have signs of recovery in the debt market. "Real estate loans have begun to improve, and the financing environment has a warming, which is benefited from the recent management related statement effectively stabilizes the market expectations. At the same time, the short-term provision of financial institutions conducts correction, and avoids the violent fluctuations in the real estate credit market and ‘injury. Rational financing needs of housing enterprises. "Macroeconomics, Macroeconomics, Everbright Bank, Zhou Maohua, 21st Century, China. Zhou Maohua further stated that it is expected that the future real estate financing environment is expected to further pick up, but the pre-judgment of real estate supervision policies cannot be left, the real estate house is not fried, and it is still a main tone as a stimulus economy. "Three stable", it can’t be too hot. "Next, real estate is in preventing potential risks, and also promotes long-term healthy development, resolutely contains speculative speculation, asset fond, and protects the reasonable financing needs of housing enterprises, while guiding and supervising the gradual change of housing and stalls. , Extensive development model.

"House business liquidity and default pressure is expected to gradually ease on November 10, the central bank released the October Financial Statistics Report showed that RMB loans increased by 826.2 billion yuan in October, 136.4 billion yuan.

According to the department, the resident loans increased by 464.7 billion yuan, of which short-term loans increased by 42.6 billion yuan, and the medium and long-term loans increased by 42.21 billion yuan.

It is worth noting that the central bank has also released the personal housing loan statistics in October, which is also the first time to publish personal housing loan data. Data show that at the end of October 2021, the personal housing loan balance trillion, increased by 34.81 billion yuan in the month, increased by 10.13 billion yuan in September.

"Improvement of personal housing loans in October showed that the wishes of residents have emerged, and the reasonable financing demand for real estate is being met." Multi-financial analysts said reporters on the 21st century economic report. Huang Wentao, chief economist of CITIC Jianotou, also said that resident loans were treated with slight warming: On the other hand, due to the low period of the same period last year, on the other hand, the central bank proposed "two maintenance" requirements for real estate finance, resident mortgage loans and housing enterprises Financing has a certain back.

On October 20th, the Deputy Premier of the State Council said in writing in the 2021 financial street forum. At present, there is an individual problem in the real estate market, but the overall risk of risk, reasonable funding needs are being met, the overall real estate market healthy development The situation will not change.

Ma Yugong, chief analyst of CITIC Jianrban, believes that mortgage funds are returned, which can effectively alleviate the current funding liquidity and default pressure, avoid systemic risk overflow, will also drive a medium and long-term loan and related short-term consumption of residents. .

The first stage of CBA: Shandong Express Shengning Ningbo 兴 securities

The first stage of CBA: Shandong Express Shengning Ningbo 兴 securities

On November 11, the head of Ningbo Yuxing Securities Team is watching the battle.On the same day, in the first stage of the 2021-2022 season China Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province, the Shandong Express defeated Ningbo Yuxing Securities Team at 111 to 75.Xinhua News Agency, Sun Fan Yue, November 11, Shandong Expressway, the main coach Xu Changlo (right) complained to the referee in the game.On the same day, in the first stage of the 2021-2022 season China Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province, the Shandong Express defeated Ningbo Yuxing Securities Team at 111 to 75.

Xinhua News Agency, Sun Fan, edited November 11, Ningbo Troduch Trott (right) passed in the game.

(Editor: Sun Qihao).

Research: Sleeping more than an hour to reduce the risk of newborns

Research: Sleeping more than an hour to reduce the risk of newborns

For a long time, scientists have always thought that sufficient sleep in the evening is important to maintain health.

The study pointed out that sleep is not good with obesity, and even high blood pressure and diabetes.

But these research is mainly limited to adults (especially inverting staff). There are very few people involved in the health of the sleep mode disorder in newborn babies in half a year.

Recently published "Sleep" magazines published a new study, investigating in the new baby sleep and health relations in half a year. It is found that the baby sleeps in a few months in the world, will become an important factor in preventing weight overweight in early times.

The researchers use the activities of the ankle joint to track 298 new baby sleep activities.

Scientists found that as long as they add additional hour sleep every night, 1 to 6 months of baby weight overweight risk will fall by 26%. The baby wakes less in the evening, and the weight overweight is lower. This study emphasized the importance of all ages of healthy sleep. In order to ensure the good sleep of the baby, parents should provide dark and quiet space for baby sleep.

Sound reading market will meet cooperation and win-win development blueprints in the future

Sound reading market will meet cooperation and win-win development blueprints in the future

Original title: The audio reading market will expire the Penguin Book Cover Design Exhibition in June 2019 · Beijing Station, interesting cover design combines with audio content, attracting many citizens to participate. This newspaper trainee reporter Yang Zhicheng is rich in content, not subject to time, place, space limit, anytime, anywhere, I want to listen to it … After the rapid growth of these years, my country’s audio-visual market is in the ascendant, and there is a colorful reading operation mode.

The seventeenth national national reading survey report released by China Press Publishing Institute shows that my country’s adult national and minors have a visit to a new growth point, become a national reading new growth point. Mobile audio APP platform has become the mainstream of listening books. choose. Not long ago, in the 10th China Digital Publishing Expo Netcomment Services War "Pharmacy" Salon, Beijing Normal University Audiovisual Publishing House, I have edited Zhao Xiaoyuan, Kai Shu said the story of senior operations Director Zou Wei, Beijing Jinghang Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Wang Wenfeng, deputy general manager, 360 Senior Director of the Pumpkin House Story, Yan Yan, etc., together with everyone, to explore how sound content companies use their respective advantages to create a diversified audio content product. Work hard to create a product core competitiveness audio-reading because of its rich and multi-diversity, the application is convenient and fast, the carrier is diversified, and it is deeply loved by the audience, especially children. "Shu Shu said story" is China’s well-known children’s content education brand, the anchor Wang Kai is the original CCTV’s well-known host, but also the founder of "Shu Shu said story". Since its online, it has been in the past six years, "Kai Shu said" accumulated more than 20,000 stories and content, with a total number of more than 37 million. From the earliest WeChat public account, to the mainstream audio website such as Himalaya FM, Litchi FM, and then to iQiyi, Youku, LeTV and other video platforms, you can hear "Shu Shi".

The starting point of "Kai Shu’s story" is to look at the world with a child’s innocent perspective.

In Zou Wei’s view, the core advantages of doing content is to constantly establish a cognitive interaction with users. "This is easier to form a brand. After the brand formation, it will provide a more depth service for this user group."

Zou Wei said that Secretary is a big IP in the beginning of their company. "This is an advantage that helped us quickly rely on the development of the IP of Kai Shu.

"Zou Wei frankly, as the company has developed more and more, more and more users, whether from production capacity, or from the control of product quality, it is impossible to rely on Kai Shu’s personal ability to promote" Shu Shi tells the story greater development.

"We need to build a complete mechanism, while scale production, while improving the content quality, we must create more virtual IPs, rather than relying on Kai Shu’s live IP.

"Zou Wei said that since 2017, they began to build a complete content creation mechanism, one is a studio model, one is a product control mechanism.

Zou Wei said that this mechanism allows every good project to conduct "Angel Wheel" inspections. "It’s a bit like entrepreneurial companies to find investment financing, from the A round B wheel C wheel until the project is feasible, but it is not the true implication.

"Zou Wei remembers that the uncle" Three Kingdoms "has been used for 8 months from the A round. The person responsible for eliminating 4 people from 8 people, and finally forms a stable content original creation team, achieving Kai Shu" Batch line of the Three Kingdoms Romance.

"The company’s products ‘pocket probe’ in the ‘Angel Wheel’ into the A-round process, used for a year and a half.

"" After an IP has a real vitality, it can achieve growth and crossing.

"Zou Wei said that the company has developed more than a dozen studio, and the creation direction of each studio is slightly different.

In general, a studio has a professional editor, with three to five editing small partners or project coordinated small partners. The entire studio will be responsible for the creation, illustration configuration, recording and playback, and later production, and then project online, including future user interaction, product iteration, etc. in the project. The establishment of the mechanism of the quality control is to correspond to this studio model, and organized a quality control committee. For each studio, the company has strict assessment standards. "If the quality of the quality and continuous output can not reach the standard, the studio will be downgraded, which may be dismantled. Some studios are very powerful and will fissure.

"Zou Wei said that the company is to build your own virtual IP through such content creation methods and working models." Very hot virtual IP, we will go to a series of surroundings, maximize the value of this IP, This is a working method and operational model we currently compare the core.

"The content carrier is increasing" child comes "listening to the book client is an app and developed by Beijing Normal University Audiovisual Electronics Press with" Sharing Story, Happy Growth ". APP.

"Children come" to listen to the educational and funity of the book client, provide users with foreign fairy tale, Chinese traditional cultural stories, children’s song nursery rhymes, fearful adventures, etc., have search, sharing, recording and other functions.

Under the new media era, the development of children’s audio-reading is a big change, and their product form, communication methods, and consumption methods have changed greatly.

Zhao Xiaoyuan said that there is more than 20 years since the development of the Normal University audiovisual society has been more than 20 years, and the carrier form is from tape, CD, and U disk to today’s app. In Zhao Xiaoyuan, the performance form of audio-reading is also very attractive broadcast drama, children’s songs, nursery rhymes, etc. who are still very attractive to children, and become more colorful.

Now there is not only a combined music, sound, etc., but also more expressive. "For example, the form of the stage drama is relatively lively.

Zhao Xiaoyuan said that in the face of the challenge of new technologies, the community also puts a lot of funds and human resources.

"Children come" listening to the book client should be the first audio reading app for traditional publishing units.

"The form of performance of its products, with great expansion.

Entering the media era, the carrier form is richer and diverse, and now there is a mobile side with the carrier, including smart speakers, even smart robots, etc., some good new vectors of audible reading have appeared.

"Zhao Xiaoyuan said that the current Normal University of Normalice has formed more than 60 products, can listen to the book client through" children come ", can also pass the Himalaya FM, Dragonfly FM, and" Study Strong "and other platforms Listen.

"Now publisher in Himalaya free boutique reading resources have exceeded 900,000.

"Beijing Jinghang Culture Communication Co., Ltd. has operated 10 years in the operation planning production of TV field video content, after editing screening, rendering through disc or books.

Now, with the development of new media, and the development of the entire intelligent hardware end, the content has new presentation channels. "These new rendering channels have let everyone find new communication opportunities, and also add new industrial development opportunities." Wang Wenfeng frankly, in the media era, be good at discovering good content, after screening, "Whether it is book or video , Audio or radio drama, etc., based on the content itself and its spread value curve, see which product form can reflect the long tail effect of its interests, it is prioritized. " Seeking cooperation to win the development of blueprints Himalaya FM, dragonfly FM, lazy people listening … Now, more and more reading platforms have opened their own functions, how to make quality content with a wider propagation with better platforms, Everyone pays attention to the focus.

Wang Wenfeng believes that how to use the current listening tools to study, to do the trick, to discuss the audience of different platforms.

"We have made a program reflecting local tea culture in the past few years. At that time, the ratings were not very ideal after broadcast, but they were more than one year in B. The click volume broke through 100,000.

This shows that the quality content has the opportunity to create secondary dissemination with the right platform.

"Wang Wenfeng believes that while performing content operation, you can choose a different platform for push from the point of view of the property and the user’s positioning.

360 Pumpkin House Story is an author incubator and reading interactive community company based on real story, currently registered users 2.68 million, and signed a number of full-click rights, the product is mainly in PC and WeChat applet. Wait.

Yan Yan said that the company’s positioning is the external output original story text, and has a good voice, video and other products with its own traffic and resource distribution.

"We are willing to open all resources to professional audiogenics, cooperation will be our normal.

"Zhao Xiaoyi said in admiring, there are currently a change in resource waste, there are some resource waste such as repetitive investment, repeated development, and lack of lack of piracy in professional sales stores.

"To use Internet thinking to publish, issue, and marketing work.

"To this end, Zhao Xiaoyuan said that the Normal University audio and video community is actively working with the industry’s strong audio production agency to broaden the scenes of audio-readable products. At the same time, innovative readers are recorded in the recording form, gradually improve the network listening book products. Publishing mode. (Editor: Song Xin Rui, Zhao Guangxia) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Retail 200 billion in the country’s first "Double Eleven" Ningbo network for five consecutive years

Retail 200 billion in the country’s first "Double Eleven" Ningbo network for five consecutive years

The 2021 "Double Eleven" shopping carnival lasting 11 days came to an end on November 11. The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce that according to the monitoring platform of Ningbo e-commerce data statistical platform, November 1st to 11th this year, Ningbo network retail sales was 100 million, the retail volume was 10,000, the year-on-year increased, in Zhejiang Province Ranked third. Cixi City, Haishu District, Yinzhou District District, counties (city) network retail forehead three, total ratio%; branch industry, clothing and apparel, household appliances and home equipment rankings, Ningbo physical network retail sales, front three; From the individual enterprise, 18 enterprises including Taiping Bird, Fang Tai, GXG, Tangshi, Yagonal, and Decoction, etc., including the Taiping Bird Group to continue to lead Ningbo E-commerce Legion and online channels to achieve sales billion yuan. Different from previous years, during the "Double Eleven" this year, Ningbo relies on digitalization, driving development, production, sales, service and other links have changed.

On the one hand, more and more e-commerce companies are involved in the field of live broadcast, so many factories have come from "behind the scene" to "Taiwan".

Data show that During "Double Eleven" period, Ningbo participated in live goods to achieve 31 billion yuan in network retail sales, and the retail volume exceeded 16 million pieces. On the other hand, from the "origin direct sales" to "live broadcast", live bands, etc., the new models such as live broadcasts continue to promote agricultural products sales, and help rural residence. According to statistics, the online sales of Ningbo Agricultural Products "Double Eleven" have shown a rapid growth situation, and the year-on-year increase is%, the third place in the province, the best selling is fresh food, grain and oil seasonings and leisure. food. According to Ningbo cross-border e-commerce service platform data, November 1st to 11:00, Ningbo Customs accumulated 130.2 million, the goods were 100 million yuan, ranked first in the country for 5 consecutive years. Specifically, the retail import commodity of cross-border e-commerce in Ningbo is still based on beauty makeup, health products, maternal and child products, food, accounting for nearly 70%. (Reporter Sun Jia Li correspondent Cai Zhaohui Wu Tianyun Zhu Weiye).

The SFC: Solidly do a good job in the provisional system reform of the whole market, Beijing Stock Exchange

The SFC: Solidly do a good job in the provisional system reform of the whole market, Beijing Stock Exchange

According to the China Securities Regulatory Commission November 12th, November 12th, the China Securities Regulatory Commission held a party committee to expand the meeting, conveying the spirit of the Employment Party’s 19th Plenary Session, and researching the implementation of the whole system learning and promotion.

Secretary of the Party Committee of the Securities Regulatory Commission, Chairman will be full of meeting and speaking.

The meeting believes that the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session is a midburns that have a midburns that have been held in our party for a hundred years. General Secretary Xi Jinping took the work report and important speech made in the plenary session, and the system reviewed the work of the Central Political Bureau for a year, and scientifically answered a series of directionality, fundamental, strategic major issues, showing a broad historical perspective, intention Gao Yuan, rich in connotation.

The Council considered the adopted "Resolution of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China", comprehensively summarizing the major achievements and historical experience of the party’s 100-year struggle, and deeply revealing "Why we can succeed in the past, how can we continue to succeed in the future? The historical law, fully highlighting our party and firm mission, continue to open the strong self-confidence and historical responsibility, to create a guide for the future, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, more conscious and firmly adhere to China’s characteristic society The mismatics have far-reaching and significant historical significance. The meeting pointed out that our party has established a hundred years, always adheres to the Chinese people to make happiness, and lead the people of all ethnic groups in the country, and create the brilliant achievements of "four great leaps". Especially since the 18th National Congress, Comrade Xi Jinping has led the people’s self-confidence, honest and innovation, and promotes historical achievements in the party and national undertakings.

Since the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, in the face of the world’s 100-year-old change, the external environment is more complicated and severe challenges. my country’s economic society maintains a good development situation, and continues to write "two miracles", for a hundred years Historical adds a strong color.

This fully highlights the huge political courage, excellent political wisdom and powerful political leadership. The party establishes the core of Xi Jinping, the core of the Party, the core status of the whole party, establishes the guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics, the development of the new era of the party and the national business, has decisive significance for the development of the Chinese nation’s great revival history.

The meeting emphasized that the Securities Regulatory Commission system should make a good study, propaganda, and implement the spirit of the Plenary Session as the current and future major political tasks, and put the spirit of the Plenary Session as the important content of party history education, and understand to understand Xi Jinping’s new era has been combined with socialist thinking, widely launched in-depth study and propaganda, and uniformly use the spirit of spiritual unity, cohesion consensus, firm confidence, and enhance fighting spirit.

It is necessary to understand the great meaning of our party’s struggle, and the precious historical experience of our party’s struggle, and the intelligence of the new era of the new era, and earnestly enhanced responsibility; The effort direction, keep in mind the initial mission, consciously adhere to the comprehensive leadership of the capital market, highlight political construction, continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, political implementation, and to strengthen discipline construction and style construction, speed up Building a "loyal" supervision cadre team, solid propulsion system is comprehensive from stricting part of the strict treatment. The meeting requests must accurately grasp the practice of implementing the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session, and profoundly understand the mission responsibility of the new era capital market, and accelerate the high-quality development of the capital market and better service to build a new development pattern. First, more actively serve as, through sound multi-level capital market systems, increase policy and system supply, further improve and enhance mechanism and ability to support scientific innovation and entity economic development.

Second, more highlighting risk, strong supervision, promoting stability, enhanced work, and paying more attention to the expectation of the market by deepening the reform to guide the market, and solidify the risk of risk protection in key areas, firmly keep the bottom line. The third is to strengthen the development and innovation, and do a good job in the preparation of the whole market registration system, run a good job in the Beijing Stock Exchange, continue to strengthen the capital market basic system and the rule of law construction, and promote the special representative of the securities dispute, continue to steadily Promote the high level of capital market.

The meeting emphasized that the whole system should be more closely united around the party to the core of Xi Jinping, vigorously promote the spirit of great Justice party, firmly confident, enhance history, and strive to build a Chinese characteristic modern capital market, to meet the party’s two Top Ten Held, in order to achieve the second hundred years of struggle, realize the new and greater contribution of the Chinese nation’s great revival.

Shanghai Jiating Sheraton Hotel First Auction Motto Shanghai Jiating Sheraton Hotel First Auction Stream – Related Dynamics

Shanghai Jiating Sheraton Hotel First Auction Motto Shanghai Jiating Sheraton Hotel First Auction Stream – Related Dynamics

[Abstract] Shanghai Jiading Sheraton wordt geveild door het faillissement van de eigenaar. Shanghai Jiading Sheraton Hotel werd geveild door het faillissement van de eigenaar.

  Ali Veilingplatform, 1 maart de veiling informatie van Sheraton Huratha Hotel in Shanghai Guanyuan Investment Management Co, Ltd werd opgehangen, en het lot is een lijst van No. 66 Jiantang Road, Jiading District, Shanghai. Bedrijfsmiddelen, Shanghai Jiading Sheraton Hotel, het pand, de veiling prijs is ongeveer 100 miljoen yuan (RMB, dezelfde).

  Bij de eerste veiling, vanaf 10:00 op 2 maart, de veiling afgelopen. De informatie van Ali Veilingplatform blijkt dat als het einde van de veiling, de veiling is slechts 152 mensen om een herinnering in te stellen, met een totaal van 11.510 toeschouwers, maar niemand aangemeld.

  De veiling doel informatie blijkt dat het pand heeft een totaal van 23 verdiepingen, twee lagen ondergronds, einddatum in 2016, landgebruik is commercieel land (hotel), en het gebruik periode is van 20 juli 2049, 20 juli 2009. Het hele pand is een indoor en outdoor decoratie, en de veiling doel bevat ook hotel machines, voertuigen en interieur activa, en de algehele verpakking veilingen.

  Het evaluatierapport uitgegeven door Shanghai Joint Asset Assessment Co., Ltd. blijkt dat 1 tot 5 lagen van Jiading Hotel in Shanghai is een openbaar deel, waaronder hotel lobby, diverse restaurants, koffie bar, bankethal, conferentieruimte, een fitnessruimte, zwembad , spa spa, Tea room, enz. 6 tot 23 lagen zijn kamer, waaronder deluxe kamers, administratieve kamers, ambassadeur suite, presidenti?le suites, enz.

  Marriott Hotel offici?le website laat zien dat Shanghai Jiading Hotel beschikt in totaal over 309 kamers, 36 suites, is nog steeds normaal functioneert, en de dagelijkse laagste tarief dagelijks maart is op en neer.

  Het vermelden waard is dat het onderwerp inleiding duidelijk gezegd dat het huidige gebruik van het onroerend goed is operationeel, na de veiling transactie, dient de koper te blijven streven naar hotel management, en kunnen het onderwerp doel niet veranderen.

Op hetzelfde moment wordt het huis van deze veiling die momenteel worden ge?xploiteerd door de schuldenaar. Er zijn meer dan 200 werknemers. Na de aankoop succesvol is, alle medewerkers ingehuurd door de debiteur (aantal werknemers zijn onderworpen aan de datum van overdracht) ondertekenen het arbeidscontract. Uitvoeren van de arbeidsrelatie van 100% van de naam van de schuldenaar (met uitzondering van enkele actieve verlof of onaanvaardbare medewerkers). Bovendien, na het kopen van de persoon veiling, nadat het onderwerp van de veiling doel, de schuld relatie met betrekking tot zaken van het hotel wordt overgedragen en overgebracht. Omdat het hotel in een continue werking, kan de desbetreffende schuldeiser schuld relatie te veranderen, en het werkelijke bedrag van de betreffende vorderingen worden gedaan in overeenstemming met het feit-betaling, en de koper is onderworpen aan de zakelijke schulden en verantwoordelijk is voor de zaken met betrekking tot de totale veiling activa.

  De eigenaar van de hypotheek was in de afgelopen twee jaar in 2016, en de invloed van de epidemie, voor veel hotel investeerders, het terrein van het hotel is niet langer een actief dat geld kan verdienen in zijn hand. Echter, er is geen grote relatie met de veiling en de epidemie van Shanghai Jiading Sheraton Hotel. Het evaluatierapport uitgegeven door Shanghai Close Asset Assessment Co, Ltd blijkt dat de Shanghai Jiading Sheraton Hotel in Shanghai is het onderzoeken en wordt beperkt door de rechtbank. De hypotheek informatie blijkt dat het Jiading District Jiandang Highway 66 (dat wil zeggen, Shanghai Jiading Sheraton Hotel) onroerend goed werd al 7 december 2016, werd door de hoogste hypotheek van het landoppervlak vierkante meter aanvaard, en de hypotheek auteur lid Xiamen International Bank Co, Ltd Shanghai Branch, miljarden obligaties.

  Bovendien, het onderwerp invoering informatie blijkt dat er een multi-wheel wheel afdichting in het midden van 2018 tot april 2020.

  Industri?le en commerci?le data query platform sky-eye check gegevens blijkt dat Shanghai Jiading Sheraton Hotel Alle mensen Shanghai Guanyang Investment Management Co, Ltd (hierna: Shanghai Guan Wei Investment) is opgericht in 2008, een maatschappelijk kapitaal van 50 miljoen yuan, wettelijke vertegenwoordiger Yin Yaodong, de belangrijkste business scope is investment management, investeringen overleg (in aanvulling op de financi?n, effecten), marketing planning, business consulting, corporate management consulting, corporate image planning, hotel management (met uitzondering van de productie van levensmiddelen), die zich bezighouden met goederen te importeren en export en technologie voor import en export bedrijf Shanghai Guanyuan Investment is aangesloten bij Dongguan Guangyuan Industrial Co, Ltd (hierna: Dongguan Guangyuan Industrial). De lucht-eye controle gegevens bleek dat in Dongguan Guangyuan industrie werd opgericht in 1998, een maatschappelijk kapitaal van 30 miljoen yuan, de wettelijke vertegenwoordiger Zenghan, business scope opgenomen productie en verkoop: schoeisel, kleding, meubels, metalen bescherming materialen; verwerking: staal, de verkoop: bouwmaterialen, decoratieve materialen, etc. Zenghan is ook een belangrijke aandeelhouder van Dongguan Guangyuan Industrial, met 55%; Dongguan Guangyuan Industrial Een andere aandeelhouder een natuurlijk persoon is Yin Ruixun, het bezit 45%.

Vanuit het perspectief van de deelneming van Shanghai Guanyuan’s, Dongguan Guangyuan Industrial Aandelen in bezit 80%, Yin Ruixun gehouden 8%, Shanghai Guanyang investering wettelijke vertegenwoordiger Yin Yaodong gehouden 12%. China’s executive informatie openbaar netwerk gegevens blijkt dat Shanghai Guan Wei is opgenomen als een onge?nteresseerde uitvoerder in 2018, en Dongguan Guangyuan Industrial, Natural People Zenghan, Yin Ruixun, Yin Yaodong wordt vermeld als een factie sinds 2019 mensen, waaronder 28 records in Shanghai Guanyang investeringen, de laatste plaat is 1 september 2021.

Er zijn 30 verslagen van Dongguan Guangyuan Industry, Zeng Han Rong, een totaal van 28 dossiers en Yin Ruixun heeft een totaal van 18 dossiers en Yin Yaodong heeft een totaal van 40 platen.

Zeng Han Rong, Yin Ruixun, Yin Yaodong werd beperkt in 2020.

  Raadpleeg de "Regeling op een aantal punten een aantal punten van de People’s Court netwerk voor justiti?le Veiling".

De startprijs van de veiling moet opnieuw niet meer dan 20% van het front kwartaal. Met andere woorden, de Shanghai Jiading Sheraton Hotel niet minder dan 20% bedragen van de "discount" van de eerste veiling prijs. Als de prijs wordt berekend op 20% korting, Shanghai Jiading Sheraton Hotel herveilen prijs of daalde tot 100 miljoen yuan, en investeerde in prijs Shanghai Guanyuan’s.

The first "HIV comprehensive intervention clinic" Tianjin Binhai New District opened

The first "HIV comprehensive intervention clinic" Tianjin Binhai New District opened

Original title: The first "HIV comprehensive intervention outpatient" new district opened recently, "HIV comprehensive intervention clinics" established by the Tianjin Binhai New District CDC, Tanggu Infectious Disease Hospital and Dark Blue Public Health Consulting Service Center Tanggu Infectious Disease Hospital, Binhai New District.

It is reported that this is the first "HIV comprehensive intervention clinic" in Tianjin.

  Binhai New Area "HIV comprehensive intervention clinic" is the "CDC – Medical Institution-Social Organization" Trinity HIV comprehensive clinic, the HIV high-risk population in Binhai New Area can not only consult and test here, but also valid psychological counseling. The clinic has a deep blue public health consultation service center volunteer, and the volunteers will provide a consultation service for consultation and testing from the person who has come to consult and test, and the AIDS-related knowledge promotion service And psychological support care, etc. (Reporter Confucius) (Editor: Li Dan, Zhang Jingqi) Sharing let more people see.

US military update network combat action concept

US military update network combat action concept

According to US media reports, the US Military Network Command recently filed a concept of new combat action, trying to help the US military integrate new capabilities under the joint network combat structure to form new advantages.

In the future, the US military will increase the global network space arms competition, which produces a large negative impact on the international security pattern. High-profile Announcement Concept Comprehensive US media reported that the concept of combat operations issued by the US Network Command included the following points.

The combat style highlights "agility". The US military believes that network space has high agility, defining network tools as weapons platforms, is not accurate, and the agility of weapons is not sufficient to clearly describe the characteristics of the network space platform / tool.

In addition, the network space does not have entity geographic locations and target locations, land, sea, empty, sky-making domains, locations, bases, etc., and other entities do not exist in the network operation domain.

Based on the above characteristics, in the process of network confrontation, the US Network Command proposed the "Normalization Tour" strategy, namely the network domain, in any place and opponents, real-time response to the offensive behavior of the opponent. Ability to generate "fusion".

The US military pointed out that organic integration of single, sporadic network capabilities under the joint network combat structure. For example, the connection between information warfare and online war is more close, and the intelligence is a key link to connect to both. Especially in the field of cognitive, for accurate understanding of the strategic direction and objective purpose of the opponent, the US military needs to collect a large number of intelligence, through the integration of "people – the environment", enhance the network space advantage. Conceptually emphasize "participation". In order to ensure the role of the operation, the US military has established the capacity management office, mainly defining the roles and responsibilities of all military species, strengthening the implementation of work.

It is reported that the next step in the US military will also put in-depth research operation concept, including theoretical research, personnel equipped, resource allocation and other practical levels.

Negative influence is not low to estimate, the US military declares the concept of new network combat action, which is the absolute example of promoting the universal combatization and combat advantage of network space in recent years.

In the future, the potential negative impact of US military-related trends is worth a vigilance. First, a big national strategy game or will be hot. Only one week after the release of the new combat action, Charles Moore, deputy commander Charles Moore, pointed out that the US military network command has previously followed Russia and other countries, and closely followed the monitoring of its "in the international network space." Activity".

Moore revealed that the US Network Command is working with the "India" regional cooperative development to the "India" regional future conflict, with regional powers as the main goal. In the context of Belarus and the Polish refugees continue to ferment, the US Russia or the "felt war" in the field of online areas, thus improving the new round of turmoil in the area.

Second, network space combat or will normalize.

In recent years, in combating the "Islamic" armed forces, destroying Iranian nuclear facilities, "fixed-point clear" important violations, and the US military network weapons have played an irreplaceable role. According to the US high-level, "the US Network Force is contributing to the safety of the US cyberspace, such as interferes with the enemy command force, obstructing the enemy reconnaissance strikes, and hinders the enemy’s financial activities and destroying their payment capabilities." Visible, In the US military global combat operation, "military and horses have not moved, the network" or will become a new normal.

Again, network weapons use or will disorderly. In recent years, after the "combined punch" of the US military in the construction of network combat capacity, the network weapon has now become a new unconventional strategic weapon for the US military.

It is worth vigilance that the US military has formed an asymmetrical advantage in the field of online operations, and the current network war is lacking in international law. How to restrict the use of US military network weapons, will be the problems and responsibilities common to countries.

(Lin Yuan) (Editor: Chen Yu, Wang Wei) Sharing let more people see.