The highest inspection: resolutely curb the financial "pseudo-innovation"

The highest inspection: resolutely curb the financial "pseudo-innovation"

Original title: Supreme Check: Resolutely curb the financial "pseudo-innovation" this newspaper (Reporter Pan Fuda) During the 2021 Financial Street Forum Annual Conference .

In the "peak conversation: the rule of law, the rule of navigation, high quality development", the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Sun Qian, a member of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate. Legal compliance financial innovation, resolutely curb the "pseudo-innovation" with false names. Sun Qian said that during the present and in the next week, the procuratorate must highlight key punishment of serious financial crimes in the future, and deepen administrative law enforcement and criminal justice. We must conscientiously implement the criminal policy, less complaints, etc. It is recommended to promote, support the relevant departments to improve supervision according to law, and make the prevention work earlier and more. 2021 Financial Street Forum Annual Conference Ping Forum is further expanded, especially in the establishment of the Beijing Financial Court as an opportunity, focusing on financial rule of law, increasing the setting and arrangement of issues, highlighting the rule of law in service guarantee national financial strategy, promoting high quality development of financial industry Acting as a result.

  Cai Hui, Party Secretary, Dean, the Beijing Financial Court, said that the Beijing Financial Court and the Beijing Stock Exchange have set up, enrich the capital market pattern, improve the financial governance system, further improve the functional construction of the National Financial Management Center, and Beijing " The construction of the two districts provides kinetic energy support and favorable conditions. (Editor: Dong Zhaorui, Bao Congying) Sharing let more people see.

The state encourages social doctors to cultivate fine

The state encourages social doctors to cultivate fine

Original title: The state encourages social doctors to cultivate fine work (Reporter Liu Zhiyong) On May 23, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Supplying Social Forces to provide multi-level diversified medical services". "Opinions", encourage the development of social forces to hold, operations, and establish professional collaboration teams including general practitioners, nurses and other care workers and clinics management personnel; eligible social medical institutions provide signing services In terms of referral, payment, assessment incentives, with government office medical institutions, construct a medical union, and build a medical union.

  "Opinions" clear, actively support social forces to deeply segment service segmentation services such as specialist medical care, and cultivate specialization.

Promote the powerful social Chinese medicine clinic and outpatient department and other institutions to make great strength, realize cross-provincial chain management and scale development.

Encourage strength social medical institutions to form an advantageous discipline team to promote the development of services such as medical care and personalized medical care.

Encourage social medical institutions to provide patients with remote consultation, specialized medical care, family wards and other personalized value-added, auxiliary services. Support social business medical institutions provide signing medical services to the elderly family, establish and improve their cooperation mechanisms, and urge medical combination.

  The "Opinions" requires, all localities must relax market access, promote social doors and do medical treatment, and if they meet the conditions and admission qualifications, they must be restricted by any reason; large medical equipment can be reasonably relaxed planning reservations for social business medical institutions Space; individual clinic setting is not subject to planning layout. Allow public hospitals to cooperate with social strength to organize new non-profit medical institutions, encourage public hospitals and social business medical institutions to establish agreementary relationships in talents, management, services, technology, brands.

Comprehensive implementation of the registration of physician practitioners, the physician individual is based on contract (agreement), and can practice in multiple institutions. Implementing the relevant provisions of the basic medical insurance institutions into the fixed-point scope of basic medical insurance, the medical insurance management agency has signed a service agreement with the social office medical institution, and treats the public medical institutions equally in terms of procedures, time limits, standards.

Qiqihar City, this year, this year, 927 million tail fry

Qiqihar City, this year, this year, 927 million tail fry

In recent years, Qiqihar City has attached great importance to ecological protection work, and continuously through the ban on fishing periods and law enforcement actions and proliferation and disclosure activities. It guides the impact of fishermen to firmly establish "green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan", maintaining aquatic biological resources, protectionWater environment.It is understood that this year, Qiqihar City, Tailai County, Fargi District, Merris Daur District, etc., along the Nungjiang County (City) district, through the 2021 leading and discharge activities, have been released to the tender river, carp seedlingsThe grassfish seedlings, the squid seedlings have a total of 927 million tails, and they are actively guided all the citizens to participate in the protection of waters, and promote ecological civilization construction.Come, build a fish water blind date, people and natural harmony.(Shao Changyuan Reporter Liangchen) (Editor: Wang Si Di, Wang Yan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Series Radio Drama No. 170: What is the reason for the sunny sky?

Series Radio Drama No. 170: What is the reason for the sunny sky?

Watch the white water, sail. Flat waves are not moving, and it is full of green. Hello everyone, welcome to listen to the series of radio drama "Baiyangdian Story" No. 170. Baiyangdian’s legend and a lot of stories, today we will tell the legendary story of Poly Dragon. Putu is a small fishing village in Baiyang.

According to legend, the Ming Dynasty was in the years, and a family of Guo surnamed people moved to this place to collect the plaster of the plunge, so I was named "Putai".

  There is more than 3,000 mu of stalks in the south of Purta Village.

The origin of the Dragon is the origin of this name, there is such a legendary story. Putu is a small fishing village in Baiyang. Legend has it, when the Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, the Emperor Qianlong came to this depth, and saw the depth of the starch crystal clear, and the fish and shrimp were free to play in the water grass. I like it.

Hey, the sharp fog is filled, the four wild, the monarch, etc. At this time, the closeup of the minister, looking for the local wizard of the driving.

  After the local wizard, the Emperor Qianlong asked: "Fang is still clear sky, the sun is high, how can you become so fog?" After listening, I quickly replied: "Sheng Shang is angry, this is a good sign ! "The beauty of Baiyangdian makes people linger. Emperor Qianlong asked: "How can I see it?" The wizard replied: "I want to swim in the north. When I passed this place, I was in the same time, I was clear, but I suddenly got a big fog. I suggest it. In order to distinguish the direction, remember this place, please, Yan Wang is left behind, and Yan Wang Wen said, picking up a bead on the crown into the water.

It’s strange, blinking, clouds, and natural. "The lotus is a white class. Qianlong emperor listened to the laugh:" God! God willing! This is the scene of the scene, let the stretch in this. "The public attacked. The Emperor Qianlong is happy, and the jade belt will be thrown into the water.

Suddenly, the densely launched Brown cloud fog.

Emperor Qianlong, immediately gave it, and the stacheted is a polyuron. What is the white epidemic that is known as the "North China Pearl"? The series of series of radio dramas "Baiyangdian Story" will tell you about the good color of the day. About the radio drama "Baiyangdian Story" Baiyangdian is one of Hebei business cards, the ancient "Northern West Lake", today has the reputation of "North China Pearl". Since ancient times, there have been many legends in Baiyangdian, and it is very exciting., Xinhua News Agency, Hebei Branch, Hebei Provincial Netition Office, Hebei Xiongan New District Management Committee jointly launched a series of radio drama "Baiyangdian Story", with broadcast and comics, bring you through the beautiful mysterious Baiyangdian, and enjoy the charm Yan Zhao.

  Good story is still going, please listen! Planning: Liu Xiaochao Director: Yan Xiaomin Coordination: Wei Huibo, Xing Yuwei, Wei Hui, Zi Yuan Ruai Rating: Horsepower Music: Gao Yi Mei: Zhang Wenze, Blocking Jiayi, Wang Siqi, Peng Yaa Support: Hebei University of Science and Technology Art College.

Rui Hui 丨 US Taiwan frequently made a small action?What is the signal of the Liberation Army Agree Polish?

Rui Hui 丨 US Taiwan frequently made a small action?What is the signal of the Liberation Army Agree Polish?

  At November 14th,, November 9th, US Congress held a military plane to visit Taiwan.China Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin pointed out that a few "Taiwan independence" molecules and foreign politicians’ poor performances are, but there are several murmurs in China’s unified processes, and there is no change in 180 countries around the world to adhere to a solid pattern of a Chinese principle.China People’s Liberation Army Eastern War District Spokesman Shi Yi Arma Army University said that the Organization of the Eastern Woods organizes the joint war preparations in Taihai to further inspect the combined combination of multi-military arms.

What is the company in US Taiwan frequently engage in military actions?What kind of signal has the Liberation Army Warback Tour?Please pay attention to the "Yangguang Military Rui Ru".

(Video: 顺 干:: Li Yue).

Shanghai: "Ping een index" dekt alle gemeenschappen, empowering grassroots governance digitale transformatie

Shanghai: "Ping een index" dekt alle gemeenschappen, empowering grassroots governance digitale transformatie

  Besturende digitale transformatie, het is gerelateerd aan de nieuwe omgeving, het nieuwe vermogen en de focus is de "twee netwerken" bestaande uit "één netwerk" "één netwerksysteem" als een tractie, focus op het bouwen van wetenschappelijke, verfijnde, intelligente steden " Nieuwe stijl.

Vanaf nu werken de SHANGHAI ECONOMISCH INFORMATIONISCHE WERKEN PARTIJCOMITé, SHANGHAI ECONOMISCHE INFORMATIE Technology Committee en People’s Network Shanghai Channel, focus op het nieuwe idee, nieuwe technologie?n, nieuwe modellen, nieuwe technologie?n, nieuwe modi, nieuwe technologie?n en nieuwe technologie?n die zijn ontstaan in de bevordering van digitale transformatie. Typische voorbeelden, Shanghai Practice in stedelijke digitale transformatie, open nieuwe nummers die het zachte vermogen van Shanghai verbeteren, opraken van de versnelling van hoogwaardige ontwikkeling in de Shanghai-industrie en Informatie.

  "Het ping van een index toont aan dat Hunan Street Changle Road 613 een aantal 110 alarmen en 12345 klachten namen en meerdere klagers weerspiegelden dat een huurder in de gang niet is schoongemaakt en andere wijkgeschillen door verschillende kanalen …" in Om de tegenstrijdigheid tussen de wijk, de Hunan Street, District Hunan Street te voorkomen, na ontvangst van het werk en de eerste keer via de eigenschap Thuiscommissie, en een kennisgeving gepost.

Nadat vele organisaties een co?rdinatie hadden gehouden, werden tegenstellingen opgelost.

"In oktober laat het ping een index zien dat de 613 613 in Hunan Street stabiel is, en er is weer geen gerelateerde klacht." Dit is de "Ping a Index" in Xuhui District volgens de "abnormale indicatoren". De "Ping A Index" in het Xuhui-district is toegewijd aan het vormen van de "verzamelplaats" van de relevante informatie met betrekking tot de beveiligingsconstructie, de "barometer", het "baton" en het "baton" van uitgebreid beheer. Gegevensintegratie, "Collectief land" in informatiefragmentatie, de tegenstrijdigheid tussen de Social Governance van de Grassroots, en als er geen tijdige detectie is, is het mogelijk om te upgraden in een ongunstige factor die de algehele vreedzame situatie van de regio be?nvloedt.

Het is van cruciaal belang om het vermogen van governance te verbeteren en elk blok te bevorderen. De traditionele managementmodus heeft de kenmerken van "blok segmentatie" en er is informatie-asymmetrie en gegevens niet-penetratie tussen verschillende sectoren.

Data "eiland" leidt tot bedrijfs "eiland", wat op zijn beurt leidt tot management "eiland".

Bijvoorbeeld, openbare veiligheid, geschillen, politiecondities, enz. Zijn de belangrijkste risicopunten die van invloed zijn op het niveau van vreedzame governance, het beheersen van deze risicopunten, vaak niet één of twee afdelingen kunnen grijpen.

  Dit objectief zorgt ervoor dat de volledige elementen van vredesbehandelingen en het hele cyclusproces in verschillende afdelingen worden gesneden. Het hoofdgedeelte van de Street Town en Gemeenschap, enz., Het hoofdgedeelte van de Gemeenschap kan niet op tijd zijn om de vreedzame situatie op tijd te beheersen, en de werkresultaten van een enkele link kunnen niet effectief worden omgezet in de algehele resultaten van vredesbehandelingen .

  Xuhui is bezig met deelnemen aan de bouw van de Shanghai "One Network Standards", de politieke wettelijke commissie co?rdineert de openbare veiligheid, 12345, justiti?le, petitie, anti-medicijn, nood- en andere relevante afdelingen, voor het hoofdrisicospunt van Invloed van de grassroots veiligheidsregelaar en sociale stabiliteit, "Peace Index" -scène.

The top of the snow, the party flag flutters State-owned enterprises open the day of Tibet high altitude mine

The top of the snow, the party flag flutters State-owned enterprises open the day of Tibet high altitude mine

People’s Network Lhasa September 4 (Li Haixia) Recently, State-owned Enterprise Open Day is held in a mine of 5300 meters above sea level in Lhasa Mozhukiku County, and many media follow the Chinese Gezhouba Group Yi Puli Co., Ltd. Mozhigong Card Branch staff entered Tibet High altitude mines, visiting the style and strength of the people’s explosion, professional blasting, ecological environment protection, safety production work.

During the event, China can build a deputy secretary of the party committee of Gezhou Dashi, and the President of the Trade Union explained the security issues of the on-site mixed emulsification explosives from the four aspects of mixed explosive production technology, production equipment, blasting construction, on-site management. Let the on-site personnel have further aware of the civilian explosion industry.

All the company has followed the principle of doing high-profile national enterprises, adhering to the principles of state-owned enterprises in the party management, and has achieved fruitful results in party construction.

So how do they carry out party building work in the Snowy Plateau? Introduction to Huaxian: "As a central enterprise, we have always adhered to the party of central enterprises, adhere to the party’s leadership, adhere to the traditional and all work to the parties of the" branch to build "," The branch sets the project line, and where the project is implemented, where the branch is built, strengthen the integration of party construction and production and operation, and open the grassroots party building ‘last kilometer’, and drive the party flag on the grassroots level. "

See how Chengdu has changed green development as a bottom logic of urban development

See how Chengdu has changed green development as a bottom logic of urban development

  "The improvement of air quality is obvious, I hope the future is getting better and better!" 2019 Chengdu ‘Blue’ out of the new height! "In 2019, Chengdu’s excellent days of the whole year set the new high, excellent rate, the excellent rate, and netizens . "China’s most happy city" Chengdu, gave people in the city to live in the most visible happiness. It is understood that from January 1, 2013, my country began to implement new air quality standards. I was first included in the monitoring system. In the "Chengdu Ecological Environment" APP, Chengdu Atmospheric Environmental Quality Data, I can see: Since 2013, Chengdu The number of excellent days increased year by year, the concentration and heavy pollution days were decreased year by year, and the number of excellent days in 2017 was 235 days. It increased by 103 days in 2013, concentration 56 micrograms / cubic meters; 2018 excellent days 251 days, concentration 51 micrograms / cubic meters; 2019 The number of years of excellent days set a new high, concentration of 43 micrograms / cubic meters, and the first elimination of heavy pollution days, refreshed the best level of the 2013 air quality evaluation new standard implementation. Recently, there are also water environmental governance of Chengdu. Chengdu is born because of water, because of water, the two rivers surround the millennium, and the water culture is deeply influenced by Chengdu’s urban pattern and city spirit. Jinjiang is the mother river in Chengdu and runs throughout the city 48 km north.

At the end of 2017, Chengdu has accelerated water pollution control, water ecological restoration and water resources protection, and fully launched water ecological governance, cutting, dredging, hydrating, Jinjiang water ecological governance, has been achieved in a comprehensive launch of water ecological governance.

  The blue sky is always stationed, the blue water is long, and the greenway has become the scene where the Chengdu citizen is everywhere.

Chengdu plans a three-level greenway system in the city of 10,000 kilometers.

It is reported that as of now, Tianfu Green Road has accumulated 3689 kilometers.

These greenways are like a branch rattan, and the mountain water water in this city is connected.

  In 2020, Chengdu also planned the construction of 1,000 community greenways, serialized from the citizens "The road to go home, to work on work", and tandem more "comfort" days.

Green Road has become an important conversion chain between "Green Water Qingshan" and "Jinshan Yinshan", expanding the cultural value, economic value, social value outside the ecological value.

  When ecological livability is increasingly pursuit of urban, the city needs to focus on economic development and ecological protection.

  Chengdu’s choice of high-quality development roads in the high-quality development of "excellent industrial structure, high technology, less resources, small environmental impact, and sustainable quality and development." Optimization Adjust 66 industrial function districts, 14 industrial ecotry circles planning layout; new economic new activities can accelerate, new economies from 10,000 people, as of the end of 2019, the new economic business income achieved 48% growth; Adjust the urban space layout to the eastern development, reshaping the industrial economic geography, and constantly make sagging in the world cities that sprint sustainable development.

  Green development is the underlying logic of Chengdu Park City Construction, ecological livability is the mission of this city to make people happier. Wangshan is hydrophilic, pushing the window to see Jing, Chengdu is fully satisfied with more than 20 million people living in this city to the good life. (Jiang Yan).


Anhui clear: By 2025, the number of secondary school students in the province is reduced to 200.

All of this reporter’s signature text, pictures, and copyright are all in Xin’an Evening News.

Any media, website or individual, no authorization, link, reposted, or otherwise copy the published; authorized 爱上海sh419 media, website, in use, "Source: Xin’an Evening News or Anhui Net", illegal will be based on law Pursue legal responsibility. Xin’an Evening News Anhui Net Damu News News Recently, the Leading Group of Anhui Provincial Party Committee issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the High Quality Development of Modern Vocational Education". The implementation opinions are clear, further adjustment to optimize the layout and professional structure of vocational schools. By 2025, the number of secondary school schools in the province is adjusted to 200. Implementation comments, further adjustment to optimize the layout and professional structure of vocational schools. By 2025, the number of secondary school schools in the province is adjusted to 200. A comprehensive implementation of the construction of a secondary 上海松江大学城约600 vocational school and the "Double Advantage Plan", and the secondary school school has reached the national settlement standard by the end of 2022.

Higher vocational colleges are allowed to meet the provincial standards.

Promote "Double High Plan", concentrate on building a group of high-level high-level high-level high-level students with Chinese characteristics.

Support Higher Vocational Schools and Secondary Vocational Schools to build regional, industry joint vocational and technical colleges, set up a division or branch in a secondary vocational school, focusing on five years, high-quality technical skills.

Based on high-quality higher vocational schools, developing undergraduate levels.

Encourage application-type undergraduate schools to carry out professional 闵行吴泾镇妹子 undergraduate education. Integrated design vocational education talent training system, promoting the professional settings, training objectives, curriculum systems, and training programs.

Continue to explore the "3 + 2" "5 Years" of the Media School and Higher Vocational Schools, the "3 + 4" and the Higher Vocational School and the Professional Undergraduate School "3 + 2" Long-term system training high-end technical skills talents.

Edited Xu Dapeng.


47 units of national civilized tourism demonstration unit standards

  China Net November 18th, November 17, the National Tourism Standardization Technical Committee publicized the first batch of national civilized tourism demonstration units assessment results.

The National Tourism Standardization 上海飞机店kb Technology Commission said that after the report, the provincial cultural and tourism administrative department review recommended, the National Tourism Standardization Technical Committee final assessment, 47 units have reached the national civilized tourism demonstration unit standard.

  It is worth noting that due to epidemic prevention and control reasons, 10 units of Hubei Province, Hunan, Gansu Province, Qinghai Province, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps did not carry out field assessment.

  According to the Notice of "Cultural and Tourism Office on" Civilization Tourism Demonstration Unit requirements and evaluation> (LB / T075-2019) Implementation work ", the publicity period of the National Tourism Standardization Technology Commission 上海高端私人定制怎么样 is from November 17 to 2021, 2021 November 23.

If there is a problem during publicity, please reflect on the Secretariat of the National Tourism Standardization Technology Commission. Previously, the General Office of the Culture and Tourism issued the "Notice on" Notice "(hereinafter referred to as" Notice "on the" Notice "issued by the Office of the Culture and Tourism Demonstration Unit requirements. The first batch of civilized tourism demonstration units were carried out across the country. "Notice" determined the specific requirements of the first batch of civilized tourism demonstration units across the country, and the national civilized tourism demonstration units were subsequently subsequently submitted from the evaluation of the provincial civilized tourism 上海浦东水磨水磨会所 demonstration units.

"Evaluation of Quote" includes a 5-class basic project and additional project, with a total of 1000 points.

Among them, the five basic projects include institutional construction, health environment, quality of service, promotional guidance and practice activities. At the same time, it is formulated "civilized travel negative list management measures" and is included in "Evaluation of Quick" (Wu Cei).