Taichung Dajia Town, Madao and Fujian, Maizhou Mazu Temple, praying for the prevention and control of epidemic success

Taichung Dajia Town, Madao and Fujian, Maizhou Mazu Temple, praying for the prevention and control of epidemic success

People’s Daily Online Taipei, February 16 (Reporter Sun Liji, Chen Xiaoxing) On the morning of the 16th, "Tianyou Zhonghua, Praying Wuhan" Big Bozu Mazu Temple and prevention and control of the epidemic line praying activities in the Fujian Weizhou and Taiwan Taiwan. Mazu Azu from both sides of the strait and at home and abroad participated in this online prayer activity through the new media live broadcast platform.

"Tianyou Zhonghua, Blessing Wuhan" was organized by Fujian Maizu Temple and Taichung Dajia Town, Taiwan Mazu Association. Through the network connection, the Maizu Temple and Dajia Town Temple will start the prayer ceremony. Taiwan has hundreds of Mazu Xunxiao gathered in the town of the palace. After reading the prayers, the fragrance, the ceremony, the dagger, the chanting, the prayer epidemic, the epidemic, the trouble, the old and young.

Chairman of Dajia Zhenzhen Palace, Taiwan’s Mazu Association Honor Yan Qingbiao said, praying for Mazu Blessing, hoping that the two sides of the strait will fade the new coronal pneumonia epidemic. Zheng Mingkun, Vice Chairman of the Taizu Association of Dajia Town, said Zheng Mingkun, president, said that there is confidence in the mainland medical team. Qing said that everyone is Chinese, hoping that Mazu bless the epidemic. I hope that everyone will protect the body and do epidemic prevention.

Mazu, from Changhua, Cai Qingxiang just returned to Taiwan from Guangxi in January.

He sincerely blessed, "The mainland epidemic is over, everyone is happy and healthy." (Editor: Yu Yang, Yan Yu) Sharing let more people see.

The Securities Regulatory Commission deployed key work in the second half of the year: reform Optimization issuance pricing mechanism promotes system-type external openness

The Securities Regulatory Commission deployed key work in the second half of the year: reform Optimization issuance pricing mechanism promotes system-type external openness

People’s Network Beijing August 23 (Reporter Wang Zhen) Recently, the China Securities Regulatory Commission held the 2021 system annual supervision work meeting, and studied deploying the national registration system reform, promoting capital market system, and improved the development of the market. Prevent the resolution of major financial risks, and comprehensively improve the key work in the second half of the party’s quality. The Secretary of the Party Committee of the Securities Regulatory Commission, and Chairman of the True will have a report entitled "Adhere to the Stability and Deepening Reform and Opening and Open Further Promote the High Quality Development". The meeting requires that the whole system should adhere to the combination of the target leadership and the problem of problem, more highlighting the implementation of the new development concept and promoting high-quality development requirements, strengthen the target of the table, and solid work in the second half of the year, ensuring the success of the year.

First, it is a solid foundation for the national registration system reform. The registration system has entered a key propulsion period, and it is necessary to continue to be prepared to do well. Key to advance reform to optimize the pricing mechanism, improve the quality of the prospectus of the prospectus, and further clarify the responsibility of intermediary agencies, and improve the system mechanism to prevent integrity risks. Further deepen the new three-board reform, and strive to improve the capacity and level of services "special new" SMEs. The second is to unswervingly advancing the capital market system. Coordinate development and safety, steadily launch the capital market to further expand the open policy measures, and actively strengthen the construction of regulatory capacity under openness.

Creative conditions promote China-US audit supervision cooperation, strengthen market communication, stability policy expectations and institutional environments. Deepen the interconnection of the Mainland and the Hong Kong market, firmly support the stable development of Hong Kong capital markets. The third is to fully implement the "zero-capacity" policy, further improve the market development ecology.

Play to fight the role of the capital market illegal activities, resolutely investigate the illegal violations of financial fake, fund occupancy, violation guarantee and manipulation market, insider trading, etc., and comprehensively improve the quality of the case. In-depth promotion of the rule of law construction and investor protection, and promote the status of the Securities disputes. Put the "entrance" "export" and corporate governance, continue to promote the quality of listed companies. Intensify the supervision of industry institutions, and promote the effectiveness of governance.

Strengthen the construction of science and technology supervision and improve the level of supervision.

The fourth is to resolutely win the fight against the definition of major financial risks and fight for a long time.

Strengthening macro research, strengthening the prevention of proof, input, and cross-risk, more prominent expectations, improving information communication and policy coordination mechanisms, preventing secondary financial risks in other fields, and striving to maintain market stability run.

Continue to securely understand the risk of key areas such as private equity funds, bond defaults. Improve the public opinion guidance mechanism of capital markets and actively create a good external environment. The fifth is to fully improve the quality of the system of the system, providing strong political guarantee for the high quality development of the capital market.

In-depth development of party history education, further learn to understand the spirit of "July 1", constantly enhance political judgment, political understanding, political execution. Further highlight the professional and honest selection of people’s orientation, focus on strengthening the supervision of "one hand", and build the "loyal" supervision cadres team. Since the perseverance promotion system is strictly governing the party, we can promote the punishment of finance corruption and prevention and control of financial risks.

(Editor: Wang Zhen, Lu Wei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Rainstorming the rainstorm 23 EMU train

Rainstorming the rainstorm 23 EMU train

  Original title: Affected by heavy rains On July 21, the reporter learned from the China Railway Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. that the railway transport order is affected by heavy rain.

Up to now, Zheng Tai’s high-speed railway is to the Zhengzhou direction G3127 times, D3363 times, D3375 and other 23 EMU trains are shipped, G696, G3136 and other trains are running late. The currently suspended train is: D2782 times, D2781 times, G694, D3347 times, D3379 times, D3357 / 60 times, G3127 times, D3363 times, D3375, D3381, G3135 times, D3361 Second, G695 times, G3143, D3349 times, D3369 times, D5313, G1954, G1958, G1853 times, G3131.

  In order to reduce the inconvenience caused by the late delay for passengers, the trains of the Taihayuan Group, who taken the trains to meet passenger service needs, Datong South, Taiyuan South and other passenger flow, increase the refund window, convenient for passenger refund, At the same time, the personnel are arranged to join, and provide boot services for the refund, the transferred passengers.

  The railway department reminds the majority of passengers, due to rainfall causes, within 30 days, can go to the station window to check the refund procedures. Travelers who purchase tickets from the 12306 Railway Customer Service Center website can log in to the 12306 website directly to the refund procedures, and passengers who need to be changed can go to the station window to handle the finish. At the same time, in order to meet the travel needs of Beijing Xi’an two travelers, the railway department urgently arranged 2 pairs of high-speed train from Beijing West through Beijing-Guangzhou, Shitan, Dazhou High Speed ??Rail to Xi’an, and there were travel needs. Please pay attention to the 12306 website ticket information. (Reporter Zhang Yi).

Survive growth of total assets of banking insurance industry

Survive growth of total assets of banking insurance industry

This newspaper Beijing November 16th (Reporter Ouyang Jie) The data released today, the end of the third quarter of 2021, the total assets of my country’s banking and insurance industry have grown well, and banking financial institutions are from trillion yuan, year-on-year. increase%. The total assets of the insurance company are trillion, with a increase of trillion yuan from the beginning of the year, and growing%.

At the same time, the quality of commercial bank credit assets is basically stable. In the third quarter of 2021, the commercial bank’s bad loan ratio is%, which has dropped percentage points from the end of the last quarter; the profit of commercial banks continued to restore, commercial banks achieve net profit trillion yuan, year-on-year growth% . Data also showed that banking and insurance industry continued to strengthen financial services. At the end of 2021, the banking financial institutions used for small and micro-enterprises, which were trillion, of which the total credit small micro-enterprise loan balance of 1 million yuan and below the subsidiary, the total amount of small micro-enterprise loan balance trillion yuan, year-on-year increase. Safe housing project loans trillion.

Insurance company’s original insurance premium income trillion yuan, a year-on-year growth. The compensation and payment of trillion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate. The number of newly included number of newly included parts was 34.5 billion in the third quarter of 2021, a year-on-year decreased. "People’s Daily" (13th edition, November 17, 2021) (Editor: Mu Yili, Han Qing) Share more people to see.

The Guangxi State-owned Assets Supervision Committee held a work conference on directly under the autonomous region

The Guangxi State-owned Assets Supervision Committee held a work conference on directly under the autonomous region

meeting venue.

The Guangxi State-owned Assets Supervision Committee, on September 26, the Autonomous Regional Assets Supervision Commission held the 2021 Autonomous Region directly under the enterprise ideology, informing the party committee of the autonomous region’s national assessment and commission to implement the ideology work responsibility supervision, for this year’s state-owned state-owned enterprise ideology Summary, deploy and concrete guidance on the next phase of work.

In the middle and late in the middle of this year, the party committee of the National Assets Supervision and Commission of the Autonomous Region formed six inspection teams, and 54 secondary secondary enterprises of the supervision, the establishment of a publicity work organization, respectively, and the party history education The implementation of the work activities, the "four responsibilities" of ideology work, analyze the research, position management, incorporating the supervision and assessment, and the work of spiritual civilization construction. The meeting believes that since July 2020, the party committee of each company has focused on celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Solidly carrying out party history education, conscientiously implement the Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Work Regulations, implement the central and autonomous region party committees about consciousness The decision deployment of the form of work, consolidating the field of national enterprises and enterprises’ ideology, providing strong ideological guarantee and powerful spiritual power for the company to deepen reform and development.

The meeting requires that the party committees of each enterprise should supervise the rectification work of the feedback. The commonality of the discovery should be rectified, limited time rectification, and at the same time, the personality problem discovered by the supervision, and raise three, find problems and insufficient, strengthen and Improve. It is necessary to use the problem-oriented, the weak links existing in the field of ideology, improve the assessment indicator settings, use good assessment "baton" to ensure that the ideological work responsibility system has been implemented in place. It is necessary to strengthen the construction and management of all kinds of online ideology positions, ensure positional security, prevent public opinion communication risk.

It is necessary to put publicity and ideological work teams in an important position, pay attention to education and training, and focus on strengthening the information technology of the team and fully grasp the new media use skills.

Focus on promoting corporate spiritual civilization creation work expansion, mobilize more two, three-level enterprises to strive for civilized units to create, manage and incentive mechanisms.

(Zhang Weijia) (Editor: Chen Luo, Huang Yumei) Sharing let more people see.

Recently, the overall supply of the Qinghai vegetables is full of wholesale prices.

Recently, the overall supply of the Qinghai vegetables is full of wholesale prices.

People’s Network Xining November 2nd (Chen Mingju) This website learned from Qinghai Provincial Department of Commerce that the price of vegetables in Qinghai Province has increased rapidly with the gains of vegetables in Qinghai. In order to effectively protect the essential necessities in Qinghai Province, the supplier of life necessities, Qinghai Provincial Department of Commerce and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Distribution Center, timely understand the current vegetable price, supply and vegetable rising reasons for Qinghai Province, and do a good job in stability work .

From the overall situation of the market, the price changes are obvious. In response to the actual rise in vegetables in the previous few days, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Distribution Center increased the transfer of vegetables. In recent days, it has reached more than 2,300 tons of vegetables.

The data of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Distribution Center shows that on November 1, the 59 kinds of vegetables in the province have focused on the average number of wholesale prices of Yuan / kg, the market is sufficient, the price is oversold, and the overall decline is%, compared to the price. Declined, cherry tomatoes, calendar, green onions, spinach, celery, green pepper, eggplant, cucumber, and the amplitude decreased by%,%,%,%,%,%,%, 20%, 20%, respectively, %. From the main reason for the rise in prices in the stage, there are main four points: one is due to a wide range of continuous rainfall, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi and other vegetable production areas Flooding, vegetable harvesting is difficult, and the purchase cost is greatly increased. In October, the amount of fresh vegetables market has declined significantly, affected by the average price of some varieties, and the overall vegetable price also presents a jumping.

Second, since this year, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. have risen, and the cost of vegetables is pulled, and the oil prices have continued to rise, driving transportation costs. The third is that the basic collection of Daejeon vegetables in Qinghai Province has been completed.

The fourth is affected by the epidemic.

Recently, the pressure on the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in the northwest is large. Gansu Province provides 30% vegetable supply for Qinghai Province. Due to the recent implementation of strict prevention and control measures, people’s flow and crop production activities have increased vegetables to a certain extent. , Transportation and labor costs, eventually transmitted to the market price of the agricultural product. From later predictions, it is expected that the price of vegetable prices in Qinghai Province will present a falling situation. According to the relevant departments, the vegetables of summer vegetables in the northern cold area of ??my country increased year-on-year, and the water storage and vegetables were sufficient.

From Qinghai Province, the area of ??vegetables and edible bacteria in the first three quarters decreased, and the output was 10,000 tons. Although it was slightly declined last year, the overall is basically stable. With a large number of water-resistant vegetables, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, etc., have a large increase in the market supply, and will play an important role in stabilizing market prices and security market supplies. However, there should be further strengthening the reserve and preservation of this winter Mingchun vegetable and vegetable, support to encourage large agricultural products circulation enterprises to establish a close cooperative relationship with vegetables, grain and oil, and livestock farming and other agricultural product production bases. Sign long-term supply and marketing agreements, complete the year’s winter and spring Vegetable reserve plan.

It is predicted that the late weather is gradually turned fine, and the vegetable transportation is gradually returning to normal. It is expected to provide better support for winter vegetables, and the number of listing, transfer capacity of Datian vegetables in Sichuan is gradually increased. . (Editor: Ma Jianhui, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

US media: These five animals have changed forever –

US media: These five animals have changed forever –

On December 12th, the US "Discovery" website website published on November 26th article title "five animals that will always change humanity", the author is Stephen George. The article pointed out that humans have domesticated animals entering people’s lives, and they have also changed human. The full text is as follows: Human and animals are too long, it is hard to imagine that one day we lose our hairy or feathers.

Although the amount of domesticated animals depends on how you define domestication, the scientific community identifies 30 to 40 species. We either fully domesticated them, or for reciprocal mutual benefit to establish contact with them.

Regardless of the standard, domestication is never a simple or linear process. Domestication is intermittent in a long time, which happens in different periods and worldwide. However, once domestication begins, we not only changed the animals entering our lives, but they have changed us. Domestication of animals help us hunt, weight, provide us with food and raw materials for making clothing and tools, etc. If there is no assistance and support, human beings may be very different today that may not prosper today.

The following is a domesticated time line of some of the most important animals that have become part of our life. Dog (40,000 years ago) is as suggested by this span, and there is a lot of arguments about when the human beings have tried to domesticate dogs (or their ancestors) for the first time.

However, archaeologists and genetics don’t doubt this: The best friends in humans are also our first friend from the animal kingdom. Some people call this relationship into the common evolution between two species. It has begun in our hunting – the collection of the collectors, far from us to start the knife-saving or establishment of civilization. Dogs can help hunting, seeing home nurses, can also prevent pests, accompanying, and they may even give an early human beings a development advantage, they can fight Ni Andrete.

Strengthen the construction of grassroots party organizations with enhancement

Strengthen the construction of grassroots party organizations with enhancement

Strengthening the construction of grassroots party organizations, in order to enhance histomics, highlight political functions, and build grassroots party organizations into strong battle fort.

The improvement of organizational power is the core and key key of the grassroots organization of the Chinese Communist Party. Strengthening the construction of grassroots party organizations should seize the efforts to improve the ability to organize the grassroots, hit the base, make up shortboard, strong weaknesses, and promote the comprehensive party organization. The progress is comprehensive and high quality development in the grassroots party construction.

Promote "organization force" to improve in "Institutional Execution".

Improve the historical force of the grassroots party organization relies on organizational system as a guarantee, and on the other hand, it is necessary to watch the smoothness of the organizational system.

The strict implementation of the organizational system is the righteousness of the operational mechanism of the grassroots party organization. It is largely possible to promote the rational and orderly operation of the grassroots party organization, thereby forming the organization of the grassroots party organization. Strictly implement the organization system, not only referring to the management system of party members, in addition to this, "further improving the system of democratic decision-making mechanisms and the combination of collective leaders and individual division of labor, focusing on the implementation of major matters democratic decision systems. "Only in strict implementation of the grassroots party organizations, we can continue to promote the institutionalization, standardization, proceduralization of grassroots party organization construction in the system of the grassroots party organization. The Improvement of "Organological Power" in the Grassroots Party Organization.

Promote "organism" to improve "work ability". Strengthen the construction of organizational teams and enhance the work ability of party organizations.

The party’s organizational team building has a very direct effect on the situation of the party’s work, and the construction of the leadership team is key.

"On the one hand, according to the actual needs of the grassroots party organization where the party members’ cadres are located, strengthen system training for cadres, comprehensively improve their business capabilities for their own special work; on the other hand, for the excellent party members and cadres in the grassroots party organization, Adjust its job position to take advantage of experience in experience and comprehensively improve its ability to work in different positions.

Promote "Organization" to promote "Organization" in "Innovation Activity." Innovation activities, in the event of innovative grassroots party organizations. "The party’s grassroots organization must think and plan to make a new era, adapt to the new era of new era, and reflect the new era of new era." " Enhance the innovative playback of organization.

The update of the activity is to use the good era to give us advanced technology and rich vectors to reflect innovation. Make full use of the grassroots party construction and the organic combination of modern advanced technology. Ways; you can also use all kinds of party build carriers, entertain and learn to learn, such as: local patriotic education practice base, all kinds of red revolutionary bases, various classic red publicity films, etc., these resources are worthy A rich vector for innovative grassroots party construction activities.

(Wang Xi).

Sichuan Dazhou: "three-in-one" and "three missions" on Ma Liu Town

Sichuan Dazhou: "three-in-one" and "three missions" on Ma Liu Town

The rattan is the traditional handicraft here. A shop gate, several female workers are doing weaving, and the face is full of simple smiles.

They said that the road is good, the light is bright, the water is, it is more convenient to weave.

According to reports, the local government is preparing to create a "rattan industry chain", integrating materials, training, creative, weaving, sales, etc., and revitalize the local economy. The community secretary is said, according to the "unsatisfactory" of the masses, now the "three-in-one" project of water, electricity, road is completed in the community, in which the road has been killed, the street light has been installed 125.

The funds of repairing paths and water are mainly from the construction of the Water Affairs Bureau, the road recovery project, about 4.2 million yuan; the funds of the street lamp are maintained from the compressed community office funds, 10,000 yuan.

Because it is installed on the wall, save the light pole and save a lot of costs.

However, villagers think this is not enough.

"There is a square in Mun Liu Town.

"The old man who participated in the anti-American war war, there is a" dissatisfaction "- he hopes that there is a square to turn around.

This is the next work goal of the town and community cadres.

Chen’s galvan is planned, the new square must have these features: can jump dam dance, can play basketball, table tennis, can exercise with fitness equipment, can park.

Solve the masses "Not satisfied", to pay truthful efforts. For example, if only the cultivation of the tricks, the people in the alley are dissatisfied, someone stops the construction. Cadres have changed their ideas, adding the number of colors, so that the construction party is not willing.

Therefore, the cadres will find ways to integrate resources, negotiate, and to solve more people’s problems, let them turn "dissatisfaction" into "satisfaction".

The new Maybach GLS spy photos exposure luxury car captain is it

The new Maybach GLS spy photos exposure luxury car captain is it

  Recently, there are overseas media to expose the new Maybach GLS road test spy photos, and new vehicles are expected to be officially released at the end of 2022.

  Although I saw the front face of the Maybach GLS road from the spy photos, we didn’t see the logo of Maybach from its car. The front face of the new Maybach GLS is still very identified, and the intake grating is still very domineering.

From the side of the car, we can see that the new car is equipped with a new 22-inch multi-spoke wheel and electric pedal for easier access to the car.

  Some new trucks also have been updated, although a part of the body around the taillight is covered, it is expected to be upgraded to the taillight group.

It is said that the new Maybach GLS will be designed for different taillights for European and American markets, and we can look at it.

  The predicted interior section will be equipped with the latest LCD dashboard and central touch screen and use the latest version of MBUX system. Another news said that Maibah GLS may use the multi-functional steering wheel of the latest style. In terms of power, there is currently no exact news, but it is expected to change much compared to the cash. The new car will still use a double turbocharged V8 engine, the maximum power 410kW (558 hp), peak torque 730 nm, and matches the EQBOOST48V light mixing system, which can produce an additional 16 kW (22 hp) power and 250 nm torque. The new Maybach GLS is likely to be released at the end of 2022, while it will compete with the new Bentley (| inquiry), the new Land Rover Range Rover (| Inquiry), and the upcoming new BMW X7 (| Inquiry). Editor’s comment: No matter the new old, Maybach GLS is always a representative model of luxury SUV.

It seems that Maybach will always lead the luxury, because I design, so luxury is me. Different models are expecting the guidance price, not accepting "guidance" Maybach GLS, we can only look forward to how much it is finally increased.